Photodune Review

Fotodune Review

Fotodune is one of the most dynamic and fast growing microstock agencies in recent years. I'm new and submitted some pictures for review two weeks ago. PictureDune Review - Microstock Guide PhotoDune, as a new entrant in the equity photo markets, is quite a hit for such a small one. Basically this is due to a big contrast to any other new photo company - PhotoDune is part of the extremely successfull Envato Marketing Group. Currently Envato Markets operates many different markets (ThemeForest, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver and VideoHive to name a few) selling everything from sound to web artwork to stills.

You' ve had a tremendous amount of succes with these other websites, with some participants reselling over $1,000,000,000 dollars! Some years ago they turned to stick photographing and opened their doors to the participants in August 2011. In 2017, however, they underwent a major transformation, deleting around 80% of their catalog.

Of course, this involved many participants who had nothing more in their portfolio. PhotosDune Review - Why register? PictureDune Review - Disadvantages? FotoDune is selling the following media: The PhotoDune products are sold using the following methods: But in a curious move given the customer bases, they did not make all photographic disposals in one magnitude until 2017.

2017 seems to be a test year for PhotoDune, and only next year will we know if their approach has worked. In December 2011, PhotoDune increased its independently funded fee from 25% to 33%. What's more, the storyline for independently participating players is that this amendment increased fees to 36%.

Although still classified as low, this is a welcome shift compared to many other agents who have lowered their tariffs in recent years. Let's hopefully PhotoDune and Envato will keep rewarding their collaborators and listening to their feedbacks as they evolve into a larger company. However, another amendment is the move from Australia to the USA, which introduces the US withholding tax (like most other agencies).

However, due to Envato's complex price structures, it appears that the participants in this modification will be somewhat out of hand. In other marketplaces like VideoHive, the submission procedure is even more difficult, which (accompanied by the very low costs of the material) can keep the horde in check.

Compared to other websites, there are fewer Envato websites that sell at this point, which means a slightly larger slice of the cake for those who do. Like their other markets, they are strongly focused on excluding contents (with up to 70% royalty on their best excluding products!), but that doesn't seem to affect their results in searching or marketing for freelance professionals.

Probably because almost all currently PhotoDune members would be independents, so we'll have to delay a few years to see if it is. PhotoDune's demonstrated experience in the sale of electronic content seems to be a long-term success.

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