Definition of photography, an image generated by photography. photo take a photo of. to practise. to be taken or to be suited to be taken in a certain way: Kids take good pictures. Whatever Hitchcock said, what he did was photograph our anxieties and make the unseen tangible.

Strand could photograph anything from a blindfolded lady to a paling and make the picture void. What about the photo of what the Senate said was a "well used water board" with pails around it in the salt pit? 28 years ago, Veronique Vial was asked to photograph Cirque du Soleil.

Your solution: a pail listing with powerful persons and places to be visited and photographed. I' ll get his picture and put out a paper profile of him. And when she passed away, I stuck the old lady's picture in the top one. He recorded the noises and held them captive while the photography kept the pictures of the lights.

But - but there is a photo of Rogie when he was very small - I have seen it or a photo of him somewhere and sometime. 1839, "Picture obtained by photography", stamped by Sir John Herschel of Photo- + -graphic "Instrument for taking pictures; something written".

This has prevailed over other proposals such as photogens and heliographs. For the first time the verbs, as well as the photographs, can be found in a document that was published in front of the Royal Society on 14 March 1839.

Samples for "Photo".

The assembly of photos is the sole responsability of the author(s). There are many color photos in the books, but many are not clear or their colors are faded. Some of the photos are badly reproduced. He photographed, drawn and surveyed residents and spatial occupants during his journeys and strolls through allotment gardens, urban residential buildings and brownfields.

Positioning and aligning the cameras to take the photos was carried out using the same procedure as for 38 mm photos. Long period studies of the sun irradiation regime in a tropic rainforest with drum sensor and hemispheric photos. As with the 38mm photos (see above), the resulting photos were edited and analyzed to obtain the percent of blank dots.

The photos all used color films on a 1:25 000 gamut, with the exception of 1964, which was monochrome and 1:16 000. Air photos at a resolution of 1:50 000 were taken to delineate the investigated area. Single pelagic invertebrates were captured up to 17 photos during the 2-year accumulative collection time, but many were captured only once.

It is richly pictured with photos of exhibits (always in full colour) and other accompanying materials (in monochrome). However, the position of the sulphidation could be identified from the photos taken at each phase of the flat-mounting procedure. Sections were taken from the viread side.

We investigate the colour scale using photos of naturally occurring fruiting artefacts. Photos were taken with similar cameras. They are words that are often used in conjunction with photography. To see more samples, click on a co-location.

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