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Completely customizable portfolio websites for photographers and creative professionals, with unlimited galleries and a blog in one place. At Depositphotos they have a great blog where they write about photography, design and marketing. In recent years, photo blogging has exploded in popularity. Pages in portfolios tend to stagnate, and many photographers neglect to update them regularly.

Eighteen Great Photography Blogs You Should Read

So, it is now important to go out there and find the best blog that you can track, browse and in some cases imitate. That doesn't mean that you should plagiarize: rather, you should look at these blog's as a source of inspired ideas and see how to manage them well. Here is the listing of eighteen great photoblogs we think you should have.

FotoFocus is the website of Scott Bourne: a man whose photographic careers have spanned over four centuries. Launched in 1998, the website provides a pedagogical guideline for those who want to dedicate themselves to the photography trade. In addition, the site deals with ratings and Podcasts and apparently has the best authors in the industry.

Joe McNally, a decade-long professional whose blog and blog are a perfect presentation of his work, is an exceptionally renowned artist. It' also no harm to have some beautiful photos, as well as some first-hand reports about McNally's stunning accomplishments. The God Father Of Photography", it's only appropriate that you have one of the best all-around photoblogs on the web.

Using its sector impact and long-standing relationship, Skip Cohen curates what is a must for any geographer looking to expand his photography franchise and enhance his work. One of those blog posts that we just can't stop returning to is our own sprouting photografer. Website publishers Bryan Caporicci and Rob Nowell are working with some of the most powerful actors in the photographic community to help publishers gain easier insight into the skills and resources they need to build their profession.

We all saw the notorious iPhone fashion shooting footage that put the Fstoppers squad in the limelight. So far, the tape has been seen over a million people. Meanwhile, the photography and videocommunity has become an anchoring site for creative people to search for on-line contents such as wear review, how to's, stories and BTS-clips.

Lee Morris and Patrick Hall, a vibrant photography couple, have assembled an excellent staff of professionals who train and inspiration over a million photographers every calendar year. When done right, travelling bloggers have the best sites to go to. A blog that everyone should attend is that of David duChemin: the man listed himself as a "humanist, commissioned writer, bestselling writer, global workshops manager and random Craft & Vision founder".

The Sartorialist, a blog by Scott Schuman, has been published in numerous New York Magazine and has received numerous honors. Put in simple terms, Scott Schuman was able to make an incredibly popular blog with The Sartorialist, focusing on clothing photography and secularism. Features Shoot is a renowned blog you can go to for inspirations, and a place where you can see your photos: the business is known for both appearance and arrival, and excellent photographers. What's more, it' s a place where you can see your pictures.

In addition, Features Shoot won "'s 2011 Photo Blog Awards as "The Web's 20 most persuasive, revealing and amazing photo blog. "By far the best part of the site is the fact that Features Shoot addresses a broad range of subjects, from visual arts to NSFW photography.

PetaPixel is a great place to begin if you're just getting started with photography; with all its product review guides and product review you can' t go wrong. What's more, PetaPixel is a great place to be? Whilst this size is widespread among photoblogs, I find PetaPixel easy to reread because of its down-to-earth font that doesn't excite the readers.

This is a great website that provides stick pictures for a great value month's subscriptions; as for the blog, it features the latest Stutterstock messages, inspirational items, artists' spotlights, and even writing or watching videos for tutorials. Unnecessary to say it's crowded; and although the entire listing might need some work, it's a great site to go to.

Featuring another blog that features the latest photo industry gossip, equipment, happenings and critiques, The PhoBlographer has an easy-to-use user experience packed with awesome typing from a multifaceted team. Whilst it does nothing new for the photography blog formats, its comprehensive reporting guarantees your while.

Strobist is highly acclaimed for two reasons: first, it was placed on the Time's 2010 Best Blogs List and second, it is run by world-famous David Hobby magazine of photography. So if you just want to go to a blog to see stunning images and video, as well as reading revealing articles every week, you should go to Chase Jarvis's website.

In addition, Chase Jarvis, who is also an award-winning professional still photography artist, moderates face-to-face interviews with other pros through his blog and YouTube channels. The Resource Magazine has written numerous essays on the right to photograph, which is crucial to anyone looking for this career. With Rachel Branke, we have a fabulous blog named The Law Tog, a website that provides an uncompromising look at the photographic work.

Again, as mentioned earlier, most pages show Tutorials, Review and Equipment; The Law Tog distinguishes itself by its diversity of information, such as Photo Right Tutors and Consulting Service. Cowart Jeremy is clearly a man of the Renaissance: partial artist, graphics artist, geographer and humanist, Jeremy seems to be a "jack of all trades".

His beautifully crafted website has a great repository that can take any Jeremy visitor to his blog, portfolios, video and store. He has a strong sense of personality in his current blog posts as he discusses his latest research papers and technologies, which give daily users an idea of his work. Stuck in Customs is a favourite of mine; although it doesn't re-invent photoblogs, it has some of the most beautiful pictures in the whole wide open space.

Drey Ratcliff is a craftsman behind the camera: and it's not scandalous to find out that Stuck in Customs happens to be the number one traveller photoblog on the web. Richard Bernabe, another travelling photoblogger, has a great blog that you can sign up for. He' s updating his website with great pictures from all over the world: he even mentions the site, the kind of camcorder and a short explanation of each picture.

"2003 he inherited a meaningless company lifestyle to indulge a passion: with the outside worlds, his affection for wildlife, places and the animals that live in them. "Obviously it is an inspirational work for all emerging filmmakers currently at an impasse.

Last, but not least, is Flak Picture. As a permanent inspirational resource, the website is devoted to presenting the best photographs by photographers, trustees, bookmakers and photographic organisations around the globe. There is no question that we can say that Andy Adams is today one of the leaders in modern photography and is definitely someone we should all pay our full heed to.

Do you like these photoblogs? These are the best photography blog posts you should read in 2017.

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