Photography Blog Wordpress Theme

Fotografie Blog Wordpress Theme

Photo Blog The Photography Blog is simply, neatly, elegantly and uncomplicated. It' perfect for the creation of photography web sites for professional photography professionals, graphics professionals, self-employed professionals, artistes or blogs. Comes with custom API-based functions that are ultra slim and incredibly user friendly, as it has everything you need to take your photo blogs to the next step.

To make it look just right

Logging is a great way to tell your stories, and sometimes a great picture is all you need. Photoglog gives you all the utilities you need to tell a nice picture whether you're a photographer, hobby photographer or cell phonebug. Your photos are popular with this single-column, grid-based design with large photos!

And if the standard Photo Blog theme doesn't suit you, you can modify it with the four style packs provided. Designed by our gifted stylists, Style Packs modify the look of your website with a click of a mouse and give you a professional look without the trouble of selecting single colours and typefaces.

The photo blog never ties you to the standard layouts you see on the demonstration page. The brand-new Layouts function lets you toggle between the Standard, Grid, and Brickwork layouts types. Every style has its own way of behaving, and you can combine and align layouts with style packs for 15 different sets!

Immediately give your pictures a polished finish with Features Image Filter - a completely new function available exclusively for the Foto Blog. Twenty-six built-in filtering options customize the colour, lightness, contrast index and feel of all the pictures presented on your site with a single click. Image processing is not necessary! The photoblog pays particular attention to the featured image you include in your contributions to make your stories even more engaging.

These appear in the raster on the homepage and in full width as a backdrop for the headlines of the individual contributions. It is recommended to use 1920 px minimum width and 1080 px height pictures to get a clear, sharp picture. Because we know it can be frightening to start from the beginning, we've provided a clear, step-by-step guide with video to help you create an appealing website.

If you get bogged down, our instant one-click tech supports provide instant access to our online chats, online help pages, quotes and real-time context assistance. Recommended images for articles and pages should be at least 1920 mm wide and 1080 mm high. Standard site logotype is 624 width x 624 hight, but you can customize the cut and fit to your logotype.

Photo Blog is an updated edition of the theme, with more functions and more versatility.

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