Photography Competition Themes

Competition Photography Themes

Up to three images can be entered per topic. Polish Judyta Pilarczyk wins the monthly photo competition LOVE. Photography competition Topics This page lists all the winners' photos and short-listed photos for our beloved photography contests that took place over several years. Every competition had a different subject, which ranged from colors to wild animals, and we were always amazed by the craftsmanship and fantasy of the submissions. SiegerChris MitchellLocationSheffield Park.

Eastsussex.DescriptionA great autumn holiday at the National Trust brings a lot in. SiegerChris MitchellLocationAshdown Forest. Winner James Hutchinson Location Lytham, Lancashire.DescriptionI crept along the damp gras so as not to harm this guy before I made the snap. This was a nice freezing mornin', great for playing ball pings on completely freezing grounds!

SiegerJames R HutchinsonLocationFairhaven Golf Club, Lytham.description Taken with a DMC-TZ6 The extractors are no longer necessary when this amount of air has to be evacuated! Winner Chris MitchellLocationKnole ParkDescriptionThis bloke had a break from the rut. The WinnerGraeme Robert'sLocationTandridge GCD descriptionOne of our boys mows first in the mornings of July.

SiegerJames R HutchinsonLocationFairhaven Golf Club, Lytham.descriptionRecording with a DMC-TZ6. Me and my buddy had just finished our mornings work when we tripped over those sunbeams that fell through the Trees onto the 16-threen. The WinnerDean AwardLocationWakefield Golf Golf clubDescriptionOur Head Greenkeeper with his favorite game, the battery-powered Jacobsen Eclipse 100.

Wiener Fotogesellschaft - Competition themes for 2017-2018

Contest datesPlease be aware that there will be three (3) Digital Art themes this year. Yours can be a picture of savage or house or pet bird. The finishing should be minimized and maintain the realistic quality of the work. Renowned Places/Buildings/Memorials - These places have been captured a hundred times. It is a real challange to take a photo that still conveys the well-known place/structure, but in a different way.

In your picture there can be humans present. The postprocessing should preserve the realistic quality of your work. Work ( beasts, humans, machinery ) - is definition of the activities of performing bodily or intellectual activities in order to accomplish a goal or outcome. Pictures that quickly come to minds are a farmhand ploughing his field, a cart pulled by a cart, or a moving machinery showing how the parts themselves work.

The subject is activity and movement. Explore how your camcorder moves (pans) or how the shutter speeds vary to record movement in your picture. The postprocessing should preserve the realistic quality of the work. Road Photography - A type of photography normally taken in an urbane area. Humans are usually in the picture, though not necessary.

There should be an spontaneous or uncertain aspect to the picture. This should make us respond to the ( sufferings, aspirations, fantasies ) of daily life in an emotive way. As a rule, the picture is open and can evoke an emotive reaction with humour, equivocation or strange notions. Photography like this sees and reacts quickly - no need for stands or specific illumination.

Ease - This photo styl follows a minimalistic way of communicating a message/mood. Artificial objects) Natural abstraction pictures can be produced by concentrating very closely on a small area of something. A digitally based arts subject allows you to transfigure your source photography using your own choices of applications, softwares, filters, textures, etc.

In this topic, your pictures should show black-and-white hues that have no colour and contain neutrals and gray shading in a motif of your choice. Photos in cuttlefish colours are also permitted. Digital Art Winters - This is the colder time of year.

A series of pictures can convey the story of cold winters, from a violent snow storm to a calm setting of untouched youth. Your picture's focal point is your own decision and does not have to be restricted to the landscape. It is a Digital Type subject, i.e. you can turn your source photograph into something more like the visual arts with the help of your favorite applications, filter, texture, application, etc...

Use these themes for your pictures. Photo-journalism - Photo-journalism is the collection, processing, and presentation of newsprint for publishing or broadcasting that uses pictures to tell a narrative. As a result, the situations resulting from the pictures should be an appropriate and precise depiction of the occurrences they represent both in terms of contents and sound.

Further information on the coming topics will be published shortly.

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