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Is used by thousands of photographers. The Gallery Ecommerce is an advanced and user-friendly plugin for creating galleries and selling digital (e.g. photos) and material products. Everything in one WordPress plug-in for selling your photos from a WordPress based website.

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Share your assets - Share your pictures, print and video from your WordPress website.

When you can up-load it into WordPress, you can resell it. Offer your pictures, video, pdf's, etc. Generate picture galeries for customers, upcoming shows or related themes. Easily bring your Lightroom or Appperture images into your home and optimize your workflows. Password-protection for single items, customer galeries or whole item-groups. Creating and assigning different pricing for a particular filename or a whole set of filenames.

Upgrade to the latest release of your favorite software with a single click. Set up your own photo shop to resell photographs, printed matter, works of art and even subscriptions. Integrate with your WordPress website so you can centrally administer your portfolios, your blogs and your shop.

There are no montly services charges, no warehousing charges and no transactions charges. What is it like to see selling in comparison to the competitors? It' s much better than the other special stickshot web applications, just because of the simple design and the wealth of expandability WordPress offers, and of course because of the trusted and kind WP administration interfaces.

Work with all WordPress topics, as well as our premier photographic topics. Start building your online shop today! Serious photographs, no risky version:

Minimal standards.

Gallery- Ecommerce is an innovative and user-friendly plug-in for the creation of gallery and the sale of electronic (e.g. photographs) and material goods. Include your own branding, address your clients and resell! The addition of pictures will take a few seconds. Complement your pictures with extra information such as picture titles, descriptions and tagging, as well as added parameter (e.g. measurements, colours, etc.).

You can edit your pictures with the help of editors. Allows you to trim, mirror and flip them. The Gallery Ecommerce plug-in provides several viewing modes that can be changed in the Professional Edition. You can find them in the Gallery Ecommerce Plugins light box in the Professional Edition.

The sale of pictures became simpler. Simply load up the biggest size of the picture and select several sizes available for downloading. It' s fully automatic, so you can eliminate the effort of having to load more than one size of the same picture. Both PayPal and Stripe (Pro only) billing methods are provided for you and your customers.

In addition, Gallery Ecommerce offers an off-line check-out service that allows your clients to choose to pay later. Orders can be tracked through the Orders section, which includes client information, products and purchasing information. If you think you've found a mistake in the plug-in, or have a query or issue regarding Gallery Ecommerce, don't feel free to email us at

Once you have loaded the Gallery Ecommerce plug-in zipped installer, log in to the admin area. Then click on "Select file" ("Browse") and download the Post Slider plug-in tip files. Mac users: Go to your download directory and find the Gallery Ecommerce directory. Click the right mouse button on the directory and on Compress.

You now have a new . zipped archive that can be reinstalled as described here. To activate Gallery Ecommerce, click the "Activate Plugin" icon. Once you have loaded the Gallery Ecommerce plug-in zipped installer, log in to the admin area. Then click on "Select file" ("Browse") and download the Post Slider plug-in tip files.

Mac users Go to your download directory and find the Gallery Ecommerce directory. Click the right mouse key on the directory and choose Compress. You now have a new . zip archive that can be downloaded and run as described here. To activate Gallery Ecommerce, click the "Activate Plugin" icon. Is it possible to download the Gallery Ecommerce plug-in via FTP?

This is how to upload the plug-in via FTP. Please click here to get the e-commerce guide. Zip archive from our website. Navigate to your dashboard > Plugins and you will see the Ecommerce plug-in in your listing. Galerie (to create art galleries and blogs, general art gallery-themed settings), art gallery-e-commerce (to set up pricelists and e-commerce choices, traffic reporting, etc.), art gallery-e-commerce pages (to change standard e-commerce pages).

Is it possible to convert Gallery Ecommerce into another programming id? Changing the plug-in can be done as follows. If you want to make changes to the translations, you can process the linguistic data of your products. You can find all available tongues in the directory orlanguages of the plug-in as a . pdf document with the corresponding linguistic codes, e.g. en_GB. Po for the german one.

POEdit allows you to change the . pos files with the POEdit application. What can I do to build my own arteries? Go to the Galerie tab on the top right and click Galleries/Add Pictures > New. Click on the Galerie track, the slot and the descriptive (used in the advanced albums view), insert a thumbnail. Leaving the thumbnail empty will cause one of the pictures in the galery to be used at random.

How do I get pictures uploaded to art sites? In the standard version, the Galerie uses its own file manager to attach pictures. Pictures and directories within the up-loader can be shifted and photocopied. In order to load all pictures, you must first click Ctrl+A. In order to attach the pictures, click on the buttons Select the image to be added.

Shows pictures in either Miniature or List mode. What is the best way to make your own ecommerce pages with Galerie Ecommerce? Balloons are a collection of art works and other records. Picture > Galery > Album. In the case of a basic galery photo record, the photo click redirects to the thumbnail/brickwork/mosaic photo display of the contained photos. If you are using an album-based record, you will be taken to a single page of the record with another click on the miniature views of the artery.

In order to make an Album go to Gallery > Album > New. Enter the name of the record, the slot and the name of the game. Apply a picture by either adding it or selecting from already uploaded pictures. Leaving the field empty will cause one of the pictures to be used by default. Complete the entire procedure by selecting the gallery or records you want to include in the gallery.

It is possible to apply tags to pictures? Added Tag to pictures in the Gallery Ecommerce plug-in. Or, you can view the dayloud with galleries by selecting the Show day checkbox in Options > Global Options menus. In order to generate gallery tag, go to Photo Gallery > Generate Gallery Cards.

Enter the name for the day and its slot and click the Append day icon. In order to attach the tag (s) to the pictures, go to Photo Gallery > Your Photo gallery, browse to the pictures and click the Attach day icon, browse to the tag(s) and click Attach. How can I change the plug-in settings?

This can be done on the Gallery Ecommerce > Preferences page. Combination of several features. Please be aware that some of the items are also contained in the short code. If this is the case, the end results are set up on the shortcut and not on the general settings. How can I administer image comment aries and reviews?

Visit Gallery > Gallery Remarks to remove or post your remarks. Allows you to perform a filtered query by searching by user picture, annotation name. Choose the voice memo and push the Edit or Unpublish/Publish button. In order to administer reviews, go to Gallery > Reviews to remove reviews for certain pictures. Restrict the searching by selecting Gallery, then Picture and then IP of the users for the picture reviews.

Choose and click the Delete pushbutton. Gallery Ecommerce's professional edition offers topics for editing the look and feel of your gallery. You are on the page Gallery > Topics available. In order to insert your gallery into your pages and contributions, you need a short code. Short code comes either as general short code for articles and pages or as short code for the user-defined position.

In order to create the shorts, go to Galerie > Generator shorts, configure shorts and click Generator. Then copy the source text and add a default short form in pages and articles or add your own programming language text to the webpage. If you want to change the edit of an already edited short number, add the shortcut here and click the Import icon. Configure the option and click on insert.

The short code uses three parameter records. Let's point to the first column Lightbox Option of column and the ad option is the same as in the Operations group. What can I do to configurate e-commerce functions? You will need to customize the Gallery Ecommerce settings to setup Gallery Ecommerce. There are three tabs in the E-commerce plug-in's option panel, the first of which is named General Settings.

Ecommerce has 3 new pages on your website by standard. This is the site that works with normal e-commerce pages. Message settings contain detail for both the admin and the users. This plug-in enables the creation of user-defined e-mails with signatures and trademark logos. The menu is supplied with three tab pages. The general e-mail settings allow you to specify settings for both the admin and the users.

E-mail administration settings allow you to specify the recipient's e-mail, the e-mail Subject, the E-mail from and to modes, the e-mail from and to name, and the e-mail used for CC and BCC selections. E-mail user settings allow you to specify the recipient's e-mail, the e-mail Subject, the E-mail Name, E-mail to and from, and the e-mail addresses used for CC and BCC selections.

The Ecommerce > Ecommerce Gallery check out page allows you to do this. Configure your check-out choices. Activate or deactivate the cashier (to make a buy without being signed in) and shipment, the order form for your downloaded files, the expiration dates of the links, the volume for your downloaded files, the shipment and invoice boxes, and most of all the methods of PayPal and Stripe.

Supports what types of payments? PayPal Express Checkout, Stripe and Offline Payments are available for the PayPal Express Checkout products. You can select and configure the pay mode, its denomination and prefix in the Preferences drop-down list. They are grouped pricing choices for articles. Every list can contain the own name, the VAT rates, the rates, the description, forwarding costs and parameter as well as detail to pictures with picture sizes, costs, dimensions and so on.

The Gallery Ecommerce Price Lists page allows you to review your print and photo choices. Printings and commodities are current commodities that are shown with an illustration, whereas downloaded items are quantities of illustrations (different sizes of the same illustration) that can be downloaded free of charge or for a fee. Please note: The price list may contain different sizes, but only sizes smaller than the size of the source picture, e.g. 800×600, 600×450, 450×300, but if the picture is only 660×500, only the last two items will be added to the picture when the price list is added to this particular picture.

Once you have created a price list, link it to the Galerie. Enter the Galerie, choose pictures and click at the top right of the page on the button Insert Price List. You can have different items like individual value, entry, text field, selection, audio and check box. Sets the name of the option from the provided option types. Choose. The user can choose the individual value from the dropdown list.

The user can choose a value from the available choices. The user can choose more than one value from the view option. By navigating to the Orders page, you can find the order history with all the necessary information, user name, e-mail, order state, paymentmethod, order state, order value, order value, order value, order value, order value, order value, order value, order value, and more.

Gallery Ecommerce's Reports page contains information about your sale over a specific timeframe. Once you have clicked on it, choose the timeframe you need to verify the historical status of your shop. Dropdown menus under the Timeframe tab allow you to choose either print or digitally produced items to verify the reports.

A second dropdown allows you to be more focused and get a particular point reported (product or technical download). It is one of the best plugins in its class, but it should be updated. Recently I began using this plug-in for a customer to market their pictures on-line.

We' ve bought the trial version for both to get the additional option, but one way or the other - a great combination with the Photogallery plug-in! I' ve been using the photogallery for a long while and I liked it very much. Recently the e-commerce has been added and I have tried it.

Using this on my client's website, I was able to resell photographs and printed matter. All your developer have done is to create a very nice plug-in with the most nice view. "The Gallery eCommerce" is open resource e-commerce management system. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

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