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Make the perfect magazine cover for your magazine artwork to set your photo business apart from the competition. Children & Family Portrait Guide is a must for any family or child portrait photographer.

Twenty-one photo magazine templates to help your corporate development

It is critical for a photographer to develop their businesses and find new ways to present their work to customers. Technics may differ as to how you target your customers locally as compared to remote/travelling customers, but the important thing is to divide your photographic work in a convincing way.

You can do this with magazine masters and lookbooks! A magazine or book-style library not only helps you summarise and summarise your work, it also helps you set yourself apart. It is the professionality of a magazine portfolios (whether in print or PDF format) that makes it so precious to the photographer!

Here are some of our most popular photo magazine artwork you can use. This includes creations for fashion/look albums, life style and portraiture photography, trip and adventurous journals and much more! The Poppy is a nice magazine template created by Made for Creatives. Compatible with InDesign 4, 5, 6 and InDesign CC, it is ideal as a lookbook, folder, magazine or for many other use.

The NATURALIS is a neat, multifunctional, photo-based book, magazine, folder and/or booklet. High-end template and folder for Stephanie Design's Hochzeitsfotografie magazine. There are 10 pages in this template to advertise your service to prospective customers. Customize color, shape, and text with Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Elegant template for your magazine to present your company, your blogs and your work.

This template is Adobe InDesign CS6+ compliant and has 44 pages plus a free gold style touch for your style. An extensive library of image-based brand-name artwork for creatives, contractors and experts. Contains a magazine/portfolio template, a leaflet template, a triple booklet template, a calling cards template, a header with label style and a full range of community tools.

The package also contains a PDF help document with reference and link to pictures, scripts and more. Wonderful welcome guidebook for your photo gallery. This template was created by Design by Bittersweet and contains professional text, price pages, albums, ordering and more. Photoshop and Photoshop elements compatibility.

This is a full template for the bridal magazine, made by Sweet Little Muse. Package of artwork for families photography, made by Brandpacks. Package contains 8 Photoshop and Illustrator compliant artwork to promote a portraiture and lifestyles photography company. Prefabricated artwork for weddings by Brandpacks. Easily create contemporary and inspirational poster, brochure, flyer and more with these easy-to-use Photoshop & Illustrator template.

30 page InDesign template magazine from Studio Standard. In A4 or US Letter format; contains . Stylish template for a life style magazine for photography and creativity agency. Contains 72 A4, US letter and Blurb Dimensions pages. Works with Adobe Indesign CS4, CS5, CS5, CS5.

for 5 & CS6 & CC and the . is a 47-page indeesign voyage and magazine publication magazine template. Distinguished by a clear typographical and minimalistic styling. Made to cover all facets of the artwork, covering logos, colour, types, web, printing, weights and images. Paperwhite Studio's clear and stylish multi-purpose magazine designs.

The template contains 36 completely customisable pages that are fully InDesign CS4 and higher-compliant. InDesign LUXURY is a neat and luxury InDesign magazine template that can be used for photography, clothing and other business use. Comes with front and back covers and 22 uniquely designed interior laysouts (including ad templates) that are simple and entertaining to work with.

Package of 13 Ruben Stom magazine and booklet originals. Every magazine template contains a folder with writings, pictures, . idml files and more. Template for a life style magazine with powerful typeography in an elegant textured editing style. Works with Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5, CS5. The template is great for editing contents, creating suggestions, creating portfolio and more.

Wonderful multifunctional booklet template for the photographer! Ideal for photo gift packs, photo service pricelists, private or business collections or booklets. Stylish template for a Stephanie Design neonatal photography magazine. The 10 page template gives your salon a brand-oriented look and feel and allows you to present your range and service at an accessible cost.

Refreshing and inspirational magazine for designers and designers. LUCIE template contains 70 pages designed for A4/US Letter/, . idml and more. 44-page Adobe InDesign magazine template for life-style publishing and creativity. The template is easily adapted to your project and works with Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5, CS5.

Five & CS6 and InDesign CC. This is a full and professionally designed merchandising package for photographers of boudoirs and private homes. Included in the BT is a variety of booklet and flyer designs, market card designs, business card models and more. I hope this collection of photo magazine artwork and resource guides will help you!

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