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Portfolio Layout

Explore ideas for the layout of your photography portfolio. ( photography, video ) while maintaining the focus of its online portfolio on design. Photography Portfolio 26 Examples of inspirations Over the years, as a photo portfolio developer, I have created many portfolio web sites. I' ve been studying other, much more gifted and skilled design work and seen sites that are beautiful and many that just don't work. It' s sometimes difficult to say exactly what makes a portfolio website, but when you see it, you just know it's right, that all the little things come together nice and give you a great surfing feeling.

There are so many ways to do photography portfolio sites just right, but that's why there are so many things that can go awry. I' ve chosen to send this collective mail as a homage to those photographs who, in my view, have succeeded in creating truly nice web sites for themselves, because I know first hand how much work, thought and effort goes into this work.

Looking for samples for this article, I ended up searching more than 400 photo portfolio sites and selecting those that met my photo portfolio requirements. You will see that most of the portfolio selected here are quite easy and focus visitors' attentions on the work they do, which is the most important objective of any good portfolio site.

They all have clear objectives for them, they do not mess up the visitors with complicated layout and cul-de-sacs. The thing I like best about these is that they succeed in guiding the website visitors to the most important parts of each website, they have a clear way to them and don't let you guessed where to find the pictures, where to find the information about the fotographer or what to look at.

Hopefully this review will give you some refreshing inspiration for your own portfolio website and if you are considering creating your own portfolio website, take a look at our WordPress Topics gallery. If you have a money, see how you can build a free portfolio website all by yourself!

Olya Fotoportfolio is ingeniously designed to be quick and quick to load and very navigable. My great appreciation is that there is a clear way for the website user - open the website, there is a small slide control to adjust the atmosphere and 15 arteries to choose from. If you open a galery, all pictures in a row are beautifully courated and at the end of the galery you can select other galeries you want to see or go back to the top of the page using the comfortably placed "Back to top".

So the only small thing I would modify is to make a seperate "About me" page instead of using the "Contact" page for your own idea. Ara's website is easy and minimalistic in appearance, but when you begin to browse through it, you notice how much information it actually contains.

It has several portfolio types, prices, endorsements, blogs, about pages and more, but because everything is so well organised, it's very simple to find everything you might need there. Kaila Portfolio Website uses the so-called "Blog Folio" when you present your work in your blogs as personal histories.

For me, horizontally structured portfolio layout is a kind of soft spot. With the right layout, a horizontally arranged portfolio layout is a very practical and attractive way to present your work. I' ve chosen Caitlin's portfolio for this listing because of the portfolio page and the navigational layout. The example shows that you do not necessarily need large pictures or full-screen displays to make the portfolio pleasant.

The smaller pictures are particularly suitable for those who deal with picture stealing, as smaller pictures are seldom directly taken from one's own portfolio. Laurens' photo portfolio uses both horizontally and vertically rasterized designs to present her work. On the first page, the observer is presented with a compilation of her latest works in a nice horizontally layout with large pictures, and if the observer wants to see more of her work, there are many possibilities to select from in the menu.

This is a nice example of a photography website. Carlos' website gets loaded quickly, surfing is seamless and the atmosphere in this portfolio is great in my view. It' tidy, lightweight and flatters photography. There' s nothing I can say, just browse through this portfolio and see for yourself! Every page is a unique work of art, but it is a perfect continuation of the overall website and you never have to wonder if you are still looking at the same website.

This is a contemporary, relaxed portfolio site with neat, easy to navigate pages that show you everything you have to find on this site. Personally I like the Contacts page with the possibility to select if you want to get in touch with the artist about a shooting or if you have another purpose to get in touch with him.

It is a very smart way to resolve the problem with the Contacts page that many photographs have seen. For those who like one-sided design, you can visit Hardy's portfolio website. If you don't click anywhere, you'll find a few words about the artist, his gallery, his services, contributions from the blogs and a webpage.

Unilateral layout is a good choice if you don't have many picture galeries (or don't want to show them) and want to keep everything brief and concise. But the only thing that disturbed me was that the individual blogs didn't look half as good as the homepage.

This could simply be corrected by giving the body a little more space and instead of centering text and sections in the side bar, placing them on the top of the page would give the page an ordered feel. If you need to display many individual pictures, raster layout is a good way to do this.

There are quite a few pictures in the portfolio that are not part of arteries, as in many earlier years. All of Amy's pictures have been added to her portfolio and the visitors can either quickly flip through them or click on one of the pictures and search them individually. Mr. Anderson's portfolio is contemporary, quickly loaded and gives the user the choice of how to look at any of his or her art works - be it in a raster, horizontal or full frame.

I think this is a great portfolio example, but it would definitely not work for everyone. Photographers need to know their audiences and their levels of technology, because some may find a website like ours too bewildering. Eric is a professional campaign and agency based professional and therefore fits in well with his work!

An audacious photo portfolio by Evaan. This website was chosen to show you how good photography can look in a broad two- and three-column layout. There would be more display space to display the pictures correctly and the menus would be more easily read. This is another example for the creation of a mesh portfolio with a clear navigational area.

Easy, user-friendly and neat! Ryan's portfolio is another example of a neat, minimum portfolio that works. As you browse this portfolio, you take out the colored pictures mental. You can see how neat and easy the website really is to use. Great type, whitespace, clear nav and your photography can combine to create a great website.

Portfolio-website that is part of a big name - Tim Flach. However, I chose this portfolio not only because of the great photography, but also because of the website layout. If you click on any picture, the portfolio will open in a full-screen slide bar, which will move nicely from one picture to the next.

And all this makes for a great surfing adventure. Ravis Portfolio is a perfectly minimalistic example. This homepage has a nice three-column raster. Notice the layout, although it looks free style, first you see how the pictures are ordered - scenery, upright, horizontal in the first series.

Projects page is made up of album pages that can be displayed in a single, classical, one-column layout. A simplified design that pays particular attention to detail ensures a great surfing sensation. Heart + Water Portfolio website creating a corporate feel of professionalism. Everything from service and prices to gallery and information about the photographer is there and presented in a nice layout.

The Oana Photo Portfolio website was built using a WordPress portfolio templates named Camilla. The photo portfolio website offers an uncommon yet highly interactive browser viewing experience. What's more, it's a very easy and fun way to browse your photos. Page-to-page satnav has an interesting overlapping effect and the portfolio page is made up of several horizontal scroll bars that open in a full-screen pop-up gallary.

Mack' s Adam portfolio is easy, uncomplicated and his primary objective is to present his work. On a great welcome page, you can select one of five portfolio types that will take you directly to an icon control. Due to its ease, the pictures download very quickly and surfing is a delight.

Laura and her portfolio is something else. It is not as intuitional as other samples in this listing, but it is definitely very interesting. Instead of being a place where Laura's photography is shown, the website is like an artwork in itself and in my view fits very well with the photographic work. The Rachel Rowland'a photo portfolio is another example of a basic, uncomplicated portfolio website.

Rather than a portfolio page, she uses her blogs to tell the tales she has caught. City Photography by Lucie is a great portfolio example that shows you how to tell a tale - frankly, after visiting Lucy's website, I felt as if I had spoken to her personally!

Funny little portfolio website that belongs to a married couple. Northica Photography is a very imaginative example of a photo portfolio. Exactly like the example above, the portfolio website has a unique look - it looks like a print paper! You need your own portfolio website, but don't have the spare moment to create it all by yourself?

If so, you should take a look at our WordPress topics for high-quality photography. The designs have a 1-click demonstration function. By simply up-loading your pictures, text, and contacts, you can make a full copy of the demonstration website you liked from the beginning. Let us make the creative choices and get a website that' s worth being on such an inspirational mailing list! What do you think?

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