Photography website Templates Wordpress

Website Photography Templates Wordpress

Overshine is a creative and beautiful WordPress multi-layout and multifunction portfolio theme. The Portfolio Gallery is a completely responsive and free WordPress photo theme. The appropriately named theme is a fully responsive WordPress photo theme.

Best 20+ Photography WordPress Topics 2018

WordPress photography topics can really impress you with their peculiar styles. The combination of breathtaking layout with different picture sizes and sizes makes each of the WordPress topics below for photography look good in its own way. These are some of the best topics that have been designed for those who are passionate about photography. While some keep it easy and classical, others opt for a contemporary and classy look.

This is a great and memorable one-page WordPress full-screen topic for a photographer. There is a full-width slide control and various photo segments equipped with parallel scrolls. Note the simple nature of this subject, which makes it stylish and sober. Functions: user-defined topic Widget, infinite color selection, localisation (ready to translate), user-defined topic option (logo, soft link, page layouts, etc.), fully reactive, para-lax effect.

The Divi is a great subject with a contemporary and varied look. It' s multifunctional and fully customisable styling makes it particularly suitable for photography websites and portfolio. Functions: fully reactive, drag-and-drop page creator, parallel axis and background videos, ready-made layout, fully customized. A stylish and contemporary subject for professionals who are offered great opportunities to present their best shots, such as full-screen slide shows, magazine-like art gallery (cool!) and raster wall style - all in a stylish, minimalistic style.

In addition, Narcisse offers four different homepage versions and many page versions for the blogs section, which is also photofriendly. Characteristics: fast reacting styling, 2 different style available: Classical and editing, full page layouts versatility, inclusive page building blocks, 4 different home pages, attractive and advanced galleries, integrated videos, LookBook function: client can store their pictures in a PDF browser and QuickLook options via pop-ups.

This is a great motif for a photographer with a full-width slide control. Pictures open in a blogs contribution and are displayed in full picture mode. The topic provides the users with a great viewing sensation. Functions: fast reacting redesign, Retina-suitable, visual customized, widgettized homepage, slide side bar and lightweight skins, robust zip frame, SEO-friendly.

This is a contemporary topic with a galery-homepage and a pretty vertical menubar on the leftside of the page. There are three kinds of art gallery to select from. Characteristics: fast reaction, stepless scrolling, jetpack operation, optimized speeds, colour variation. With this photo topic you can present your product range in an appealing and attractive way that will definitely leave an impression on your customers.

It has a contemporary, colourful look, full of effect and animation. Functions: fully reactive, fully customizable, user-defined mail type and format, translatable, over 80 shortcuts, user-defined widgets, SEO-enabled. This is a minimalistic and clear topic for the photographer's portfolios, but with an elegantly presented way of presenting the work. Comes with three photogallery lifestyles - brickwork, lattice and individual work.

Functions: fast response time, filters available in galeries, integrated shortcuts, user-defined contributions, 12-column raster, various galery layout, price charts, stylistic calender. A great full-screen subject for the photographer, with a sleek display case for your album and a built-in photoblog. There are three major variations of the theme: black, red, white und verd. Functions: Full-screen galeries supporting YouTube and Vimeo, reactive architecture, limitless number of pages and galeries, speed - and SEO-optimized, simple adjustment via an option window.

Nice WordPress topic for the photographer, with a pull-out pull-down menus and an astonishing bricklayer collection and different photogallery style. Featuring an eye-catching white-black look, this photographic subject allows you to present your designs in an impressive way - in full-screen mode, in brickwork, classical, raster, private. Functions: fast response and retina-capable, CSS3 animation, Ajax portfolios, WPML and translation-friendly, high-performance topic management, supports personal galleries.

Featuring many vibrant effect and photographic style, this highly original piece has a very original look. Pictures are presented interactively in a variety of ways, while the subject provides a backdrop for them. Functions: Wallpaper score, seven different galery layout, built-in scoring system, breathtaking effect, user-defined galery distance, personal galeries.

Minimalistic and stylish, this design stands out for its clear and beautiful look. You can rummage through the large, classically designed art gallery on a blank backdrop. Photoblogs and an on-line store layout belong to this topic. Functions: fast response, WooCommerce capable, infinite content repositories, pictures and articles, YouTube and Vimeo supports, large or miniature content repository, customizable wallpaper colour.

This is a WordPress topic for professionals and agents, with a contemporary atmosphere and lively art gallery. There are a variety of presentation style options for your album, including several wall variations, thumbnail views, slider controls, scroll horizontally, column-filtered raster collections, full-screen slide shows, and more. When you want to resell your pictures on-line, Kazron has a nice store page with a clear outline.

Characteristics: fast reaction and retina-capable, black and white skin, several homepage options, 10 alternative photo albums, WooCommerce integrated, reservation forms, 9 blogs, Ajax-finder. This is a versatile topic for professionals that provides plenty of variety in terms of style. Photo is easy, stylish and comes with fantastic content for the creator in you.

Functions: fast response style, 15 photo albums, 30+ different photo galeries, 4 headers, conceptual photo selection, 4 footers, user-defined type, customizable version, lives customizer. New WordPress topic for fotographers and blogs. Present your best photos in full-screen slide shows, raster and brick wall art galeries, blogs and column postings. This topic is full of all the photos that are used in the demonstration and are under a free licence.

Includes: fast-reacting styling, Revolution slider for nice slide shows, Essential Grid plug-in for raster layout, user-defined and infinite colours and layout, supports community and e-mail newsletters, Retina Ready, 5 mail templates (standard, gallery, video, link, audio), bright and blackskin. The Rife is an issue for everything. With a versatile and contemporary look that combines many layout and alternate pages, you can present your contents in the best possible way.

The best match for imaginative individuals, because it is equipped with a portfolio and gallery that puts your artwork in a great spot. Feature: fast reacting designs, drag-and-drop builders & revolution sliders inclusive, ton of different themes, eCommerce shop, 15+ headers, 10 different demonstrations, 16+ own pages. This is a great WordPress topic created on a unique page, with each section having a full picture wallpaper.

It works with full size photographs, which makes it very vibrant. Functions: Full-screen lay-out, portable, easy to adjust, integrated full-screen gallery, integrated videos. It looks like a wallpaper, with a full-screen slide show wallpaper and an erect menus on the right. There are four kinds of portfolio (with different photographic and visual presentations ), many kinds of gallery, various kinds of button, a widget blogs and an inventive look.

All in all, this WordPress photography topic looks stylish, contemporary and inventive. Functions: fully reactive, multifunctional artwork, extremely adaptable, full-screen picture and movie background, several picture controls, six different gallery settings. Beautiful design, equipped with a full-screen homepage slide and a mega-menu that opens seperately. Photo-Reactive is state-of-the-art and offers multi-media content as well as various possibilities to present the product range, gallery, blogs, single pages and the homepage.

Functions: fast reacting, optimised for SMEs, WooCommerce store, photowall, full-screen slide shows, video, Ajax and standard display cases. This is a beautiful place where you can present and market your photography collections. It comes with many homepage fashions, many galery display case models and an on-line store where you can find your best work for sale.

The EPix offers many possibilities to customize its look. Functions: fade out menubar, fast reactive designs, full-screen sliders, infinite skin, visible page builders, slow load. It is a full-screen topic for imaginative individuals. Presents your full-size photographs and skillfully blends text with pictures for a great photoblog viewing experience. What's more, it's a great way to share your photo with friends and family.

Functions: fully reactive, free Sell Media plug-in plug-in plug-in plug-in plug-in (for on-line sales), easily customized, fully widgettized, user-defined navigational menu, page templates. Simplicity, elegance and contemporary styling for creativity. Fotographers can use it to present their pictures. It has a minimalistic grids galleries homepage. Functions: fast reactive background designs, user-defined background, cross-browser interoperability, customisable, SEO optimisation, minimalistic designs.

This is a clear and stylish photo subject with several different galleries having their own look and effect. It also has a full agenda so you can organise your timetable more easily. All in all, Camera 7 has a sleek and sleek look that focuses on your best pictures.

Featured: fast-reacting look, Retina-ready, eight Galerieeffekte, five Galerieviews, limitless colours, Galerie Custom Mail, translatable. A fantastic monochrome WordPress topic for you. Comes with a distinctive styling that gives you the opportunity to present all your designs elegantly and stylishly. It looks so easy and nice, and it is a good option for all photography-related sites.

Characteristics: fast-reacting interface layout, soft symbols, retina readiness, optimised for performance, smooth operation, easy to translate. This is a sleek and stylish motif for professionals, with an attractive clear animation and many different layout options. There comes with horizontally scrollable and great full frame slide shows. Tography allows you to present your gallery, create a gallery and share your best photos on-line.

Featured: fast-response designs, WooCommerce-compliant, Retina-compliant, infinite portfolio and gallery, 2 headers layout, infinite colour choices, HTML and CSS3 effect, YouTube and Vimeo supported. This is a styleful and chic topic for photoportfolios, equipped with many demonstration variations for photography. Designed with simplicity and clarity in mind, it offers sleek photogalleries.

Topic artwork was designed to put your photographs first. Characteristics: Twenty-seven exclusive demonstrations, drag-and-drop Visual Page Builders, infinite portfolio, fully reactive, premiumslider plug-ins, 50+ module, WooCommerce and WPML prepared. Minimalistic and breathtaking designs that present your pictures in a full-screen slide show on the homepage. Comes with stylish brickwork photogallery and postagelios, nicely shown on a neat surface.

Key features: neat and reactive, chiaroscuro themes, horizontally and vertically adjusted galeries, galery and web site portfolios, five pages of projects, lightbox (YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 support), YouTube web site with control elements, slim and reactive, user-defined wallpaper and colour, full-screen web site portfolios, minimalistic designs and layouts, reactive sliders, easy blogs area.

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