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At the top end of stock photography websites, Getty Images attracts brands and publishers looking for high-quality or hard-to-find exclusive images for licensing. Five websites paying $100+ per picture. Take advantage of your photos craving by marketing your photos on these websites. Everyone has a different payments plan, but they provide a great way to turn unaffected data on your computer's drive into money without much added expense after you've processed and upgraded it. When you earn serious money as a stick fotographer, you have added fiscal obligations, but you can also subtract your photographic gear, softwares and even a portion of your trips to location.

There are five pages where you can earn cash with your photos. According to the website, five million photographs listed their stick pictures with a resolution of around half a million. You get 70% net for every licence you sell (standard licences cost $250), and your pictures can appear in large advertising promotions if you send them in for business use.

Next, upload your photos, activate your shop and fill in the necessary form for each picture (including models, disclaimers, etc.). You also have the possibility to select an exklusive or non-exclusive licence for the pictures. This means you can' t licence the picture or resell it to a third party.

With SmugMug Pro you can keep 85% of the mark-up for your pictures. As soon as you have registered, you will be able to post photos, choose the items you want to offer for sale, and choose the price. It is a good site for someone with a real business mind because you can choose how much you want to bill for your pictures.

Make up to $120 per Shutterstock picture downloaded. The price of this site is quite complex, but the more you make ("lifetime earnings"), the more you take home for each picture. All in all, the participants from over 500 million downloaded files have made more than 300 million dollars, so these pictures are definitely taken by them.

SHUTTERSTOOD also markets stick material, which includes high-definition and 4K movies, as well as pictures and masters. They can also recommend other shooters and make a small gain, usually about four euro cent each and every times they are selling a picture. When you recommend a client who buys pictures, you can make 20% of the first buy, up to $200.

Since 2001 this site sells stick pictures. In order to submit an entry, simply choose the most suitable categories (photos, artwork, videos or audio) and fill in an entry form (free of charge). Etsy is not only suitable for the sale of weddings decoration, individual Halloween dresses and strange presents about cats. But you can also resell your photos! Whilst the royalty system is advantageous for a professional with Etsy keeping 20 cent for each sale and 3.5% of the sale value, you will need to invest additional work to make these disposals.

Whilst those who browse stick photos websites are specifically looking for pictures, not everyone surfing Etsy will necessarily be looking for photos. If you' re looking for photos, you might not be thinking about Etsy. That is why, if you decide to yourselves to yourselves pictures on this Website to yourselves sells, you must spend your expenditure again times and energies into the commercialization of your Design and pictures.

Etsy will take such a small share of every sale that it might be profitable for you. At Etsy we offer a useful guide that will help you find out more about brands, how to market, how to rate your articles and how you can be successful. If you are setting up your own Etsy shop, you are setting the pricing so that your earnings are practically inexhaustible.

It' your turn. Did you sell your photos on-line? Have you used one of these pages and how much did you make?

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