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Mysql Php Website Templates Web templates for IT and Web sites. "You can use this form on your own website or on your own."); This form is suitable for use on Web sites of businesses & businesseservices. There is a website artwork & photograph for this.

Sample was created for different types of web sites. Sample is available for your web site e.g. Web site e.g. Web site e.g. Web site e.g. Business Center. Sample was created for the sportwebsite.

Sample was created for Web sites of B usiness & service. You have created this pattern for your website.

PHP Web Site Templates for Web Developers and Programmers 25

Are you a web designer or web designer who wants to build a professionally looking and fully featured website? Then you already need to know PHP. If you want full command over the look and feel of your website by simply modifying a few line of PHP scripting then PHP is a good choice.

One of the most powerful web designing tongues, PHP, the 25 PHP website templates above will show you how simple and efficient it is! There are many topics and recesses in this guide and we are sure you will find the right one for you and your idea! The majority of these website templates come with fully featured online form contacts and many other great functions that you can explore below:

It is a very neat design, specially designed for any crafts, weddings, scrapbooking website or store website. There are 3 nice colours to select from and the photo contains 3 major Photoshop photos for each of them. If you want to quickly integrate a basket into your website, this is a good choice.

The Shop Star is a beautiful PHP style sheet that is available in 2 colour options from which you can select. Designed to be used for various types of on-line stores that need a functioning basket. It works perfectly in both colour patterns - pink/white and white/silver. It is a unique design that has been developed specifically for blogging and portfolio management.

Developed with the latest Bootstrap release, it is fully reactive and portable. It is recommended for anyone who wants to build a great HTML CV or customize their own portfolios. And last but not least, this pattern is very simple to use and use. When you want to build a neat, contemporary looking'Under Construction' website, this is the ideal website for you.

There are five colour options to select from: black, violet, blue, black, violet and white. PSD data is very straightforward to use and the submission also comes with a fully reactive AJAX/PHP submission forms. The GamesTheme is a premier artwork that has a very eye-catching and straightforward look. Some of the best characteristics of this design are the light-dark wallpaper variation and the powerful typographic selection that will set your site apart from the rest.

The Style Premium is a high-performance one-page design that makes full use of the whites and darks to give your users a great scroll effect. The Vagenta is a very neat and up-to-date HTML style sheet designed with attractive portals in view. It is recommended to any individual or company who needs to present their work and build a beautiful client base to win prospective customers.

The Vagenta has 2 colour choices and a fully functional PHP Contacts page so your guests can get in touch with you anytime. The Stonecold is a minimalistic design that has been designed for all types of portfolio. It' s very focussed and has a subtile overt effect that will surely amaze your audience.

You can also browse and search the elements in your list. The AJAX and PHP Contacts forms are another great addition that sends you emails so you know about anyone who wants to get in touch with you. A fully reactive model for the investment portfolios. It is a retina-ready style sheet created with HTML5 and CSS3.

Another great example of an HTML submission is DISPLAY, which is good for private or business use. SELINE is a fully reactive HTML templates with a crisp look that has been designed for anyone who wants to build an'under construction' or'upcoming' website for their application or work. There' a beautiful Countdown Time, Scroll down symbols, Contacts, Ajax Subscriptions and more!

Selene lets you build a truly one-of-a-kind website and you can select from 3 available options: Picture Wallpaper, Picture Scroll Wallpaper and Youtube Movie Wallpaper. This is another good example of an HTML templates that can be used in different ways. There are 3 different slide bar styles, one 3-D slide bar, and 6 different colors: blau, orange, grün, gelb,agenta, and grau.

Simply select your favourite colour and use the 16 different HTML pages to build your website accurate to the last bit of pixels. You can use this templating to build more than one gallery and more than one portfoli! Tempation is a great one-page templates for webmasters. It is recommended for any kind of private or business use.

Concentrating on your contents, this style sheet contains 10 colour schemes of which you can select to find the one that is right for you. Transparency is a high-performance HTML templates program built on a clear layout. Recommended for portfolio, face-to-face or commercial sites or even different blog posts!

The LevelUp is a great website submission that can be used for numerous different things. It' s extremely diverse and works great for educational, training or course sites. There is also a "Add to Google Calendar" icon so it allows great interactions with people. You can also use this pattern to choose from a variety of colours to create the look you want.

The LevelUp also provides you with a fully functional enquiry request and quick load times. One of the best HTML templates on the market. Designed specifically for non-profit and charitable organisations, it allows you to gather emails from your users to build a high-performance contacts database.

It is also fully reactive and retina-ready and looks great on a myriad of machines and web browser. There are also 2 different style (boxed and full-width), 6 major colours and 6 different backgrounds to use. The Peekaboo is a subordinate HTML/CSS style sheet for kids. Designed to fit perfect with any nursery, day care center or educational website.

With 5 different fashions and 3 fantastic wallpapers to chose from, you' ll have everything you need to make the website that' s right for you and your projects. Also comes with a fully functional validated contactsheet, a fully compliant Twitter feeder and super fish meal. The Avior is a very easy but efficient HTML-sheet.

It' been developed with Bootstrap 3 so you can be sure that your website is fully reactive and looks good on all types of equipment and display screens. It' the ideal tool for any web or graphics artist, professional or any other type of freelance or creator.

When you want to build a breathtaking website for your politics breed, Campaign is the right thing for you. It is the ideal option if you want to build a website where you can quickly and simply gather email to build a data base that will help you. If you want to get more out of your visitor list, this form also contains a donate icon in your head.

There are 9 page templates, 4 colour themes, 6 backgrounds and more! This is the ideal model for every eatery, café or website around the theme of eating. Comes with a fully functional Contacts page, Galleries option, Movie wallpaper, eCommerce pages so you can quickly resell your product and 9 different pages that you can adapt well.

It is also fully reactive and retina-compatible. Brand Space is a nice HTML/CSS templating that can be used by any company or resourceful individual who wants to build a powerful web site by presenting a breathtaking array of products. This package contains 15 page templates that can be simply reformatted and adapted to produce the best possible results.

She also comes with simple Vimeo & YouTube embedded videos and a very clear layout. The Broadside is a very simple to use website submission that can be used for many different things. Using this temple, you can select from boundless colour themes and 2 pre-made demonstrations, so you can begin customising your website with ease.

You can also build great portfolio and include your most important information. With Broadside, your users can contact you via the fully compliant PHP contact form. The Launch is a website submission that is ideal for anyone who wants to build an efficient 'Coming Soon' or 'Under Construction' website.

They can use this submission to ensure that your users are informed about your upcoming website, and they can also create a contacts base by using the fully functional AJAX Contacts Forms. With ' Launch' you can select from 3 different colour variants! is a fully reactive website submission designed specifically for business and creativity.

By downloading this sample, you will get 15 HTML and 2 PHP documents (contact and newsletters form), which you can modify as you wish to obtain the best results. The ' New Chapter' also includes 3 dropdown list themes, a PHP Contacts and Newsletters page and pages that can be filtered.

If you want to make an impression on your website users, you can also use the endless roundabout engine! If you need help with the installation and customization of your website, this sample also contains comprehensive information. The Adora is another great example of a great dossier that is both easy to use and eye-catching.

There are 3 different slide control style options to select from and you can also select the right fit for your brand. For even more enjoyment, Adora lets you select from limitless backgrounds and a few headline colours to make the website that' s right for you and your company. It' been designed with a grid-based design that makes it really simple for you to modify and move the items, and that also makes it possible for the templates to fully respond to many different device and display formats.

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