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It' a solid design, so try it if you want a little pink in your design. The Elegant Pink is a beautifully designed WordPress theme. Stylish pink It can be used to create a nice blogs or magazines that covers topics such as photo, natural, art und designer, lifestyles, food, fashions, baby, children, weddings or other imaginative picture oriented sites. Its appealing theme makes sure your website is mobile-friendly and looks great on any devices, your desktop, laptop, cell phone or tablet.

Design is equipped with functions and utilities that allow different design issues to be customized. Its design offers a variety of mail styles, a user-defined menus, a user-defined bottom line, a user-defined slide bar, and individual choices to help you build a compelling website. The Infinite Scroll gives a special charge of blogs posting. Its theme is sort of SEO-friendly and makes it simple to find it on Google and other popular online services.

Designed in polyester look, the design is an excellent choice for blogging, portfolioing, magazines and other imaginative sites. If you are a mode logger or just want to enjoy your marriage experience on a nice and challenging website, Elegant Pink is just for you.

Free download Elegant Pink free WordPress Theme Revised Theme

Pink Elegant is a contemporary and nice WordPress theme. The theme is a girlish, female style that focuses on blogs, photos, children, weddings, lifestyles and fashionsites. There are several functions, such as a customized menus, various mail types, a customized slide bar and integrating with softwares. This topic is fast reacting and SEO-friendly. There is an endless scroll function, which provides a better representation of the contents and an excellent usability.

Brickwork's uniquely designed appearance will help your contribution to appear in a convenient and clear way whilst the operator is scrolling.

Girly andeminine WordPress Blog Theme for Lifestyle Blog

Pink has a fully appealing look that allows your website to adapt its look and feel and size to your visitors' screens in a dynamic way. Make your website look stylish on laptops, desktops, spreadsheets and mobile telephones. Stylish Pink has a nice look and a one-of-a-kind Pinterest style lay-out that will help your website differentiate itself from the masses.

Stylish Pink provides better presentation of your website contents and a great consumer feel by providing Infinite Scroll for your website. Pink elegantly is velocity optimised for fast loading of your website, even in a slower web.

The Elegant Pink is a light design that is unbelievably simple to use and can be configured with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, it's simple to use and use. Don't miss out on connecting with your audience via online community via your online presence. Pink Elegant comes with integration with your online community so that your website is linked to your online community. The Elegant Pink uses neat code with correct notches and annotations that make all changes and adjustments simple.

The Elegant Pink is a convenience translator that' s willing to make sure your website contents can be used by your website users without barriers. The Elegant Pink comes with comprehensive user manual that guides you through the site setup procedure. Stylish Pink allows you to select from two page laysouts, i.e. full width page and side bar lieouts.

The Elegant Pink Widget function allows you to insert as many Widgets as you like, either from our customized ones or from other plug-ins. There are no fees for using the free WordPress theme Elegant Pink. Feel free to browse and use the theme for a life time and on any number of sites you want to visit.

And there are no latent costs or restrictions in using the functions contained in this topic.

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