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One-sided scrolling motif for small businesses. Spades is the topic for you! Set up the title page Spades is the topic for you! Pique is engineered to help you quickly create a one-page scrollable website and is ideal for small business such as cafes, pastry stores, hairdressers and stores. Individual articles and pages use featured images in the headers and also have a side bar for extra widgets.

The first time you enable Pique, your front page postings will appear in a classic blogs style.

Post two pages - one as your home page and another for your postings if you want to include a blogsite on your website. Pick one of the pages you create in stage one to show it as the "Title Page" and pick the second page as the "Post Page" to show your blogs (if applicable).

The page you have mapped as your statical cover page shows a separate window with a full size picture, your website emblem and/or headline, your website menus, and your page contents. A large headline in italics that will appear directly below your menus comes from the first line(s) of text typed on the page you associated as the cover page.

Every "panel" is built from a default page of your website. In order to define a wallpaper for this pane, apply a feature to the page. Browse to Customize Topic Option ? In the dropdown list, choose the page you want to display in the panel. Or you can customize the wallpaper colour and coverage of your imagined picture above this colour, so you can precisely define how you want to take full command of the look and feel of your page.

Note that the widgets section of the page uses your custom header image as the backdrop, which you can customize at ? Header Image. The Pique has several integrated page styles that give you greater control over your layout. You can specify a page style by selecting it in the Page Options pane as you are editing this page.

Web Page is conceived to display subpages in a raster form - three in a row. Click on the In order to start, first start by creating or editing a page and associating it with the Raster Page style under Page Options. Titles and contents of this page (if any) are shown above the mesh.

If you want to include an element in the mesh, make a second page and specify the top page as the newly generated mesh page. Make sure you have a Featured Page for each subpage if you want an picture to appear inside the grating. For each element you want to view in the raster, follow these instructions.

Hint: The grid pattern shows a max. of 12 pages. Full width templates give you more room for your contents. The Pique offers two types of testimonials: On the special archives page for test menials, all test menials are shown in reversed order, with the most recent being shown first. This is the page style for test menials that allows you to show test menials as a pane on your title page.

There are two test reports in this section that have been randomly chosen. As the page refreshes, two different endorsements are displayed so that your clients can see a revolving view of your endorsements. In order to append a test report, go to My Website Test Reports at ? Append. Templates consist of the template text, the customer's name (added as a template title) and an icon or logotype that can be added as a featured one.

Perhaps you would like to view additional information about your endorser, such as their professional designation or name. The Pique can show this information in a different format so that it is optically different from the name. To view a pane of the three most recent blogs, add the page you chose as your post page as the pane.

The Pique comes with the Font Awesome symbol libraries, so you have simple acces to thousands of symbols. The superimposition is placed on the right side of the plate. It works particularly well when you combine it with a full width template. Pique uses your own site logos, so your company logos are an important part of your corporate image.

The Pique allows you to have two custom menus: one in the topic heading and one in the bottom. On your title page, you can display a pop-up window with automatic skip link menus scrolling down to your various panel pages. This can be done by going to Customize Theme Details, navigate to Theme Settings, and activate "Add an anchor menu to the front page...".

Then Pique creates this menue, only for the title page, which is linked to each pane. It is also possible to make a custom meal that appears at the top of your website pages. When you have chosen the dynamic menus as described in the preceding section, the primary menus appear on all pages except the title page.

Primary menus remain at the top for screens wider than 768 pixel (tablet size). Scroll to the left and click to view your favorite symbols. Our submenu is developed to give your users fast access to your website. Support top layer only - if you have a subordinate link, it will not be shown.

You will see this submenu in the bottom line of your website. You can also use this area to attach your own free online content to your site. There is no special Pique menue only for online link sites, but it does offer two great places to place them. Now you can use a plugin in one of the three footers of the plugin, or you can use the drop-down list for your plugins.

Featured imaging sizes are at least 1400 x 1000. Design scales and crops pictures according to page and unit sizes. We recommend a minimum of 1400 x 400 for the custom head to use.

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