The Pixmac

The Pixmac is a royalty-free, international microphotography agency based in Prague, Czech Republic. <font color=#38B0DE>-==- Proudly Presents

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Basics of Pixmac

Pixmac closed in 2015 after 2 years as an independent floor photography services company owning Power5 (and a combined 7 years in the business), and its entire image database was integrated into Power5's proprietary image database solution. So, if you're looking for Pixmac pictures, you'll find them there! The Pixmac was opened in 2008 and taken over by Pixmac in 2013 by Pixmac5.

The Pixmac solution provides three purchase modes, still picture purchase, loan purchase or subscription purchase. Every purchase order changes the picture pricing to mirror the reduced pricing calculated on the basis of the mass purchase. Pictures are priced starting at $3.85 US Dollars and can go as low as .28 Cent per picture, subject to the purchase decision.

The Pixmac has a simple keyword based lookup, but also a powerful lookup for a more detailed one. Performance browsing covers headwords, pricing, date, filename types, licence and artist. Advanced licences are not included on all pictures, so they allow licencing as a find feature. Prices of the expanded licence vary depending on the source of the photograph.

Pixmac's reseller partner determines the cost of the expanded licence, so be ready for prices on the entire card. The Pixmac has a large database of pictures, so the selection of pictures and a large selection of pictures is great. Your mainstay for the website has been SEO so that you can quickly find your picture.

You have a large selection of over 64,000 pictures to select from. To use this feature a registry is necessary. Specifications for each picture - Pixmac has taken a long pause to obtain the specs for each picture. We' ve seen these many details on every other page of the picture gallery.

You really want to help - The Pixmac staff wants to be successful and they want their customers to be successful. Pixelmac wanted to get a large collection quickly and their buisness plan allowed them to achieve this. Your libary is a collection of more than 21 picture partner like DepositPhotos, YAY. When you are not sure what picture you are looking for, it is to go to Pixmac, like going to a food court, a place with a barrel to choose from.

Now you can make your selection in one place and buy at one time. In addition, they have received over 2.5 million pictures from Pixmac employees, so your picture selection is exaggerated. While Pixmac has gone through some rough roads, the recent takeover by Pixmac5 will eliminate these rough roads and make the Pixmac trademark worldwide expand, which the Pixmac owner always wanted.

View it as a picture gallery and see what comes out of this Pond5 buy.

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