Plesk site Builder

The Plesk Site Client

Enables you to show visitors a clickable hierarchical model of your website structure. Everything you need for a professional site building solution. Enhancement of the Site Builder - Plesk It is a fully customizable, fully customizable and easily launchable website builder. Basics of the Website Builder. Unrestricted number of sites for 1 servers.

I' m a white-label builder. Buy Site Builder Premium or Site Builder Enterprise to activate them. Hint: To begin using this extension: Activate the passiv modus on the FTP site. Switch to the Plesk Service Provider screen.

How to Import Websites from SiteBuilder 4.5

Once you have built a website with SiteBuilder 4.5, you can easily bring it into Presence Builder. Notice: The ability to use SiteBuilder or other third-party CMS to export websites from previous SiteBuilder releases is not available. This is what you can do if your website was built with an older SiteBuilder release (4.4 or earlier) and you want to submit your website:

Please consult your host and ask them to update your profile to the latest Presence Builder release. Submit your website manual by copy and paste. Most parts of the page tree and contents can be successfully transmitted during page-importing. The following items are usually successfully imported:

Sitemap. Slogan, page titles. You can only use the other module as text widgets with statical contents, hyperlinks and pictures. It is possible to create the picture galery without any pictures. In order to use SiteBuilder 4.5 to create a website: Open the Presence Builder Web browser and click Create Website from SiteBuilder 4.5 on the theme select page.

Enter the Web site name ( "domain name") of the Web site you want to use. Check the box to indicate that you are familiar with possible problems importing and click Imports Site. Once the Web site has been importet, check and modify it as needed. Comparing the site you' re importing with your initial site and adding the information you want can be done later.

Once you have completed your edit, post the website to your client area. Your new website will be replaced if you post it to the same web space that your SiteBuilder 4.5 website was hosted on.

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