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The SiteBuilder is a great tool that allows users to create websites without knowledge of HTML. Learn how to create websites with Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder. Plesk Sitebuilder is a browser-based website creation and editing application that delivers superior usability and value.

Plesk Site Builder Paralleler

Sitebuilder is a website creation and editing tool with the 5-step assistant surface that provides an easier way to build, change and refresh your website without the need for advanced knowledge of technology or HTML. The new enhanced features make Parallels Sitebuilder even more efficient and versatile. Parallel Sitebuilder: Simple to use five-step wizard:

Gradual assistant that allows end user to modify the theme, tree, content, set parameter and post a website. The 5-stage point-and-click assistant contains theme and page layouts, page structures, pattern text, and a high-performance WYSIWYG text editor designed for non-technical people. Enables end user to simply manipulate website contents without any HTML expertise.

With Open Architecture, you can change standard template themes, adding new styles, and creating page layouts for more experienced people. Hunderds of originals: Already containing hundred of high-quality, challenging template (with colors ), Parallels Sitebuilder comes with enhanced stats, foto galleries, and Tutorials for creating and adding customized template and skin.

Completely integrated web statistics: Web stats allows end user to generate comprehensive statistic reports about website pages and visitors. Allows website owner to easily organize multiple web pages by giving them the ability to organize website stats, build new web pages, organize your current ones, handle eShop orders, and more.

Functions for albums: Using Photos Albums Editor as part of the Parallels Sitebuilder Wizard editing process, you can create an entire photos album on the web with ease. The following language versions of Parallels Sitebuilder are available:

Describes how to build and post a website with Plesk SiteBuilder.

The Plesk Sitebuilder is a beginner's version of Parallels' Sitebuilder game. Using this advanced feature, even an untrained person can use Plesk Sitebuilder to easily set up various types of websites, blogs and photo galleries. If you want to set up a website with parallel plesk Sitebuilder, you need to perform the following easy steps:

Stage 1: Log in to your Plesk Control Panel and search for the Website section. Stage 2: In the Website section, look for the "Edit in Sitebuilder" symbol and click it to continue. Stage 3: The Plesk Sitebuilder Panel will open in a new browser window. Click on the "Open" tab. Stage 4: To begin setting up your website, click the Home tab below.

In the next screen, choose the website you want to create/create and click the Next icon. Stage 6: The next stage is to choose a website templates. Allows you to customise certain items and add your own design to the website. If you want your own website design for your own website, please feel free to add a new one.

Stage 7: You can view your website after the necessary changes in the preferences, it will open in a new browser screen. Click the Next buttons to proceed. On this page you can change the layout of your website. Choose the type of website under the Page Set section you are creating, and the corresponding webpages will be added to your page tree accordingly.

Choose the web pages that you want to include in your page tree under the menu items "Standard pages" and "Special pages" and click the Move icon. It is also possible to modify the location on your web pages by choosing the added pages in the "Your Page Structure" and clicking the Up/Down Buttons.

Steps 10: Choose the web page in the side bar on the right, modify the content of each page, and insert the module specified in the side bar on each page. Stage 11: You can view your website in the pre-view by pressing the "Pre-view" pushbutton at the bottom of the page and the " Publish" pushbutton.

Stage 12: To publicize your website, you now need to make the publication settings:

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