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A MySQL/SQLite based article market system based on Sponge. CodeCanyon, creative market or MOJO? Similar to a thematic market place is a WordPress plugin market place where WordPress developer can resell their own plugs. Your advantage is that you can select from a number of different plug-ins and only decide which ones best suit your needs. Creative Market, CodeCanyon and MOJO are three of the most loved of these markets.

It has always been said that creativity is more a designer's field than coding. Here you will find more graphic arts, writings and floor pictures than WordPress topics or plug-ins. This does not mean, however, that WordPress is not represented. Generally, it has a recently added and thinly staffed WordPress plugin area.

From now on it is claiming to have "40 plug-in from independant developers". Clearly, the spotlight of the creativity market is on WordPress topics. Plug-ins still have to get the driver's seats. They can have "coming soon" plugins for $10, or a JigoShop to WooCommerce Migrationsplugin for $50, and so on.

But all the WordPress plugin market place is under the GPL. If you are not looking for a niche-centric plugin, take a look at the section on WP plug-ins in Adobe Photoshop CS. "The WordPress plugin for weddings websites" is probably not what you can find here. But if you're looking for a cleanly encoded short code plugin or a basic WooCommerce add-on for a split amount of the cost you might find elsewhere, it' got to be the place!

Or in other words, you won't find many GPL-enabled $5-$10 WordPress plug-ins on the creative market. TeamCanyon is the world's foremost WordPress plugin marketing platform. It' Envato's department for codes, plug-ins and enhancements, similar to ThemeForest for topics and styles. The CodeCanyon has a constantly expanding and diverse set of WordPress plug-ins, with currently over 4,700 plug-ins.

Founded on a new research led by Freemius, the market place has earned over $70,000,000 since 2009, handled 2. 3 million plugin purchases, and has a expanding fellowship of 7. 8 million members. Favourite elements like Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and many others are available on CodeCanyon. You' ve probably already learnt that ThemeForest theme tends to be overly inflated and often offers features that should be in a plugin (you can find out more here).

The WordPress plug-ins of CodeCanyon also suffers from this issue, albeit to a smaller degree. Unusual motion graphics, message board plug-ins, too cumbersome plug-ins - everything is there. CodeCanyon should of course not be affected by this. There are certainly some poor ones in a library of thousand of WordPress plugs.

You can find many surprising and useful WordPress plug-ins here. To put it bluntly, your quest for WordPress plug-ins should begin at CodeCanyon, just because of the large library of plug-ins. Please be aware that not all Envato product are under GPL on the Envato marketplace. Therefore, be sure to review them again, especially if you plan to use the plug-ins on more than one website or to optimize/edit them.

The third item on this roster, MOJO Marketplace, has been around for quite some time. But she has never been a leading player in her class and was mostly in the shadow of CodeCanyon and Creative Market. The MOJO Marketplace has a good number of WordPress plug-ins. The MOJO Marketplace also offers some free plug-ins.

The MOJO marketplace seems to be a good place for beginners, among other things. They can rent WordPress software and set up a service. MOJO Marketplace also provides one-click installs of various content management systems (including WordPress, of course). If you're not on a hosted web site, the MOJO Marketplace features can be useful.

On the other hand, the MOJO Marketplace library is quite small. It' still bigger than the one of the WordPress plugin only. However, WordPress plug-ins have recently been added to our client roster by Adobe Marketplace, while MOJO Marketplace has been adding them for years. Actually, you won't find many "MOJO exclusive" WordPress plug-ins; but you can certainly find many "Envato exclusive" WordPress plug-ins on CodeCanyon.

Of course, MOJO is probably not yet prepared to be the first choise for WordPress plug-ins. But to be honest, it has some nifty surprise, such as a WooCommerce free of charge addition to it. So which WordPress plugin is the best one? The CodeCanyon has a large set of plugs, so it's only logical if you choose it as your favourite.

With regard to post-sales technical assistance and GPL-friendly design of contents, however, CS always had the edge. Usually free market vendors are independently owned businesses and can provide better and more personal customer service; purchasers can also "comment" on a product prior to purchasing, similar to a posting in a blogs.

Thus, the creativity market operates more like a "community" than a market place. In addition, neither the MOJO nor the MOJO Store have a large selection of WordPress plug-ins. If you can't find a certain plugin there, CodeCanyon is the right way! After all, amidst all these plugin markets, it doesn't make much of sense to neglect plugin manufacturers who independently market their product in their own stores.

What WordPress plugin space do you like - Create Market, CodeCanyon or MOJO Space?

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