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√úberMenu is designed to be the ultimate WordPress mega-menu plugin. The Mega Main Menu is another popular WordPress menu plugin that makes it easy to update the navigation sections of your website. WorldPress Multisite default setting for plugins is disabled. To allow users to access the plugin menu, you must first enable network-wide access to them as follows:

Best 12 Premium & Free WordPress Menu Plugins 2018

Here, navigational and WordPress menu plug-ins play an important role. The menu is like a card that leads your website users inside and is therefore important for the website to be successful. Although WordPress has many functions that help you create menus, its plug-ins can take your menu to a whole new world.

This menu can show the important content of your website directly on the homepage, completely with user-defined hyperlinks and an picture. Below you will find the best free WordPress menu plug-ins as well as some of our free plug-ins. Following are seven free plug-ins that can be used to enhance your WordPress menu.

You can download them for free from the WordPress plug-in' library, and you can try their functionality before looking for additional payment methods. Installing Max Mega Menu will turn your current menu into aega-menu. In just a few mouse clicks, you can turn your menu completely into a touch-friendly, easy to access menu.

Grab and Pick the menu from your desktop with the help of the Drag-and-Drop Builders, and you can see how the menu takes form in live with the previewer. It is possible to design the mega-menu with your scene editors and change the behaviour of the menu with the WordPress natively set. This plugin provides a variety of adjustment choices that let you select color, font, size, and more.

It is also possible to create sophisticated menu items with this plugin and at the same place create additional interaktive items like cards. Because it integrates with other plug-ins, you can incorporate features such as calendar and contacts form integration. Usually, the Megamenu function is something you only find in Premier or Enhanced plug-ins, but it is available for free in the Max megamenu.

Featuring over one hundred thousand clicks, Responsive Menu is a plugin that is extremely adaptable, allowing you to work through a user-friendly user experience to create your menu. Expand menu features with adjustable built-in searching and selection of user-defined menu trigger. This menu appears when you click the icon.

It can be displayed from above or below, right or left and can contain any wallpaper. The plugin is a good option if you want a horizontal menu to maximum the display for pictures or video. In order to include functions such as Awesome font icons and buttons animation, you need to buy the plugin.

In order to turn your WordPress menu into a fun slide menu that' s perfect for your portable device, try WP Responsive Menu. You can hide all functions that are not required for a menu. However, desktops can still access the standard menu with the full option set. Easily integrated into the WordPress administration interfaces, it offers a range of easy-to-use menu creation utilities.

WP Responsive Menu is characterized by the fact that the menu generation processes are rationalized. In this way, you can make a nice and fun menu in just a few moments by using tens of different menu customization settings. They can make it easier for your users by simply add a basic searching feature to the menu.

This plugin works with any topic frame as well as with multi sites. You can find more functions in the plugin. The QuadMenu is one of the latest free mega-menu plug-ins for WordPress. With this plugin you can easily and natively build your own super menu, tab and carousel menu.

Designed according to the "mobile first" approach, this highly reactive menu allows adaptation to all display formats, but the main advantage over other options is that the display features are integrated native, which greatly improves the usability of portable terminals. A further important characteristic that sets this plugin apart from other options such as Ubermenu or Max Mega Menu is the diversity of available layout.

This is the first mega-menu that combines everything in one single piece, as you will be able to build a horizontally or vertically menu on your desktops and a foldable or off-screen menu on your phone. QuadMenu included an administration pane so you won't even know you're running WordPress natively.

Using the simple pull & dropdown UI, you can organize the entire contents of your menu by simply dragging and dropping Widget and any other item available in my WordPress menu boxes. Lastly, we must differentiate ourselves from the customization process with our customizable Dashboard, which allows you to optimize any menu colour schemes or layouts and see the effects of these changes in real time.

The QuadMenu is a free plugin, i.e. it has a free and a pay per use release that contains some extra functions like the previously described customized integrate, a registration and registration sheet, tab and roundaboutega menus. It can be downloaded free of charge from the WordPress plugin folder here or the free copy can be downloaded here.

The Nextend Accordion Menu lets you build more than one instance of the menu and insert it into your website using a broadget or short code. Easily layer submenus, adjust looks and effect, and choose from a variety of motion graphics to expand the menu. Because it uses JavaScript and CSS for the menu trees, it downloads itself quickly.

The Admin Menu Editor does not generate a menu automatic. The only thing it does is help you manipulate your Dashboard menu by hand. As soon as you have installed this plugin, you can fade out menu options, even in front of the Admin. By dragging and dropping, you can select menu elements, modify menu headings, and organise menu elements. Move menu elements to submenus and build customized menu pages that lead to any part of the Dashboard or to an outside WebResource.

You can also deploy it as a plugin in a multi-site ecosystem. It allows the daemon to simultaneously manage the dashboard for all locations and for all concurrent access. If you want to define the authorizations for the menu per roles, move menu elements between them. If you want to conceal some menu points from some people, Nav Menu roles will help you.

They can display hyperlinks in a customized menu only for certain kinds of people, such as registered members or members pay. An important point to keep in mind here is that Nav Menu does not limit your ability to browse contents. Only menu options are hidden or displayed depending on your role. This plugin is versatile and allows you to adjust features by adding extra control box.

Sometimes you want a selection field on your phone instead of the usual menu. RESPONSE Select Menu turns your menu into a selection field for your portable device. This plugin can work with any WordPress topic that has WordPress 3 menu support. Use the plugin operation panels to set the preferences.

Enter the width point where your default menu will appear as a selection field and the number of layers you want to appear in the field. You can also adjust the text for the first menu point and the symbol that causes the submenu points to be displayed. The plugin will help to optimise the amount of room on the portable monitor and is easy to use on your personal computer to navigate.

By combining it with a cell phone compatible design, it can act as an advanced search engine optimization tool. These free plugs do their work well enough. If you need a particular or singular function or a higher degree of technical assistance, you can also view these plug-ins.

OverMenu is a favorite plugin in the high end area. It lets you create sophisticated mega-menus that include many layers. UberMenu's main function is that you can easily extend the menu with additional information such as Google Maps. They can get blogs posts grid that are displayed in the menu. Optionally, you can rotate the menu to vertical or create more than one menu with standalone configuration.

This plugin fits well into the WordPress 3 menu system, but your design must contain a UberMenu-specific stylesheet. Contains an easy-to-use multi-column grid editor that allows you to create fast, multi-column meshes. This plugin reacts completely. If you think that the menu is too complicated for smaller units, you can use the free ShiftNav menu plugin.

Hero Menu comes with a variety of customisation features to help you customise any type of menu. This plugin offers both the hero menu and a dropdown menu. The 650 Google typefaces, 60 colour defaults and a user-defined wallpaper make it easier for you to customise them.

Creating a menu is also simple with a drag-and-dropditor. Symbols can be assigned to menu points by selecting from over 270 free symbols. What will surely excite you when you manage an e-commerce shop is the full incorporation of this plugin into WooCommerce. You can even view your products thumbnails, pictures and pricing in the menu.

In addition, all common contents such as texts, blanks and cards can find their place in the menu. It is always easy for the reader to see the gooey menu, and the menu is reduced to smaller units by default. Menu elements can be hidden according to the role of the current member to keep some contents viewable only for registered members.

Recently updated, it includes an brow menu, a function that inserts a small text and a log-in button in a thin stripe at the top. WP Mega Menu Pro may be right for you if you find it difficult to select between vertically and horizontally arranged menu options. With this plugin you can create a menu in both directions.

This plugin has a function for logging in, searching and WooCommerce Cart Total as well as more than 1,200 menu symbols. This plugin is WooCommerce compliant, most WordPress topics and multi-sites will work. In addition, it is fully reactive, touch-friendly and willing to translate. The Slick Menu is a good option to create sophisticated mega-menus with many functions. Each layer in the menu can be customized with colours, backgrounds, images, superimpositions and designs.

The Slick Menu uses the default WordPress Customizer to help you watch your menu creation in real-time previews even when it's happening. What makes this plugin so remarkable is the way it allows you to create and edit your own video clips. There are also stunning motion graphics including 14 3-D motion graphics, 45 menu point motion graphics, and overhead and overhead slideshow motion.

In order to draw your eye to a specific menu point, you can filter your contents. In addition to a few additional features, the plugin also includes two free features - one to include additional socio icon and another to copy the menu you created. The WP Flotating Menu Pro is the only plugin in this listing specifically developed for single-sided menu screens.

This plugin assists in creating two kinds of menus: single-sided menu and gooey menu. Clicking on a menu point takes the visitor to that section and not to another page. There are thirteen template files so you can start creating and customising your menu. There are seven menu items available that can be placed on each of the four sides of the display.

Any number of menu can be created for your website and the menu can be configured for each page separately. There are three different menu symbols available, and you can also load your own user-defined symbols. Once you have arrived at this point and are still looking for appropriate choices, take a look at the main menu and Superfly.

You can customize the main menu and place extended contents in dropdown lists. Offering virtually unlimited possibilities, it allows you to create a fast reacting vertically mega-menu with full screen, shortcut and user-defined HTML capability. Megamenus is a good choice if you want to view a variety of information for your users without having to scrolling down.

The WordPress menu plug-ins in this checklist all have the same functionality - they help guide your user to the desired pages. The plug-ins can process everything from sophisticated, multi-level, feature-rich menu items to drop-down menu items. In order to choose the one that best fits your website, you need to consider not only the functionality offered by each plugin, but also your financial needs and the amount of assistance you need.

When your website is content-intensive, a well-designed mega-menu can be a good option. But if you want to maximise your room, however, you might prefer to choose vertically positioned menu items hidden behind a flip switch.

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