Plugin Update Required

Plug-in update required

The plugin blocks updates from a specific plugin. A plugin update is required! Hello, beginning with a few working day when I try to visit some websites (at the moment I've been identifying and with this problem), I'm directed to a web beacon.

On a Windows 7 system, Google Chrome and IE 8. This also happens on my other system, Windows 10, but only on Chrome and not on Edge when I try to connect to Facebook and YouTube via Edge, everything works fine.

Now I have verified it and I have the Flash Players to the latest release,, install, also Google Chrome has been upgraded to the latest robust one. It' also tried with Chrome Canary and the same thing happens. Chrome refitted. Even weirder, when I try to click the shortcut from the alert page to get to the Flash release, on the page that opens, the specified release, which is not the latest one.

When I try to try to download it from this page, I only get a empty page with the error saying "can't access" at the top of the page. I get the same results when I try to disregard this error on the first page and try to "continue anyway".

Requires WordPress Core and Plugin Update (updated)

Recently, Sucuri reported the detection of an XSS flaw affecting several plug-ins. Affected are at least 15 favorite plug-ins, among them Jetpack, WordPress Server, Gravity Forms and more. As of the date of release of the security flaw, the vast majority of plugin writers have released new releases of their plugins that fix the problems.

On the next days a safety version (4.1.2) of the WordPress kernel itself was published. Because of the type of issues we are reporting, we cannot use our Web Applications Firewalls (WAF) system to stop potentially exploitable applications at the layer of the servers. Therefore the answer in this case is a fast update of WordPress AND all its plug-ins.

So if you install your WordPress through our 1-Click -Installer and have not modified the Auto Update setup, you don't have to be afraid. Soon we will inform you by e-mail and then update your WordPress kernel together with all plug-ins with new releases. This update did not change the version of your plug-ins, so it is strongly advised that you update all plug-ins you are using as soon as possible by hand.

When our automatic upgrading process is complete, all WordPress files are scan and when we detect obsolete and fragile plug-ins, we take extra measures to protect them. There are two more WordPress kernel safety release (4.2.1 and since the plugin and WordPress kernel weaknesses mentioned above.

In order to further minimise the vulnerability, we provide WordPress installation that have been migrated from other host to our AutoUpdater system (all installation performed by our 1-click installation engineers are already enabled by default). During the next 24hrs, all recently completed deployments will be notified of the pending update. Here, too, we advise all our clients who have unsubscribed from our AutoUpdater to update their WordPress application as quickly as possible by hand.

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