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However, the website of your podcast is not only there to attract new fans. The following is how you can create a solid foundation for your podcast. It is possible to host podcasts on your own website, but there are some problems. WorldPress is a popular website builder for podcasts around the world.

Creating a Website & Blog for your Podcast

The WordPress began as a basic blogs tools - it enabled anyone to run their own blogs without having any technological skills. Today, WordPress is much more than just blogs, but it has kept its humble origins and is aimed at allowing anyone to run an entirely website. Most importantly, WordPress is an excellent podcast website operating plattform, and you'll find that the overwhelming number of self-hosting podcasts run on WordPress.

Create a website for your podcast

As soon as you have started your podcast, you will want to begin advertising your podcast to the million who might be interested in joining. Owning a website for your podcast is a great way to advertise your show by giving it a home on the Internet; audiences can explore new stories, post your podcast, make commentaries and find out more about you.

It is also important to keep in mind that unlike your podcast, your website contents can be ranked by Google and other major websites. Join this guide to guide you through the process of deciding which kind of website is best for your podcast, and then give you some hints to make it successful. Which kind of podcast website do you need?

When you' re just starting your podcast, your first priorities should be to produce polished transitions and create some great podcast covers. As soon as that's done, you can attack your podcast website. When you already have a website, it's best to just include your podcast. While there are many ways to achieve this objective, the easiest is to have a podcast embedding a podcast reader that will list all your stories.

Flynn is the third podcast behind Smart Passive Income and the Ask Pat Podcasts. At first he started the Smart Podcast Player for his own use, but it wasn't long before folks wanted it for their own personal use. So Pat set to work and the Smart Podcast Player was out. There are a variety of functions such as adjustable colours, release shortcuts, sort order and more.

You must use WordPress 3.8+ and pricing starts at $8/month. Buzzsprout Podcast Players offer you customisation possibilities so that you can adapt your players to the distinctive look and feel of your website. It is fully customized, contains sharing button, link to your list in the iTunes, works with portable browser and much more.

It' accessible to anyone who uses Buzzsprout at no extra cost. When you don't have a website, don't get panicked. At a little expense, you can have a WordPress page setup in a few working hours (maybe a few months if it's your first). Below are a few utilities that are definitely valuable to find out if WordPress is what the answer is for you.

Joey K's Appendipity Wordpress theme. Our staff meet Joey Kissimmee for the first time at a Florida podcaster meetup. His Wordpress theme design is exclusive to the podcaster and his theme design gives your podcast site a unique and customized feeling without the individual pricing label. Appendipity topics are simple to use and begin at just $39.95.

When you use Buzzsprout to hoster your podcast and Wordpress to create your website, you can use the Buzzsprout Podcasting Plugin for WordPress to quickly append podcast playback to your blogs. It' great for making new blogs for each episode, where you can publish show memos along with an encapsulated soundplayer.

A Buzzsprout podcast website is just right for you if you don't have a website yet and don't have enough spare manpower to create a Wordpress page. A Buzzsprout podcast website allows you to customise the look and feel of your website without having to get into any coding. They' a great way to give your podcast a home on the Internet in just a few moments, and they're in every Buzzsproutccount.

As soon as you have your website up and running, you will want to begin promoting your podcast. You can reuse this information on your website each and every times you post an episode. Basically the idea would be to have a podcast play combined with a spoken intro and then insert your show note (with links).

Use your existing softwares to advertise your show. That doesn't mean you should be sending spam on your own computer all the time, but you should let them know you're doing podcasts and when new stories will be out. It is also a good suggestion to publish your podcast website in the " about me " section of your community profile.

You can also hyperlink to your own postings from your podcast site. Hopefully this will help you start or enhance your podcast website. While a podcast website can help your podcast be successful, it's not the primary one.

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