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Most unique blog designs usually follow, at least partially, a kind of predefined or established style. There are many design styles. Nothing beats a unique blog design to stamp your own brand with a unique stamp.

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There' s nothing better than a one-of-a-kind blog designed to give your own trademark a distinctive seal. Whilst there are many sophisticated layouts offered by popular blog hostings such as WordPress, many blogs are still looking for personalised designs to differentiate their trademarks. 99 designers have tapped this niche and deliver imaginative blog designs in tonnes of different lifestyles.

Each of these designs may not address all your audience, but each is perfect for your particular journalist - be it a traveller author, medium person, food critic or something else. Irvine uses an unorthodox gridstyle surface often used in printed publications to address an innovative and design-oriented audience.

Lattices are the friends of every artist, learn more about them here. In order to keep up with the topic of travelling, the customer let the design team know that they were attracted to the look of the passes and cards. Whilst the design of this inspiring blog is kept easy for a printer to keep the company's corporate identity alive, there are a few minor design features that give the blog more character - such as the bizarre headline depiction of the light bulb.

Diablo is a blog for committed Diablo enthusiasts that is kept highly topical and exaggerated by the generosity of popular character backgrounds and top headers. The attitude of J u si d's towards the gambling blog is 180° from our earlier example and focuses on looking more professionally than on a support basis.

This multi-column format maximises square size, giving the impression that the blog has more than the viewer could ever wish for! This blog topic is based on the demography of the busiest mothers with small children, but is well controlled by an excessively female look with ruffles or rose cups.

Simon used a minimalist paper look to make sure the contents for this blog had room to talk for themselves. Image Morocco invites Morocco design professionals to conjure up the 1920s for their luxurious travel store to show the golden age of travel and aesthetic often associated with old style Moroccan adventure.

The Lunaris247 supplied, with an elegantly designed look that definitely reminds of a different time. Indeed, this designee caught the blogger's character by using their provided images and then combining them with complimentary colours in a sophisticated colour block pattern. Are you interested in creating some of your own blog? Have a look through the open blog styling competitions.

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