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WorldPress is the most popular free blogging platform. 50 successful blogs in every conceivable theme Humans do not believe that a blog can be a success unless it is about logging, merchandising or community outreach. One thing they don't realize is that it's only the marketer blog that publishes things like "income reports" and the like. Periodic blogging on issues of tradition doesn't do this, but they are still out there and kill it.

I' m going to present you with 50 successfull blogging sites today, often created just by posting great contents + visiting bloggers, covering a wide range of subjects, to once and for all demonstrate that logging can be used to create an audiences in almost any area. Each blog presented here cannot have any of the following features:

I used the Google Reader browsing function, which only shows the number of Google signups, for sites that don't have a subscription base, so keep in mind that those numbers are probably much higher. When you have a question about blogging, please contact me in my way! This is the blog I'm in charge of!

While we continue the bandwidth in the Help Scout blog, our primary concern will always be to provide client service and help businesses better grasp the importance of a superior client experiences. This blog is run by Darren Rowse, the problogger himself, and is actually his true moneymaker, not Problogger.net. That thing is an utter beast, a giant blog in a very lucrative alcove.

So if you want to observe the Problogger at work, just go with the strategy this blog uses instead of the next Problogger posting. First of all let me say that I really enjoy the blog designs and it's a good thing because it is focused on designs but not on the kind you see on the web.

Freshome is an amazing blog for architectural and indoor use. On Problogger, one of the authors, Ronique Gibson, unveiled that she had published over 773 articles (and that was 2011!) and showed how a curation-style blog, coupled with longer articles, can produce a true winning if it's a focussed theme (and the contents are first class).

Probably you can assume that this is one of my favourites, but it's easily understandable why any readers can really appreciate this blog. Authors take into account research on technology and technology that they come across (they accidentally are a psychologist ) and associate it with actual topics and lay concepts so that everyone can obtain the information they have to provide.

This is the big focus I want to put in this blog: You should always think of newbies, not just newbies, but more sophisticated information and summarize to something interesting that everyone can easily find is a winning formula as long as the public is there.

While Steve Kamb is a well known man in the market research industry, he doesn't talk about it. This is because his blog has been a great example of how to make a website a success with a lovable character, outside of the blogging/marketing niches, of course. Thats one of the great odds of being someone knowledgable in contented marketing: You can top up your track record by offering all kinds of popular sites to all kinds of bloggers if you are creating a popular site in an untypical subject.

Marketers like case study like this and you will get lots of exposure and link when you tell your stories. It' a technique Steve has used several a time to appear on websites like Lifehacker and ThinkTraffic. Someone should ask Dainis how he did it, because 1stWebDesigner managed to remain a top web designer blog and still seems to be expanding.

This is the big trump card for this site: Find out what works for the big player in your alcove, draw some idea you like, and innovation the other. It' a great example of how to launch a blog in one of the unbelievably crowded game niches. This is a huge takesaway from this contribution, one of the most important: dominate a small alcove and focus on wider things in the future.

As I am not very interested in modeblogs, I can tell you most about this site that the writer in the foreground is the person. It' a face-to-face blog, so that makes perfect sence, but the general rule here is that your character is added without a break. Each contribution is inundated with the writer, and it suggests that a powerful person (and a powerful taste) can provide a great USP, even in a crammed space like this.

"Mami Blogger " is a word I loathe, but if you take your contents and your website seriously, I can definitely fall in love with the work you do. This is the case with this blog, from concept to contents, Tiffany delivers the goods. There are so many blogs I see who are against "news" pages, and while I am also for the creation of "evergreen" contents, your blog, if you dominate a certain alcove well, is certainly able to spread messages, even if these contributions will not create lifelong traffics.

This is a men's lifestyles blog that sums up the idea of a powerful and unforgettable USP. Besides, this blog is the opposite of the one above (not in the public, they are similar!). I mean that Brett concentrates on almost entirely immersive contents and writes very long and profound essays that deal with issues that are important to men and that will not change in the near future.

That kind of information makes sure that old items are found and still get "excited" by the information there, and it is a winning combination for Brett as today it is a very different animal with hundred thousand visitors. I' m actually a regular read on Cal Newport's blog (known as StudyHacks), although he recently switched to ''career hacks'' by providing careers and jobs guidance on College studies.

The one thing I like about Cal's blog is that he's not scared to argue against the current situation, but only if he has dates and a powerful case to present. It is one of those instances to become a "hub" for something very popular, in this case FarmVille.

Let me say a few words of caution: You have to consider how long certain themes stay popular. When FarmVille is left out, this site loses its point, not so with alwaysgreen contents. However, a blog that becomes a big part of a fan community's fun on popular themes can still survive for a long while, looking at things like Pokemon (the child's play) or Madden NFL (another videogame ) that have been around for years and show no sign of deceleration.

One of the founders of the adorable Tierblogs, Tute Overload, obviously knew the attraction of "Tumblogs" well ahead of the incipient uptrend. This is the point I want to point out here: tumbloggs ( Blogs that concentrate on brief fixes and are generally media-rich) can be highly efficient when they occupy a space and dominating a popular subject.

Musical blogs, photo logs and videoblogs are all these variants, as their brief fixes usually come every day and concentrate on long article medias. One more blog that I happen to be checking from now and then, the artwork presented here can be quite astonishing ( Attention: it's sometimes not secure for work).

This site made a name for itself as an arts blog with high-quality selection and was a great advertising tool for new artist. And I thought that was exactly the case with my blog for electronica because when I gained a lot of publicity, they informed me that I was being introduced and not the other way around.

This site's big leap forward was to be early in the action and break many great performers first (Arcade Fire and the like). This site also knows its audiences really well and despite the hard job, is able to select songs that their audiences like.

Quite a popular site for WordPress novices. However, the big point to note here is that building a website for a beginner is always a good thing if it is well done, because there will always be new novices, so your public can only keep growing (as long as your theme remains popular, which WordPress has).

In the WordPress fellowship, one of the trends I've seen is that Christianity seems to be a popular subject, and many ministers seem to be busy with blogging and web-developing. The blog follows the opposite way of thinking, revolving around all things atheistic, posting on atheistic messages and topics. Featured on Time's Best blogs of 2011, it got a bunch of pressure to heat up a very hot subject.

A great way to become known for a blog: choose a heated theme and foment a discussion while preserving your privacy by not being too agressive or needy. lf ever there was a page showing the might of list posts, here it is! The Smitten Kitchen blog is one of those that could actually have benefited a lot from Pinterest (while most don't), because Deb not only throws away some tasty prescriptions, her own pictures are well done and made for sharing.

The blog has got a great deal of media, and one of the things the writers put on the table is their little cuisine. This blog made it more "real" than those cook shows with huge galleys and ready-made accessories. Foto Reiseblogs are a penny or two, and Canvas of Light made the editing here because the pictures are fantastic.

A great example of how to learn an outstanding craft and turn it into a truly unforgettable blog. It was ( and still is) one of these top themes for someone who takes the lead with great contents and intelligent know-how in the field of sales and distribution. This is just one great example of how to deal with a subject of increasing interest and keep things fun.

ESD presents a neat, easy file size and concentrates on the submission of readers, another great example of how to use your site to get people's attention and use your submittals as a crowdsource for your work. Prove that if you approach a difficult issue with unrelenting determination, you are bound to succeed.

Chances are there are some subjects out there that I think are just home for blogs to take over, but they've been free for so long because no one with the right abilities has kicked up to the record. Thing is, if you get into it (and have something to offer), you will face finite contest, and if you know your market, you will blossom.

One of the probably best sites in id example, I'm not too comfortable in this area, so I can't be sure. Makezine is quite popular, I know, so it would be obvious that her blog would be the same. Handyman, this is definitely one to take note of (note the Kuration + articles here).

Unsurprisingly, Ray Wenderlich is an Expert and Blog is very popular with industry professionals. He brings his wisdom to a burgeoning subject, shows his skills and uses good blogs. When you can do the same thing in another subject, how can you fall through? A great way to address a popular subject without chewing off more than you can bite.

When you' re a new blogsman and you think about yourself, "I'm going to launch a football blog! Focusing is a basic enabler of a blog's triumph as it is the prime of your subniche and moves to wider themes (or even completely new websites). That' why blogging about games & technology is so crowded.

Wow, if that doesn't really show that you can launch a blog on a popular subject, I don't know what that does. While your redesigned online blog fills among a million others, this Lego blog shows you how to reach an audience of Lego enthusiasts looking for a platform for new creation and product.

The combination of economical + trip advice was a great way for Matt to excel in the trip alcove, and it really worked for him. This is another "topic + sub-topic" blog that uses intelligent networking skills to get visitors and create an e-mail queue in a competitive-allocation.

Note the clear and easy blog styling, the evidence that you don't have to go off with overloaded styling to create something effective. Yet another area I sense could really be taken over with the right blogs, men's wear is a heated subject that has many things to do.

This is a great example of how to address those who actually have fun with your contents and how to ignore the hate. This is another area where I'd like to see a "homemade" blog that takes over, all you see in the results are opportunities to gamble on-line.

This site does a lots of things right to appeal to a very particular public, but that doesn't mean I have to like his work! As the latest Corbett & Caleb pets venture from ThinkTraffic, this blog presents two very special points of interest. One is that starting a blog can be a whole thing.

And the other thing is to pay attention to your audiences, as they wanted to launch a new blog on "Blog Design" in the beginning, but the answer was that another blog for blog designing would be dull. Ah, I had to put a financial blog to the mailing lists, but I wanted to deviate from the "make money" type, because in some cases they are too similar to the MMO.

Her " narrow-mindedness " was more worthwhile than to limit, since the blog is very popular and constantly publishes new contents. If you have a popular application that is as comprehensive as Photoshop, it is only right that there should be a blog that reveals great trading ploys to use it well.

Envato's staff is a really clever group of guys who definitely get involved in what they're up to, they know how to run a company. Your calendaring activities like these (aimed at getting individuals to sign up for a Premium subscription and buy things on your GraphicRiver Web site ) are truly efficient and have help them increase their revenues over time.

I was reluctant to add another Tuts+ blog for reasons of authenticity, but the intelligent editorial marketing/blogging samples they provide are just too good. To help introduce another market place (AudioJungle, for royalty-free music), the AudioTuts+ project was born. A few web developer blog's to select from, but who doesn't like cat.... who can encode.

It' s this whimsical turn to a default theme and some just plain exquisite contents that has made Cats Who Code a web site for web developers. It' s nothing special here, just a fun turn, easy styling and convincing contents. At least I had to put a weird blog up here! In my view Garfield Minus Garfield is the embodiment of humorous blogging, because it doesn't create anything inventive, it just picks Garfield out of his own movie and reveals something that seems to be a very delusional and naïlistic Jon Arbuckle!

This is another subject where it seems to be avoided by folks to blog about, although outer spaces and cosmonomy are very popular. It couldn't be easier, this blog contains an unprocessed thesis with a simple logotype.... and that's it.

High theme but appropriate. Most astonishingly, Bretty Much concentrates on cracking down your favorite tunes, and his website boasts a gigantic move that is the most important takesaway from this site. Point: A one-of-a-kind characteristic can highlight a website, even if its contents can be found elsewhere. I' ve put a "startup" blog about some larger choices because a listing of gigantic blog posts would be tedious.

Ecoki loves how its contents AND public speak to the Ecoki designs, reminding me of what they read about when they create the "look" of your website. I could have selected a large number of gambling blog entries, but this is one of the most interesting and an excellent example of good online entertainment at work.

Create incredible virtual gaming designs such as the contentious "Playing To Win" franchise (an outstanding reading even for non-gamers). This is a neat addition to the generically designed "Movie Review" blog, a website that knows how to'niche' and focuses solely on horror contents. Ugh, I suppose I had to publish at least one of these (I loathe tablogs as they seem to do it).

There is not much to annotate here, except that popular themes = popular blog as long as they get through this "hump" and have something special to have. Rather than being a simple tabloid, the main emphasis here is onality TV, another "niche existence" that makes it right.

Phantastic use of good artwork to create a popular blog around inventive artwork contents (not just to post "finds" from others). Pictures are often divided far beyond the blog itself, and their distribution on the web is very strong. Should I ever want to post a face-to-face blog of my own developments (many of which I think are trash), it would be the grandfather of all, ZenHabits.

Many things Leo did (or did first) differently, from the minimum blog layout of all time to the copyright-free layout of all his contents, this website goes far beyond the creation of "great content" to stand out. Jeffs site is great because it's obvious to everyone that Jeff knows his own brand.

E-mail blanks, captivating (and sometimes controversial) contents, a strong emphasis on written communication for the "modern" readers, this site does a great deal right. Just a man who is really interested in your achievement would blog about the contest ;). Although this blog does not directly rival the sophiste radio, it is in a similar room, and as such I know a great deal about it.

Without a shadow of a doubt this is one of the largest dance/electronic bands blogging ever and often sponsors major shows like the Ultra and many others. Might your blog be next on the list? These pages (large and small) were all created by someone or a small group of people, and there is no obstacle to doing the same when you concentrate on your subject and your game.

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