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Among the most popular, so that you get a proven theme? Favourite - Latest - Bestsellers - Low Price - High Price - Updated. Favourite - Latest - Bestsellers - Low Price - High Price - Updated. One of the most popular Page Builder plugins for WordPress has become Elementor, and not without reason. Truth is, writing a compelling blog post that promotes and drives traffic is not an easy task.

The ultimate guide to writing blog posts that make it into the top 10 search results in Google's rankings.

It' s hard - if not impossible - to succeed in content marketing without regularly creating blog posts. </ i>. Every successful blog is based on a solid foundation of content. Selon HubSpot, les spécialistes du blog regularly sont 13 fois plus susceptibles d'obtenir un retour sur investissement positif. For example, if I hadn't implemented my strategy consistently, you probably didn't have gotten Quicksprout.

com, let alone this blog. The fact is that writing a compelling blog post that generates more traffic ans and leads is not an easy task. Sure, vous pouvez facilement produire des billets de blog typiques avec un compte de mots de 300-500 mots sur une base continue qui n'impressionnera personne, sans parler de développer les affaires.

However, je suis sûr que ce ne sont pas les billets de blog que vous voulez créer. Blogging est une stratégie de marketing entrant qui fonctionne vraiment. Current statistiques montrent que les spécialistes du marketing qui bloguent régulièrement gagner 126% plus de prospects que ceux qui ne le font pas. No matter what industry you're in, you can set up a WordPress blog and start creating high-quality content.

But to get a good Google ranking and win leads for your business, you need more. This allows you to build your brand and reach your target group. I will show you the step-by-step process of how I personally write my blog posts. The process is basically the same for any type of blog post - no matter how long or short it is - although of course it takes longer to write a 2,000 word blog post than a 1,000 word blog post.

Through blogging, beaucoup de gens ont réussi à construire une entreprise rentable. You have understood that not all blog posts are written in the same way. A well-planned blog post peut deveniral and lead thousands of redirected visitors to your blog. In my opinion, the underlying philosophy of blogging should be racoted in the commitment to provide enormous benefits.

Since 2007, I have invested in the creation of this type of detailed, high-quality content while adhering to a proven plan. However, over time, I recorded an increase in visitor numbers - in a month I generated 262. 169 Search Visitors. This is the structure of a blog post that I use to write my content : For each post, I've made sure to identify what my readers want to read and define the problem they want to solve.

This should be your highest priority. If done correctly done, Onpage-SEO can significantly improve the search engine performance of your site. Learning how to perform search engine optimization professionally also also pay off in a more direct way. One B2C company saw a augmenté ses revenus de 42,4% lorsqu'elle a commencé à attirer plus de clients biologiques sur son site Web.

Onsite Onpage-SEO, c'est tout le processus de conception d'un site web, la structuration de votre contenu et l'optimisation des différents éléments du site. OnsiteOnpage-SEO devrait s'assurer que les sites Web obtiennent un meilleur classement dans les moteurs de recherche et mènent les bons visiteurs des moteurs de recherche à votre site Web. One of the key concepts behind the existing best practices methods for SMEs for improving the user experience is to improve the user experience.

When it comes to optimizing your individual websites, the user comes first - especially others. The graphic below right shows that three Onpage SEO factors are particularly striking : The natural use of your keywords in your post is not a bad sentence method using a bad one. But don't exaggerate : this is "keyword stuffing" for which you may well be punished.

Keyword research, la rédaction de titres et la préparation d'un billet de blog qui devrait faire partie des 10 premiers résultats de recherche dans le classement Google : Keyword research : C'est une étape importante dans l'optimisation des moteurs de recherche sur page. Keyword research vous indique ce que votre groupe cible recherche et ce que votre intention est - par exemple, la comparaison des prix, la navigation, la volonté d'acheter, etc.

This is the fastest way to create relevant and timely blog posts. This is the fastest way to create relevant and timely blog posts. Let's say you write about investors on your blog and want to write a blog post that achieves a high ranking on this topic. Ci-dessous Below I'll show you how to find a long tail keyword that will help you optimize your website :

Here is the result : Maintenant que vous avez trouvé les mots-clés que vous voulez cibler, intégrez-les dans vos titres : After you have integrated the keyword into your headline, the next step is to optimize your blog post with the keyword. However, vous devez vous assurer que le mot-clé ne perturbe pas le lecteur ou le texte ou ne semble pas artificiel de quelque façon que ce soit.

With Onpage Optimization, you want to pay attention to the following elements on your website and communicate your topic to your readership - and Google - in these sections : The following is a typical example of a good best practise method for Moz's Onpage Optimization : Conclusion : Assurer l'optimisation dans un cadre approprié, mais toujours en faveur de l'utilisateur.

Your task is to create a blog post that solves the user's problem or answers their question. In order for your blog posts to deliver real value, you should make them application-oriented. Note que tes lecteurs sont fatigués de lire des articles de blog standard. Ils want to read something useful and relevant - a contribution that not only answers their questions, but also gives them the impetus and inspiration to put what they have read into practice.

One method used by successful bloggers on a regular base to ensure that their posts deal with the right topics is the editorial plan. With this tool, they can stock up on their blog with valuable posts, even if they are not present for a certain period of time and can run the blog.

Your blog post doit être de haute qualité (je ne peux pas le souligner trop souvent). It is obvious that the more unique and applicable blog posts you can post on a regular base, the more effectively your blog can attract visitors. This in turn further increases your search traffic, the level of community interaction and more leads. Mm.

A Google se classer parmi les 10 premiers ne se produira certainement pas d'un jour à l'autre. With time and through consistent effort, however, you will see an enormous improvement in your search engine rankings. When writing your blog posts, you should follow a plant or strategy and use it consistently - similar to a method of writing a long book.

Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Appreneza, dans votre région, ce qui fonctionne pour les autres. This way you can increase your Organic Search Traffic as well as your Referral Traffic in only 90 days. Start with a strong introduction : Les auteurs de livres savent que la préface, la préface et l'introduction sont des pages importantes qui ne peuvent être ignorées.

The same applies to blog posts. The same applies to blog posts. Appreneza, par conséquent, à rendre vos présentations plus efficaces. Because it summarizes the idea you presented at the beginning of the blog post. Ensemble, the introduction and the conclusion form the ends of the bridge that leads your readers from point A to point B. Remember the old saying : "Il n'y a pas de seconde chance pour la première impression.

"Your introductory paragraph is your chance to draw readers deep into your contribution. As a rule, an opinion or thesis is presented that captivates the reader and leads to the reader wanting to read on. Here are a few things that a good introduction can do : The purpose of a good introduction is to raise the reader's interest.

One mistake I see in many bloggers is that they try to answer the question in the headline without first explaining the problem again. It is true that you should not spend too much time on the introduction - as the University of Toronto suggests.

Mais que tu ne devrais pas être trop téméraire. Just like your headline, the introduction of your post to a large extent determines the performance of your post - especially when targeting long tail keywords in this section. Selonews : Selon votre sujet ou votre secteur d'activité, l'introduction peut éveiller l'intérêt du lecteur de différentes manières : Laissez-moi vous expliquer certaines de ces tactiques à l'aide d'exemples : i).

A question: I his book The Kind of Asking, Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers, Terry J. Fadem explique que poser des questions peut donner un nouveau souffle à une nouvelle entreprise et qu'en posant les bonnes questions vous pouvez obtenir des réponses directes et utiles d'un public autrement insaisissable.

Suivez the same approach when writing a blog post - especially your introduction. Posez les bonnes questions pour intéresser votre lectorat et le faire lire. If you ask an obvious question in your introduction, according to Julie Neidlinger you are basically telling the reader : "Yes, this is the post you were looking for.

I don't know how to start with that, though. "Instead, ask a question that provides for a discussion in the comment area. Personnellement, I' have noticed that every time I start my blog post with a specific and thought-provoking question, I generate more interest from my readers.

Les questions attirent le lecteur dans l'article et l'occupent jusqu'à ce qu'il ait trouvé la réponse à cette question. Here comes one last example from Brian Clark which is convincing and which is very interesting : ii). Data-based blog articles attirent toujours la plupart des lecteurs de blog ciblés.

Begin your introduction by presenting data and results from market research and experiments. For example, si vous avez ciblé des mots-clés à longue traîne et que vous avez ainsi amélioré le classement de votre blog, vous devriez présenter ces faits dans votre introduction. On average, les gens ne lisent qu'environ 18% de vos billets de blog - à cause de la courte durée d'attention.

If you give a great result directly and the reader continues to read, you know that it is a targeted reader and not a random visitor. Besides, you'll be more likely to turn this kind of reader into a loyal fan. You can learn how I did this in a recent blog post in which I summarized my results for a constant challenge.

Another blogger who summarizes data in his introductions is Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko : Google wants to know what happens to visitors to your website. It wants to know how users jump from one page to the other, how much time they spent reading your post, and whether they visited your site again or left it for your competition.

By writing a data-based introduction for your blog post, you can ensure that the visitors who continue to read the post and stay on your website are basically the readers you target. Explain a situation in detail: You can also write an introduction for your blog post that explains the problem mentioned in the headline.

La Clarity vous aide et assure aux lecteurs que vous connaissez leur problème. This is one of the most popular methods for writing introductions. Besides, you don't have to be smart or terriblement creative. It is the counterpart to these headlines that begin with "How to" and continue to deliver great results for sales texts and online courses.

So if you don't have data to publish or can't ask a specific question, do a first-class job explaining the situation at hand. The following is how Marie Forleo wrote the introduction to her recent blog post : its introduction and the use of cognitive visual means lead to reading the post further : "When writing your headline and introduction, think that you want to create a conversation.

Enough, c'est très simple - surtout si vous comprenez votre lectorat cible. This means : If you can easily put yourself in their place, make a promise in your introduction and apply the KISS principle, you can write a useful blog post that will delight your readers. You have probably already been introduced to the AIDA model for marketing purposes.

This is not new, but has been actually been around for years. However, it pretty much reflects a marketer's set of tasks in trying to persuade a potential customer to buy. So AIDA is also a effective model for writing irrésistible and appealing blog posts. And of course : Plus vos contributions sont attrayantes et convaincantes, plus la probabilité qu'elles figurent dans le classement Google parmi les 10 premiers résultats de recherche est élevée.

An abbreviation for AIDA is an: The AIDA formula can help increase conversion rates and guide consumers through the experience entonnoir", souligne Jason Demers dans sa contribution à Forbes. Basically, vous voulez attirer l'attention, susciter l'intérêt, renforcer un désir, et finalement appeler le lecteur à l'action. i). Attention : Attirer l'attention des lecteurs est essentiel si vous voulez gagner leur confiance.

If you are a content marketinger, blogger or online entrepreneur, you are the CEO of your business. No matter what you actually sell - whether products or services - your primary task is to solve the problems of your readers. Start by getting attention with the headlines of your contributions. The headline is so important because 73% of purchase decisions are made at the point where readers come into contact with it.

In addition, 8 personnes sur 10 lisent votre titre s'il est convaincant et pertinent pour elles. Undoubtedly, the headings of these high-ranking websites contribute to why they achieve a such a good ranking for the keyword "increase blog readership". Au revoir, au lieu de vous casser la tête, prenez-la comme modèle.

So let's rapidement créer trois titres uniques et convaincants qui générera des clics à partir des visiteurs de recherche que votre site Web se classe plus haut dans la liste de résultats de Google : A headline of a blog post that caught my attention today was written by Dvora Goldstein. Plusieurs have shown that headingings with numbers are on average 36% more often read than headingings without numbers - and especially impairs numbers.

In addition, this study shows that united numbers receive 22% more clicks than even numbers. In short, si vous voulez attirer plus de visiteurs, incluez les nombres impairs dans vos titres. ii). The second letter in AIDA stands for "interest". You should be interested in your blog post. Com by Pat Flynn : Si vous pouvez expliquer en détail votre promesse à partir du titre et l'approfondir, vous susciterez l'intérêt de vos lecteurs.

Here comes another example of a blog post on Dtelepathy. To arouse a strong desire: You can' t make your blog post be shared on social networks if you don't want to. The best way to create a strong desire in your contribution is to use bullets.

An enumeration can be a lyricist's best friend. However, if you want your bullets to effectively spark the lust of your readers, you should not overdo it with the bullets. Les Experiments de deux chercheurs de l'Université de Washington, Sheena S. Iyengar et Mark R. Lepper, montrent que les gens sont plus susceptibles de faire des choix lorsque le choix est limité.

Whether deciding to buy a jam or chocolate or to do an optional homework, more people made a choice when they had a limited number of 6 choices than a very large number of 24 or 30 choices. In addition, participants reported a higher level of satisfaction than those faced with a larger number of choices.

More choice isn't always good. When writing a contribution, I like to break down complicated topics or facts into a simple structure and form. That' s'in a simple structure and forme. This is easier - and also easier for the reader to understand - when done in the form of enumerations : Call to Action to Statistic Brain indique que la durée d'attention humaine est de 8 secondes - une seconde de moins que celle d'un poisson rouge.

This surprising fact may lead to only 4% of page impressions with readers staying on the website for 10 minutes or longer. What does this mean for your blog posts for ? This means that you should call your readers to action - as clearly and quickly as possible. You don't have to wait until the bottom line.

If you' ve managed to get the right person to click on the heading of your blog post, read the all-decisive first line, and scroll down to read on, you shouldn't lose readers. The Call-to-Action (CTA) is about explicitly asking readers to do a particular thing.

You' re giving them a new opportunity to learn more. The CTA explains to the reader the next step they should take. Of course, you don't want to ask readers to buy products immediately after they've read your post - because they're probably not quite ready for this level of commitment.

However, you can ask them to subscribe to your newsletter, share your contribution or leave a comment. The challenge is to get it across without ennuying your readers. You don't need to shout your call to action out loud or use manipulation or tricks. Most SaaS companies use a free trial period as their call to act button.

Les discounts ne conviennent plus uniquement aux boutiques en ligne et à Amazon. Only recently, Seth Godin a écrit un billet de blog dans lequel il offrait à ses lecteurs un rabais de 40% si vous achetiez son cours à la pige immédiatement : "Chaque spécialiste en marketing sérieux a une stratégie d'appel à l'action qui fonctionne pour lui et assure un niveau élevé d'interaction avec ses billets de blog.

On my consulting website, I use a different kind of action request : I don't ask potential clients to fill out my contact form, send me an email, or book a free strategy session how most content marketingers and digital consultants do. Then I show them why they don't get not enough search traffic and how they can increase the search traffic. Yeah.

You just can't just to ignore link building. Malgré We' ; toutes les nouvelles mises à jour aux algorithmes de Google que nous avons vus, les liens de confiance et de haute qualité dictent 20.94% de ce qui compte et de ce qui ne compte pas. However, an effective content marketing campaign is expected to generate trusted links. </ i>. When the right links and useful content meet, this leads to a significant increase in search engine rankings.

Even if you don't have not problems writing and posting blog posts on a regular basis, it's not easy to get other bloggers to link to these posts. It' s not easy to get other bloggers to link to these posts. How to the blog. With the right approach, the creation of external links ensures a comparatively fast increase in your rankings. The following are some of the best ways you can build or get high quality left to your blog post : 1).

Usually they refer to a non-existent page (404 error message). As long as long as they are not repaired or replaced, a excessive number of dead links can damage the website they are on. And this is your chance : Si vous avez écrit un billet de blog pertinent et trouver des liens qui ne sont plus actifs sur d'autres blogs et demander de mettre vos propres liens à leur place.

On the homepage, enter the Internet address of the website on which you would like to have your link. For example, I would now like a link to my blog post on minds. Step #2: Analyze your results. The software will probably only check different non-existent pages (with 404 error message). Meanwhile, vous pouvez facilement analyser certains résultats comme une opportunité pour le link building :

Better yet, vous pouvez trouver un site Web qui énumère plusieurs sites Web ou ressources - semblable à votre propre billet de blog - mais contient des liens morts. This is your chance to replace the dead links on this website with your own links. If you' ; ll suffit d'aller sur Google et d'entrer l'un des mots-clés suivants pour accéder à un blog sur le blogging :

That you have 2 options to get a link from the resource web page. Step #3: Start an information campaign. Note : Si vous contactez quelqu'un pour la première fois, parlez au blogueur ou à l'opérateur du site web par son nom (de préférence son prénom). If you don't know their names, a simple Google search will show you their Twitter account or Facebook page.

You should also convert your content and use it on other platforms like Docstoc, scribd.com, Slideshare.net, etc. The more you can expand your reach on the right blogs with a large domain authority, the more valuable Link Juice you can direct to your blog pages. This will improve your chances of getting a Google ranking among the top 10 search results.

Vous work hard peut-être, mais vous n'avez pas encore fait de publicité active pour vos billets de blog. I think you should try it. Therefore it is called also "content marketing" and not simply simply "content". Start working smarter, not harder. A renowned blogger a dit un jour que si vous voulez que vos articles de blog soit un grand succès, vous devriez consacrer 20% de votre temps à l'écriture et 80% au la commercialisation et la publicité.

The irony of this is that if you stop too much focusing on a Google ranking among the top 10 search results and instead focus on the user and targeting more long tail keywords at the same time, you will see an enormous increase in organic search traffic and search engine rankings.

Because Google a une passion pour les utilisateurs et récompense une bonne expérience utilisateur. Have you advertised your blog posts ? What strategies did you use for this that I didn't mention in this guide ?

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