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Top 10 WordPress Topics for Personal Blogs in 2018

Good blog styling keeps your reader in suspense right from the start. Cleaner, simpler and pro blog layouts are always pleasing to the eye, and it felt better to look at an entry with this attitude. Speaking for myself, I rather have a blog that has a basic blog theme, the right colour scheme, legible scripts, good type sizes, good graphics and a right call to action.

But there are very few blogs that think like me. A lot of them would rather work with a theme that is overloaded, rainbow-colored, unreadable and full of tedious things. So why should you concentrate on blogging? Aside from angry reader, here are some other drawbacks of selecting a crummy theme for your blog:

Poorly designed websites would influence the rebound rates of your website, as your users will find it pretty simple to shut the windows. So if your reader wouldn't like your blog, why should they want to split it? Convenient WordPress accessibility makes it so much simpler to create a professionally personalized look that your readership will love.

You can find hundreds of different themes for each market for different prizes, from free to thousand of dollar. Which aspects should be considered in a WordPress topic? Aside from a professionally look, here are some of the wanted functions of the best WordPress themes: Affordable: First, the topic should not exceed $100 unless it is really outside the cosmos.

The topic should be SEO-friendly, i.e. with correct encoding and structuring. Simple to adapt: Therefore, the design should be easily customizable with colours, font styles and looks. Your website load times vary greatly depending on the requests to the servers, the picture optimization and the design script used.

Good design ensures your website loads quickly. I would like to share in this article my top 10 listing of the best WordPress themes for your blog. I' ve used most of the topics in the listing myself or seen someone else use them in their blog. When you reinstall WordPress in 2017, it's the topic your website goes live with.

Not many customization options are available, but you can toy with the default options in Theme>Appearance. All in all, the topic appears simple and simple and is ideal for blogging your own journal. When you' re looking for a free design that looks great and is encoded with best practice, GeneratePress should be your first choic.

The code is written by Tom Usborne - a well-known WordPress programmer. This free copy is available in the WordPress replacement with 100,000 installations and 5-star reviews. MyThemeShop schema is one of my favourite WordPress themes for new Blogger who want quick load, response and SE optimised design.

Like all other ThemeShop designs, the look is easily customizable with a customizable themed area. Scheme is also called one of the quickest loaded topics in terms of content and in my opinion this has come to be. Widely used by blogs. So it can be that your blog is not noticed. The Genesis framework is one of the most popular among web designers and webloggers.

Allows you to design your own children topic and customise it according to your needs. However, not everyone knows how to encode a sub-theme, and that's why you use ready-made sub-themes. Magazines Pro is a minimalistic, professional-looking and SEO-optimized WordPress kid topic that can be used with the Genesis application family.

The Genesis + Magazine Pro topic is very popular with face-to-face webloggers who want to keep things minimalist. Subject Customizing is here, but there aren't too many choices. Another good topic for MyBlog is face-to-face blogging with a clear outline. It may not work properly with WordPress upgrades in the near term. The FocusBlog is one of the Thrive Themes works.

Maybe you've seen it on several popular blog posts. This topic is best suitable for online advertisers who want to gather e-mail signups. This subject is very easy to implement and looks pleasant on your eye with many stains. And if you don't have a limited purse, choose the Trive Themes plan and you'll get instant exposure to all the themes and plug-ins you need, including Trive Lead and Trive landing pages.

Favoured and usually against Blogger. Perhaps your blog does not look particularly and feels uniquely. Using a newsletter header form it is simple to register a subscriber. Your ad is designed with built-in ad printing capabilities, so you can view different kinds of ad with a widget. One of the key features (Unique Selling Point, USP) of this topic is the integrated coupon system.

Make an individual dealer mail and display it directly on your homepage. In addition, Theme-Junkie's All-Theme subscriptions are one of the lowest on the shelves. There is no user-defined design options. The only way to customise it is to navigate to Topic>Appearance. MyThemeShop's best seller is again MyThemeShop's writers topic.

Designed specifically for blogs, journalists and web marketing professionals. When you want a homepage that converts to a better price, you can choose the Writer topic. Designed for professionals only. Whatever your blog is in, SoleDad has you under control. It' one of the most popular topics on the ThemeForest Marketplace.

Prefabricated homepage design is the best sales argument for this topic. This topic is big in scale and can slower your website if you are on inexpensive Shared Hosting. Similar to SoleDad, The Core is also a WordPress type multi-purpose blogger. This topic is big in scale and can slower your website if you are on inexpensive shared webhosting.

ArrayThemes is one of the most stylish topics for business-oriented face-to-face blogging. This can be a good option for authors who want their blog to look professionally. Its design is easy to customize and also allows real-time modification of the design. Of all these themes, here are the three most important themes that I myself like.

It' not that they are the only best WordPress themes, but yes, they are quite good for any alcove. Please let me know, what are your top pick and if a topic is missed in the ranking or not? Designing a nice blog makes a big difference to your reader's eye.

It' d be great to know what you think about my blog designing. Which topic did you like best?

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