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Best 20 Android starters of the year 2018 A major reason why I choose Itroid over other portable platforms is its adaptability. What I mean is, you can set every single one of the aspects of Itroid to look and act exactly the way you want it to. The probably best and easiest way to adapt your handheld is to use launcher.

Perhaps that's why Android starters are the most popular applications on the playlist, but what are the best starters for Android? Well we have tested several launcher in the playlist and today we are bringing you the 20 best Android launcher. When you ask a long-time Android user what their favourite startup program is, there is a very high probability that he will call Nova Launcher.

The Nova Launcher has long been represented on the Android launcher market and it is proof of the Nova brand that it is still one of the best Android launches you can use. Launcher is extremely adaptable and allows you to adjust almost any aspects of it, incl. symbols, colours, appearance, upholstery, symbol sizes, application drawers, Widgets and much more.

My favourite characteristic of Nova Launcher, however, is the fact that it is constantly upgraded and adds all the new functionality that will be available with new releases of Android to older Android machines. Indeed, our paper on how to get the Pixel 2 Launcher on any Android machine is entirely on the Nova Launcher.

Nova is the perfect launcher if you want a proven launcher with many functions. The Action Launcher is another popular everyday launcher that is rugged and offers a lot of customization options. Like Nova, Action Launcher has been around for a long while and is still one of the best Android launches you can get in 2018.

Dramatically add a variety of functions and customization options to the game. Trademarks of my favourite launcher are covers and shutters. The Smart Launcher is one of the oldest launches on Android. However, things have really started to change now when the developer came up with a fresh release of the launcher named Smart Launcher 5 and it's really good.

Launcher offers many functions like ambiance themes, adaptable symbols, auto retrieval, integrated watch and wheather widget and more. There' also a clever finder that lets you browse applications, find friends and more with ease. Among the latest additions to the functionality of New Launcher is new gesture and hotkey capabilities that make it really simple to start applications and browse through the starter's user surface.

Smart Launcher 5's other uniquely powerful property is that it allows the user to turn off applications. Finally, the launcher also includes theme support, which means you can totally modify the look of your launcher by selecting and reinstalling from among a hundred ready-made designs. The Lawnchair Launcher is one of the new rockets that has quickly made it to the top of the world.

Essentially, the launcher tries to make the functions of the Pixel Launcher more accessible to the people. The best thing about this launcher is that it is an open resource volunteer development which means that everything you get here is free. Several of the popular functions that are equipped with this launcher are Google Now integrator, Android Oreo short cuts, notification dots, adaptable symbols, blow modes and much more.

When you are looking for a stick Android adventure, this is the launcher you should get. The Rootless Pixel Launcher, which has become very popular in recent month, is another free launcher that adds Stock's Android look and feel. What's more, it's also a great way to get the most out of your Android Pixel Launcher. The best thing about this launcher is that it is periodically upgraded to include Bugfixes and new functions.

In addition, the developers were kind enough to create the Android Go release of the Rootless Pixel Launcher, which is good news for anyone using an inexpensive Android that doesn't offer first-class hard disk specifications. All you need to know here is that the launcher is not available on the Play Store and you need to get its Github API from Github and have it installed.

Formerly known as the Arrow Launcher, the new Microsoft Launcher was released until the corporation resolved to rename it and launch it with fantastic new functionality. Launcher allows you to personalise the look and handling of your machine by customising your background images, themes and accents colours, symbol packages, gesture options and more.

This starter's headliner function is the personalised feedback section, which shows you your most important information such as messages, calendars, documents and contact information at a single look. Launcher is also quite versatile and doesn't need much of your smartphone's resource. Launcher is especially useful for those who also have a Windows computer, as it allows you to simply move your data and images between the two machines.

Available for a long refresh, and one of the first launches I suggest to anyone looking for a cleaner and quicker launcher environment, this is the best launcher I have. Hasap Launcher uses maps and an extensible donck to ensure a cleaner launch environment. You can also use the application to enhance the appearance of the launcher by using designs.

Either you can select the default topics that contain black, bright, day/night topics, or you can select the background topic that takes colors from the actual background image and adjusts the starter's outline. Are you looking for a cleaner and faster take-off environment? This is for you.

The Evie Launcher is another launcher that concentrates on velocity and ease. Launcher offers you a very neat start menu with a fixed bottom and top navigation area. Evie Launcher's best feature is that you can simply drag and drop anywhere on the home page to access the versatile Find Toolbar, which lets you find anything and everything, plus friends, applications, songs, and more.

Like the ASAP Launcher, Evie also gives you some flexibility over the adaptability of its user interfaces. The Evie Launcher is what I like most about how smooth his animation feels. Use it and you'll be falling in love with all the little things Evie puts on the desk.

Launcher is a very easy and quick launcher that lets you enjoy Google's Pixel 2 Launcher on your mobile part. Launcher launches the same bottom seek toolbar with speech entry as in Pixel 2 Launcher. There is also the popular auto chiaroscuro feature, which changes according to the background image selected, and the top wide view, which displays forthcoming calendars.

You' ll like this launcher if you fancy cell phone pixels. Flick Launcher is the right launcher for you if you are looking for a launcher that is almost as quick and agile as the above launcher, but offers more customisation possibilities. Like the Lean Launcher, the Flick Launcher is strongly influenced by the Google Pixel Launcher theme, but also comes with a lot of customizations.

And one of the Flick Launcher's unparalleled capabilities is that it allows the user to even adjust the look of the Flick Launcher. Like I said, it's like Lean Launcher, but on top ofsteroids. The CM Launcher is one of the most popular Android launcher for themes on the market. Just press the Apply pushbutton and a few seconds later your Android will look all new.

In addition to its themeing functions, the CM Launcher 3-D also offers a variety of other functions. One of my favorites is the effect function that integrates 3-D effects throughout the surface. Trust me, when you download this launcher, even page browsing becomes a funny one. However, there is a disadvantage in using this launcher application.

When you can deal with this hassle, this will be a great themed launcher application for you. The Buzz Launcher is at the top of the nutrition value creation list when it comes to launcher rockets for designing your equipment. Launcher comes with a variety of designs to help you customise the look of your Android machine.

In addition to its theme options, the Launcher also offers other functions such as the option to fade out applications, a fast find toolbar, 3-D animation, an integrated telephone boost, a Smarts application management, a message alert and much more. But if you're considering deploying this application, remember that it's very resource-intensive, so use this launcher only if you have a medium to high-end Android unit.

The Solo Launcher may not have as many topics as some of the other thematic applications on this mailing lists, but it does have some own one-of-a-kind feature sets that have led us to put the application on this mailing lists. And one of the uniquely good things about this application is that it allows people to use their pictures as application icon, which allows them to personalise their phone.

Launcher is another great launcher for anyone who wants to design their own piece of equipment. Like the CM Launcher 3-D, the CM Launcher also has a themed shop with several hundred different topics. Feel free to browse, search, download and use the topics you want to give your plugin a new look.

Recall, however, that like other thematically focussed launch vehicles, these are quite resource-intensive. C Launcher also noted that despite the support by advertisements, C Launcher shows much fewer advertisements. When I used this launcher, I was never angry about the messages, and that's a really good thing.

My favourite starter when it comes to boosting your efficiency is the FastKey Launcher, which offers a straightforward graphical environment with a fixed keypad and quick and intuitive searching. This launcher I really like and if you use your mobile device as a tools to do things, this is the right application for you.

When your whole lifecycle is about your calendars and your job managers, this is the right starter for you. Integrate with your calendars and todoists and give you one-click control over all your incidents, assignments and memories on your home page with just one click with your Productivity Launcher. My favourite feature of this application is the Magical Plus icon, which lets me quickly set up event, alarm, to-do and more.

It is one of the best production starters you can get for your Allrounder. The Lucid Launcher is a very special launcher and one of my favourites on this page. One of my favourite and probably the most original Lucid Launcher features is that the application offers vertically scrollable home pages instead of horizontally scrollable home pages.

Prior to Lucid Launcher I was a kind of one homepage type, but the vertically scanning home pages did change that. There' also a favourite side bar where you can tap to get to your favourite applications with just a few simplelicks. SquaredHome 2 is strongly powered by Windows 10 Phone because it offers the same scalable quadratic tiles that existed when Windows 10 Phone was a thing.

One of the most original launches I've used as an Android launcher in the last 5 years. Launcher also teaches your manners. This is a curious but quite useful launcher for you if you prefer a minimalist style. Whilst the above three launch vehicles are quite one-of-a-kind if you are looking for the most one-of-a-kind launch vehicle ever, this is the one you should get.

Linux CLI Launcher does what its name promises. This transforms your home page into a Linux command line interface that you can use either to interoperate with the natively Android or T-UI instructions. It' really the most original Android launcher on the market. This concludes our listing of the 20 best Android launcher you can deploy to upgrade your Android house monitor in 2018.

Hopefully you could find your favourite starter from the dropdown menu. When you have done it, let us know which launcher has won your hearts by typing in the comment area below. Even if there is a launcher who, according to you, merits to be on the launcher roster but is not, let his name fall as well.

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