Popular Personal Blog Sites

Favorite personal blog pages

Pretty popular site for WordPress newbies. There are 19 blogs that are popular with their audience. When you' re considering launching your own blog, but simply have no idea what to blog about, don't be afraid! I' ve added a whole bunch of blog samples from a multitude of different niche sites in this post. There have been billions and billions and billions of blog entries since the beginning of the web.

A lot have passed away because they have forgotten their interest or their owner has abandoned the concept, while others have prospered and continued to prosper, earn cash and earn a stable source of revenue for their family. It is a continuous development of contents that makes them come back for more, especially when these blog posts contain extremely imaginative materials that make them useful and interesting.

Every example given in this blog article is different in some way and brings something special to its readership and subscription. I' d like to show you what is possible and how you can get inspired by them and how you can make your own blog. While some of these bloggers make over $100k a months, others are just a pastime for their owner, but all have the same end in their core...the passion for typing and information sharing.

This free e-mail course will show you how to make a blog easy. Thriftblogging has really become established in the last 3 years, especially due to the state of the world economic system. Savings in terms of salaries and cash are very popular, as those who pay rents, mortgages, invoices, etc., have less and less cash these few days. What is more, they are more likely to be able to save a lot of cash.

The creation of an economical / economizing blog can also be a great source of income for you, especially if you select a good corner to occupy this alcove. All the following samples have really good corners. These promotions allow you to earn cash through Affiliateinks, Google Ads and coupons. Miss Thrifty is one of the most popular thrifty blogging sites in the UK and is aimed at young mothers with its thrifty, thrifty advice and items.

What's great about this blog is the rhythm of the conversation and the actual character behind the name. It can also be an inspiration for mothers to create their own blog and post about their experience as mothers and wives in the 21 st centuries. When I say that I am going to come into a alcove from a different perspective, this example is exactly what I mean.

The Skint Dad is a site that will help young / new fathers saving cash and being more economical in their daily lives. This is a very well-designed and sophisticated blog that is about being your own chief and making your own riches. It' a blog with a very live Podcast-Feed.

Your episodes are hugely popular on Apple's iPod touch, and you'll undoubtedly make a lot of cash buying advertising on them. Podcasting is something to think about when you' re blogging, as it could be a great monetisation utility. This is a very inspirational blog with motivating tales about start-ups and the folks who work and build them.

When you want to come get me at the desk after a hard work, or you think you can't be the kind of guy who does it and start something great, just let me know. You will soon be hearing from those who had their shirts on their backs and who have become a big hit in commerce and family.

My favorite blog is the " Tech-Blog ". Now, this isn't something new to blogs, since technical blogs have been blogs in detail since the beginning of the web about technological innovations and latest updates on gadgets, but because it's such a huge alcove, you could come up with a really good point of view within the technical blogosphere.

Our secret is to have our own view of the technology and not just to keep up with the latest trends. An area that has not really been specifically addressed is eco-technology, which is something to think about. Perhaps a blog that specifically deals with technology and aims to become more green. However, here are a few blog posts in the technical alcove that I really like and sense do something different and thrive when it comes to organically increasing your audience and revenues.

"The " Nothing Techie. The KnowTechie blog is for those who enjoy technology but are outside the bladder. It' s so cool because so many of those technoblogs out there are a little too technically minded and full to the rim of professional slang. It' good to see a blog that has reduced the entrance levels to technology bulletins.

Just like thrifty blogs, money-related ones have also become madly popular, as the worldwide economic situation has shrunk in recent years. Desire to earn more cash to achieve an "ok" standard of living increases from year to year. For this reason, sites like the ones below are becoming increasingly popular in this section.

Again, if you come to this alcove with a different corner, then you may have a great and successfull website on your hand. There is a compilation of high value blog post about how you can earn extra revenue in addition to your daily work. Using the media of podcasting, they create various expert panel discussions about how to make business, earn cash and create prosperity across a wide variety of issues.

This is a great website that is very useful and inspiring for those who want to make a difference in their 9 to 5 life for something that allows them to have a little bit of life and spending more quality of life with their families. Poodcasts, gadgets, tutorials and blog postings aimed at a particular alcove are the place where this fellow makes his living.

If you have contents that have many big eyeballs and big ear, then it will also be the ad revenue. When you have a popular site that receives ten thousand hits a year, you may be able to advertise on those sites for $100s a year, if not more.

Joanna is one of the best Mummy Blogs ever and has a really easy looking blog filled to the rafters with useful things for old and new moms. Blogs posting is really smart and makes Jo's website stand out from all other Mummyloggers. This is another well thought out and well arranged mami blog.

Contentwise this Blog is very diversified, because it has a little of everything. So if you like all things, education, cook with your little ones, handicrafts with your little ones, healthcare, traveling with your whole life, storytelling, charity, etc. then this site will give you a lot of inspirations on how to create your own blog.

VeTheParents. org is one of my favorites parents blog. Personally, I like this blog because it doesn't try to offer you anything but their excitement and devotion to nature. This is my pet blog for eating. At Lindsay we really blog up to a high level of skill, not only in our ability to write, but also in our knowledge of how to make good business with the blog.

She has a huge e-mail mailing lists that she has developed over the years and with which she can virtually raise a lot of dollars. Focusing on her e-mail mailing lists with her latest blog postings, affilate referrals, leads, deals, specials, and vouchers will earn her lots of dollars each time. An ingenious way to get other blogs inspired to take the leap and what they use to build a winning foods blog.

Very elegant and nicely arranged blog. Similar to Pinch of Yum, Cookie + Kate knows how to make convincing foods that impact the people. Yet another foods blogger who fully grasps the importance of delivering good value online entertainment and how to monetise a website. The Stephanie Le's Foot-Blog is easy in terms of style and contents.

What she publishes is 100% feasible. You can make all the prescriptions from home and she will bring the contents to life with stunning, high value edible photographs. It gives it a personal note by attaching a comment and backdrop to the photographs. It is a great example of an excellent nutrition blog.

You' re excited to create your own blog? So why not visit my Get Started A Blog tutorial and get your new blog up and running in just 30 mins! So if you are starting a personal growth blog that is teaching and advising on how to make emotional and spiritual improvements, take a look at the great stories I've given below to show you exactly what can be done if you work hard enough.

This website is all about easy saying, inspiring, relationships and attentiveness that has become popular in the last 2 years. On this page there are many articles that are orientated on the Buddhist teaching, but also contain things about relationship, health and many other aspects of attentiveness. I showed you this example of a personal growth blog because it is so easy.

No need to rebuild the bike to create a popular blog in your own area. So long as you address the right alcove and serve it with imaginative contents, you are on the winning side. You can find hundreds of billions of fitness blog posts on the web.

It is a popular alcove and one that can be profitable if you advertise the right products or advertise something other than the remainder of the gym blog out there. Below I have added gym blog entries that do what they do amazingly well, and samples from which you can get insight and inspirations.

Very popular gym blog aimed mainly at females where there is affirmative support for females of all forms and heights to get in shape and begin weight and weight workouts. Through inspiring and authoritative blog postings, Nia explores how weight exercise can help a woman be physically healthy, torn and well.

This is a great tip to take with you when you start your own gym blog. Here are some samples of blog sites that help you create your own blog in WordPress and provide tips and instructions on developing WordPress Sites. Those sites have a tendency to monetise their visitors by having advertisements of ad impressions of ad impressions on their pages or by signing up for various affiliated programmes to promote certain web design and WordPress related product and service offerings.

WorldPress Tavern is a website that is very easy to build and easy to use, yet very popular with the WordPress developer world. One thing that shows this is that your blog doesn't have to be conspicuous when it' got bell and whistle in it. The site will be very popular. One thing I've seen on amazingly popular blog posts is the attendance of what I call "The I Factor".

Makes it sound kitschy, but if you can give inspiring feedback to inspire you to do something stunning with your contents, whether that is to boost their website traffic, make stunning cups, loosen 20-lbs in pounds, cut down on your grocery store's cash flow or build a stunningly popular on-line store, then your blog will proceed to prosper and become and grow and become and become the site you wanted to cause in the first place.

Surely com is one of those sites that inspires individuals to start their own lucrative blog and business. Here is my selection of the best blog samples of photographs that I think are really valuable to be viewed. It offers something other than what is currently available on the web, which can make a popular and lucrative blog.

Personally, I think the tonality in this blog is extraordinary. And I like the way they deal with the easy things about photographing with contributions like "Shoot Different" and "Why your smartphone is the best camera". Mummy weblogs are weblogs aimed at families, especially girls. Here is my selection of the best Mummy blog samples that are really valuable to be viewed.

Launch your own blog? When you' re done taking the leap, just visit our free mysStart A Blog Tutorial, where I'll show you how to get your own blog started in just 20-minute time. Or, if you're willing to begin build your website immediately, you can use my Bluehost promotion hyperlink where you can get FREE web host + a FREE domainname from just $2.95 per months through this hyperlink.

Name is Jamie Spencer and I've been making cash and creating blogging for the last 5 years. Getting weary of the 9-5, swinging and never seeing my familiy, I decide I wanted to make some changes and started my first blog. I have since started many popular Niche Blog's and after I sold my survivor blog, I chose to educate other folks how to do the same.

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