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"Squarespace is a website builder known for creating stunning, mobile responsive websites. "Weebly is one of the easiest to use portfolio website builders and is great if you are looking for a simple portfolio building experience. Explore some of the best sites in the artist portfolio, including painters, designers, illustrators, photographers, sculptors, and more! I didn't know top graphic designers had such simple websites. When it comes to colours, white, grey and emerald seem to be very popular.

Top 10 portfolio websites running on Uncode themed.

Providing a portfolio that looks good is critical for any contractor or agent who wants to do a project on-line. When you don't know where to begin, don't be worried - WordPress makes it easy to build an on-line portfolio when you choose the right one. Uncode, for example, offers many functions that make your work easy, such as predefined portfolio layout and several kinds of gallery to present your work.

We will discuss in this paper what makes Uncode the ideal topic for your portfolio site. We will then present you with ten of our most popular portfolio websites that have been created according to our motto. Portfolio website is a place for you to present your best work to win new customers.

There' no uniform portfolio templates, but in most cases they depend on art Galleries and personally identifiable information to deliver your talent. The majority of the items needed for a powerful portfolio site are easy, so there' s a good chance you don't need a special topic to create it. Many topics these days involve several different galery styles, so you should be in order in this regard if you are choosing something new.

Portfolio is about developing your new franchise, so it makes sense to provide your own contacts and special formulars. In this sense, it is best to choose a high-performance, versatile topic that offers a wide range of functions. Uncode, for example, gives you all the functions you need to build and operate a professionally managed portfolio website.

It also offers many additional functions if you want to upgrade your portfolio or use it for other kinds of work. This section introduces you to ten of our most popular portfolio pages created with Uncode. This way you can see firsthand what the topic can do and get to know some of its most important functions.

The Marianna Orsho portfolio is easy, yet conspicuous. Your site has a single full width slide bar, followed by a neatly gridded galery showing your work. It is a lay-out that you can create in a few moments using Uncode. Even more important, it shows that as long as your work is outstanding, you don't need a flashy look to make your portfolio popular.

As with our earlier selection, the Dan Ax portfolio is cleaner than ever. Just like our selection to date, this portfolio location is also headquartered on a straightforward Gridsystem. You will find that this is a recurring topic for many similar websites because it is a neat lay-out that works well to present your work.

Its portfolio contains small societal meta tags that refer to the author's account, so users can find out more about him with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, the author's account is also available as a free download. The Biasol is a designer salon with a classy portfolio that suits his work. Whilst some stadiums want to shine with complexe portfolio, Biasol keeps the construction simple.

The portfolio of Chris Koch is somewhat more complicated than what we have seen so far. Type is one of the outstanding features of this portfolio. The typeface in this case is first class and blends in well with the overall look, from the menu to the site's other contents.

On his homepage he shows a full width movie and then skips to a basic grids galery with a subtile mouse-over effect. The overview page is our favourite part of this portfolio. There is even a price chart on the Contacts page - which looks classy and provides invaluable information to you. The portfolio of David Porter is one of our favourites so far.

The portfolio now makes outstanding use of Uncode's grating designs. Especially the About page contains an impressing listing of former customers, which has been created with a basic accordion tree. This is an ideal thought that' definitely deserves to be kept in the back of your portfolio! Pixels & Designs is a website with few words, so to say.

In addition, each section will link you to a full galery for each individual product, so you can get a better picture of what Pixel & Design's work means. A lot of portfolio sites usually contain more information about each and every one of your projects, but this site keeps things easy and lean. Both approaches are good, and Uncode is great if you're looking for a topic that can trigger minimumism.

The QubaVR is one of the most odd portfolio created with Uncode. This fact is taken into account on the portfolio homepage, which uses a zoom mouseover effect for each section. It' a small detail, but it does help to put the portfolio together. With Uncode you can easily apply these and many similar effect to your website.

The name of Luca Marra's portfolio is Stance, which is the quintessence of the minimalist. Every projekt contains a user-defined overlays with more information, and the photo page merges things with an appealing grating of isotopes. On a personal level, we think that the portfolio could manage with a little more information about each and every one of the projects, but the emphasis here is clearly on not stunning visitor detail.

The portfolio of Yuno is one of the funniest posts we've seen so far. Not reinventing the impeller, with its full-width head and isotopic lattice girder, it has many unique features that make it unique. Some portfolio elements, for example, use basic pictures, while others contain motion pictures.

The most important thing is that each page of the site contains a lot of detail and additional pictures so that prospective buyers can satisfy their inquisitiveness. If you are great at your work ( and you probably are!), you may find it hard to find enough buyers unless you have an on-line portfolio in place. Luckily, it doesn't have to be hard to build a portfolio with WordPress.

The only thing you need is a high-performance design like Uncode, which contains many useful functions to help you get up and running. You can use our themes, for example, to integrate several kinds of gallery, and take advantage of ready-made page layout that you can see in real time on Marianna Orsho's and Dan Ax's portfolio.

If you have a question about how to create a portfolio site with Uncode, please contact us.

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