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Best, best, most famous, most popular instrumental theme music of all time from movies, commercials and songs. Twenty-five of the best TV theme tunes of the twenty-first century, ranked. In the midst of the choir of those who say that television is better than ever, you always find a man who laments the downfall of the title number. It' truth that the era of minute-long intros featuring originals and engaging tunes may lie in the past, but it is undeniable that shows still find unforgettable (and in some cases iconic) ways to open up every single event.

In this spirit, we have embarked on the process of selecting the best TV topics of the young age. While some of them are excerpts from already recorded tracks, others are new instrumental pieces that have quickly acquired a significance far beyond the shows to which they are bound. More than ever, since TVRs and streamers make it easy to jump TV credit, there are many tracks and shows that try to keep the opening arts going.

And of course, "The Simpsons", but that goes without saying. Apart from this only limitation, we let the music talk for itself. It is the incarnation of the stony quest for romance, completed with ground destroying blows and ephemeral hymns of sirens in the distant world. Solid Attack's capricious "Teardrop" was already a well-known tune when Fox's medicinal play "House" made it the theme of the show in 2004.

Unfortunately "Teardrop" does not appear as a title theme on some repetitions and in some foreign countries due to release privileges - perhaps the risk of selecting a popular title as a theme. These lists include a few tributes and nodding to television and music history, but none of them is as loyal as this BBC force in the last 2000s.

Edmund Butts inventive "Ashes to Ashes" theme does feel like a rediscovered Jan Hammer B-side in the best possible way. As with any good theme that' s well worth its weight lugging in your shredded guitars, this is a kind of theme that makes you a show supporter before you even look at an Episode.

Tina Fey's not-so-secret weapon is her man Jeff Richmond, who acted as head of "30 Rock", a part he plays in "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" today. "Both shows take place in New York, but their title tracks couldn't be more different. Just like most of the show's originals, the "30 Rock" theme of a jazz, show tune-inspired tone praised the "30 Rock" theme, which gave the appearance of both disrespect and classical comedy charade.

His beloved deceased AMC predecessor's opening track Rubicon's spiritually rich legacy, this Synthie intoxication is as driving as any other topic on television right now. Trentemøller's voyage from lost electronics to a high-profile, powerful musically beast is a suitable analogy for the way the show creeps into your unconscious the more you observe it.

With the show shifting emphasis from season to season, it's also become a rather great collective call for the crew of insurgent, hard-core females now at the centre of the show. Their 88 were playing the kind of music that seemed to keep appearing on TV ("How I Met Your Mother" was another show the group used), but the group seems to have split up, with the members now following solos.

Releasing a new release of the title track each current year is an inherent part of the thick, episodic mythology of "The Wire. From the five topics there is nothing better than the pulsating low end at the beginning of each of the first season's episodes. Bringing The Blind Boy of Alabama nearer to a tone that "Wire" developer David Simon would emphasize in his successor "Treme", The Blind Boy of Alabama, but as the opening of a show that would alter the way TV is watched and thought about, it helps create a historical recordleader.

A part of the mystery of what has made the eternal mishaps of the Belchers such a constant pleasure for most of a century comes from the light coloured tribes of the ukulelele of this opening theme, written by show designer Loren Bouchard himself. It is the instrument-like breeze that never seems too valuable, but has an indisputable heat - the ideal car for pet jokes, sound engines and moans of uncertainty.

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