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No matter whether you are looking for a brand new design for your WordPress page or want to update your current design, you have come to the right place. Explore popular categories with Quick Links. Top 20 WordPress topics of all times In the last ten years or so WordPress has been growing tremendously, and with it the diversity of WordPress topics on the shelves. A WordPress topic can be found almost anywhere you see it, whether in topic markets, freelance topic stores, or even host stores that offer topics as part of their catalog.

These large number of topics makes it unbelievably hard to find the right solution for your WordPress-based website. Don't perspire, we are bringing you 20 of the most popular WordPress topics of all times to get you inspired and hopefully linked to a topic that will lead you to your objectives.

There' just so much to say about number #1, the best-selling multi-purpose WordPress topic on Themeforest. But I will let the subject matter itself be spoken for. Functions included limitless advanced design, WPMU capability, plugin interoperability, fantastic customer service and a host of customisation possibilities. What is a suitable heading for a topic that appears in item no. dos. How is a topic suitable?

Bridging could readily have taken the one or any other place in this regard, because the order here is not really important if all you have is a vast library of great WordPress topics. It' one of the best things with more functions than you'll ever need to satisfy your thirst anymore, WordPress hosted on Amazon AWS, administered backup, instantly Theme setup, 24/7 24/7 and I could go on with it.

Or, I could simply let go of the fact that this versatile WordPress topic shows something in the estimated turnover of around 50% k and a brilliant 4.79/5.00 valuation. They can make the above mentioned dealer deals, plus your own copy of the subject matter for $19 dollars per months. As an alternative, if you only need the topic, you will have to charge a one-time $59 charge to Themeforest.

Even one-pagers are stunned, as Brooklyn shows, a well-processed one-page WordPress topic that is perfect for any number of Web sites. Incidentally, if you didn't know it, the topic you chose (and even the plugins) will affect the overall visitor feel on your site, either positive or negative. That' s exactly why you need to pay attention to the topics and plug-ins you are installing on your website.

Presented by United Themes, and with a galant score of 4.65/5. 00, Brooklyn grabs some heavy heats in the name of paraallax, lots of demonstrations, several shortcuts, 100% responsive layout and a SEO-ready Rig among other adorable boobs. By the way, it's the most popular one-page thread on Themeforest, you know, just to keep up with our thread.

Gentlemen and Gentlemen, I present Divi, a unique WordPress topic from the Elegant Themes section. Featuring over 18 pre-built and fully adjustable themes, over 45 contents engines, enhanced themes, and customized styles, the only thing keeping you back is yourself, from a technical standpoint. The Folk at Elegant Themes are a pretty handsome guy.

Let you keep Divi and about 87 other topics for about $69 a year. You' ll get periodic upgrades and any other topic they publish afterwards. lt was only a question of tim until l met the topic again. Although the track may seem easy, this one will make it difficult for you, with a variety of the most cool stuff, a 4.73/5 rated star.

Even the testtimonials are stunning, with men throwing out their heart just to show some affection for the subject. Apparently no one seems keen on finding another WordPress topic as soon as the buck hits them. Most popular new item and bestselling themed item ever, R - The Topic comes with functions like the Cornerstone Page Builder, the best page builder ingredients, unparalleled styles known as stays, fast response styles, shortcuts and more.

Seriously, you might want to take a seat and check out the comprehensive feature set guide. Oh, here comes a subject with a heading that is rhyming with a name I'm all too acquainted with, but that's not the point. According to the writer, Frexy is the most thrilling WordPress topic for your stunning website.

It' not popular yet, but it is one of those objects that you think will become popular if and when enough humans find it. However, most folks go crazy for the "...huge and far-reaching, challenging and powerful bendable, functional abundant and flexible..." multi-purpose WordPress topic. Well, I suppose we'll have to keep that up for now.

No more tinkering with intricate WordPress topics, this powerful tool contains all the power you need to create Web sites that come from this or any other part of the globe. Featuring all the fundamentals that are well linked, this WordPress topic takes you to a whole new side of creating groundbreaking Web sites. Plus, the level of help is great if you ever need help with this easy-to-use multifunction design.

You need this one topic in your Werkzeugkit. And then we got SociallyViral from the good ones at MyTheme Shop. My Topme Store brand is a respected name in WordPress circles and stands for purity of spirit. Now, this WordPress topic (besides the other My Meme Store products) will give you the same feel.

Maybe he'll tell you about some of the My Topic Store topics he used to build a $100 million empire. That' s right, he created a multi-dollar blogs in six month and here we show you a topic to imitate his work. Thank you very much for doing J. This topic has an excellent 4.5/5 review.

A lot of WordPress topics don't seem to do that. It'?s not that topic. Second number, this topic contains a variety of useful functions specially designed to destroy your brain. With Parallax in all its splendour, refined templates, beautiful slider controls, all sorts of layout and a dozen finished demonstrations and much more, creating any website under the stars is not only a real thing, it's also unbelievably simple.

Our numbers 11 through 20, for example, include some of the best WordPress topics you've ever seen. Cast some sort of magical sort of spell and take this one level higher with a few soft symbols among others and you too could probably be enjoying a little glory.

Well, you know, like this subject. Well, I wouldn't take the chance of pulling you through the long feature book. A 5k WordPress thread on Themeforest. All of us know that the WordPress Topics Warehouse sees the WordPress topics being added continuously, and we haven't said anything about independent topic stores. One thing you can deduce from all this is that there are a large number of WordPress topics.

Out of this multitude of topics only a few can draw the number of Enfold's sale on the market. You see, I was telling you that our second part of the article will also have great WordPress topics. 00, and some of the most cool feature under the stars, Kriesi's Enfold is a godsend present.

Well, if you want to give in, let's discuss Salient, a forward-looking WordPress topic from ThemeNectar who also happens to be an editor of the powerful élite with the yellow lettering, which is simply my way of telling you that their boys have been selling more than a million Envato items.

Salient's best-selling imaginative topic ever, Salient comes with a host of great stuff, among them (but not only) fast response and retina-capable designs, enhanced custom themes, the Salient Visual Composer, SEO-ready, WooCommerce and much more. Don't wait over 46k lucky shoppers to languish over 5 or 10 feature, now do you?

So, Margaret, apart from the name, what else has made Blade a beautiful, comfortable place on this playlist? It' also the easiest and most clean of the multi-purpose WordPress topics that can be used. I mean, unlike many other WordPress topics, Blade comes without the mess; it only comes with the functionality you need to stay concentrated and crisp.

Again, the topic is very diverse in terms of style and functionality, making it appropriate for any type of website.

Here is a topic with a heading from which you would have sworn that it was directly deduced from the periodics. This is a laugh, but tell me, my dear fellow, what comes to your head when you find out that the writer of this promising subject is working with the user name Labator? Well let#s just say these boys are holding up their businesses quite well, which is due to the bubbling potassium issue with 9k+ selling and a nice 4.90/5 valuation.

It' the best topic for imaginative individuals thanks to a range of thrilling functions such as pre-built demonstrations, award-winning designs, shortcuts, premium slider, Visual Composer Page Builders, 30+ portfolios and enhanced topic choices just to scrape the interface. The number 16 goes to Jupiter just because of the number of lunar characteristics it has.

Taking 16 and multiplying it by 2,171 would give you the estimated number of times this subject will sell in a 36 month range. Outside mathematics class, Jupiter provides some neat functions like super-fast page speed, 72+ templates, an easy-to-use one million and one option administration pane, Edge Slideshow, 100+ items, 230+ style, 1800 symbols, 14 user-defined widgets...apparently mathematics doesn't end with this topic.

In order to express it better, you get many utilities to build the WordPress multi-purpose website of your dream. Multipurpose WordPress topics seem to be winning when it comes to being popular. Maybe it is the many functions that bring such topics with them. Maybe it's because many multi-purpose WordPress topics, such as The7, allow you to do exactly what you do.

As the most adaptable themes on the shelves, The7 is ideal for freelance artists, agency and large businesses thanks to 630+ themes integration, an extensive template collection with ready-to-use demo files, a personal ized template creation tool, Visual Composer Page builder for the drag-and-drop we all like, adaptable background, logo, unlimited color, font, SEO friendlier coding and more.

BeTheme was introduced to you by the Muffin Group, an influential writer, and is one of those few WordPress topics that do exactly what they are made for. It makes it easier for you to just be yourself. It' the largest topic it has ever seen, and comes with more than 200 ready-made layout templates, all created for your enjoyment.

Additional functions are 4 different reactive gratings, a lay outs creator, unrestricted menu, unrestricted color, several header lines, a few well-designed items and revolution sliders among others. Flatsome by UX-Themes is a trend article at the moment of typing and a popular topic developed specifically for your WooCommerce-based store. Featuring 2540 free lifelong update review and functions, a drag-and-drop page creator, WooCommerce optimization, WPML supported, powerful web browsing, rich WooCommerce functionality, rich web site documents, reactive designs, WPML supported, Google fonts, boundless side bars and widgets, there's nothing you can't do with this little one.

Sale in fashion this seasons with the really fantastic Flatsome themed. And last but not least, Zerif Lite is a free WordPress topic that floats with the big beasts. The WordPress Topics Repository is full of astonishing WordPress topics. However, if we only suggest the use of premier WordPress topics, does that mean that free WordPress topics are not good?

It is the number 1 free one-page WordPress topic with more than 100k installations running as we talk. It'?s all the popular free WordPress topic, isn't it? Zero and comes with functions such as clear and verified source codes, full localisation assistance, an extended topic option pane, an appealing layout, nice contacts and asset management section among others.

Selecting the right solution for your company among the many WordPress topics out there can be a formidable challenge for almost anyone, whether seasoned or not. How, for example, do you decide which topic is best for your company? I' m personal about having neat coding, a fast reacting grids, a decent number of functions I will actually use, great looks and of course a high page loading speed.

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