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Favourite Wordpress Topics 2016

The Divi is a very popular Wordpress theme and definitely the most creative Wordpress theme published by the elegantthemes Club! Top 7 Companies / Business WordPress Topics for 2016 Is a good WordPress topic exactly what you need? Quite simply, a company must have its own unique name. Today's web is all about making your company unforgettable and putting a single word into the minds of your customers. Here a great WordPress topic comes into play.

How does a high-quality WordPress topic affect companies and enterprises? Since December 2015, WordPress has been used on 25 per cent of all webpages. Many, if not the overwhelming number, of them are different types of commercial locations. Well, "business" is a big generic name. Nowadays, I mean, almost everything can be described as a website for doing businesses because there are so many different types of businesses.

Apart from that, there are some features in common that you should look for in a WordPress related topic: Good WordPress topic has a good minimum WordPress content to it. All of us like good-looking artwork, so it's kind of enticing to choose a really lavish look when choosing a WordPress topic. Do you need a WordPress topic for your company / your company that is not so recognisable on its own?

Minimum size is ideal. As the topic is more minimalistic, you can do more in regard to your own brand. Any good busi-ness topic must allow you to refine every detail. User-defined homepage. User-defined home pages began to grow a few years ago when WordPress publishers realised that a default blogs list might not be the most efficient way to welcome people.

It is particularly important for doing this on a website. Using a customized home page, you can show your clients exactly what they need to see, as well as things like ongoing promotional activities, your offering, endorsements, whatever you want. Singleside ability. Small companies (who need a basic website) may find one-page design to be the best option.

Good one-sided designs offer fluid transition and good division between different parts of the work. It must be possible to react quickly and be able to use the topic on the move. Nobody's serious web site should ignore the portable web. Blogs are quite common when we are talking about WordPress, that's right. But not all blogs are optimised for corporate websites.

Your WordPress topic must be able to present brief posts (company messages, fast notifications, brief content). User-defined page styles. You can use these template to quickly build specialised pages for your businesses. Okay, now that we know what makes a high-profile WordPress topic for businesses or businesses, let's see the top 7: With more than 170,000 satisfied clients, Avada is ThemeForest's number one.

One bestseller topic of all times. The Avada is one of the most feature-rich themes I've ever seen. Avada's most important sales argument is that you as a site owner have complete control and can choose any desired look and feel for your website. Avada does not intrude with its own styling styles and at the same times offers you additional broad customisation options.

With Avada, you can build a fully customized home page. There is also a page function. And the result is more than quick to react and mobile-friendly. As an example, this WordPress topic even contains key point selections so that you have full command over the reactivity of your website. Build customized pages with Fusion Builder (part of Avada) or take full benefit of several already integrated page styles.

Cerif Lite is the professional edition of one of the most popular free themes on WordPress. org - Cerif Lite. The WordPress topic provides several interesting functions, and it achieves store owner by offering them a user-friendly user experience. When it comes to the obligatory items that are always on the page, the overall look is minimum.

As soon as you have aligned each of the contents block separately, select your colours, background and paste your copy - the topic will be very brand-able. Zerif's most important sales argument is the user-defined homepage. Ideal for one-page sites. Completely fast reacting and easy to use. One of ThemeForest's best-selling themes, as well as being a good option for various commercial use.

A clear and concise look, yet with a contemporary look. Moreover, it is probably the most user-friendly WordPress topic ever created (at least the developers say, blink!). The Enfold is very adaptable and comes with a beautiful kit of ready-made designs. It gives you the best of both worlds: a minimum, distinctive look and the ability to make all the adjustments yourself.

It is possible to create any individual homepage layout. Could be used as a one-way topic. Any layout can be used quickly and mobil. Delivered with a range of user-defined styles. The Monstroid is the TemplateMonster flag ship and the ultimative multi-purpose one. There is a variety of functions and customizations (it even works with sub themes and extensions).

Monstroid's can be as easy or as sophisticated as you want. Support for a variety of different styles and styles. This all makes it a very adaptable and trademarkable WordPress topic. Create your own homepage or use one of the 7 integrated themes. It can also be used as a one-page website.

With Monstroid, your website stays reactive and mobile-friendly. For your portfolios, galleries, contact pages, blogs, services, FAQ, experiences, team, info pages there are user-defined page styles. It is a really interesting topic, especially for today's companies that address younger customers. In The7, the standard style is primarily built on pictures (ideal for branding), but there are also 25 finished styles that come with the outfit.

You can also use the theme's radio button to create your own personal, uniquely handcrafted look. Create your own homepage either on one of the 25 themes or using Visual Composer, which is supplied. May work as a one-sided one. Fast, portable and retina-capable response. User-defined page styles available. The BeTheme is a really beautiful multi-purpose biz-topic.

It can be used for almost any kind of store, buisness paradigm or recess. This means that you can make your own brand able and minimalist. Either choose one of the available themes for your homepage or create your own theme with the so named Muffin Builder.

You can use this topic for your WordPress project on one side only. All is fully reactive. You' get user-defined page layouts and more than enough customisable layouts and headers. Karmapa is your classical WordPress topic, in a good way. A minimalist and classical style with a good choice of colours and good brands.

Design comes with Visual Composer supplied. User-defined homepage functionality. Completely fast reacting and easy to use. Individual page layouts for your portfolios, contacts, FAQ, prices, meetings and more. Is your preferred WordPress topic? What is your preferred topic of interest from this group?

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