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Web Portfolio and Blog

To my knowledge a portfolio consists to a large extent of your creative work. Where is the distinction between a blog and a portfolio? To my best of my ability, a portfolio is largely made up of your work. I' ve seen that several web design companies have their portfolio on different websites to present to their potential employees and customers. For me, a blog is an extra presentation of your idea.

When you are a contributor, you should have a blog where you can present your features.

More broadly, both plattforms provide the possibility to present talents, but for different experts. If you think about it, a blog is the place where you record what you've done for the day/week/month, and you put in some pictures to show what you've learnt or been through. Just as with a portfolio, the work you have done is work you have done over the day/week/month that shows what you have learnt or been through.

Really, only the contents are different and possibly different from the one it is intended for, but the approach is the same! Portfolios are something that someone owns, abilities, asset values, credentials. A blog, on the other hand, is a website for your own private or business use where you can post your work. BlogPanic Station " WorksBlog Contributions are the joint blog, they are usually sorted chronologically and can be commented by members, etc.....

The portfolio is designed to show your work, your portfolio, with images and a comment. A blog is your page of contents on which you post contents related to your website. At the other end, a portfolio page is the repository of all your customers. This is where you are adding your customer sites to show them off and make an impression on others to take advantage of your service, while a blog is a site for your own or your business use where you can post to.

Blogs postings are the shared blog, they have a tendency to order chronologically and allow folks to annotate about the, etc.. The portfolio is designed to show your work, your portfolio, with images and a descriptive text.

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