Portfolio Design Template

Portrait Design Template

Build a stunning design-oriented website that's now portfolio-centric. It's NOT about our premium designer portfolio templates! Casely is a creative and modern design that always looks good.

Top 10 portfolio submissions for designer

A portfolio is an indispensable self-presentation resource for any free-lance professional. When front-end web design is one of your abilities, you should practise what you are preaching and make something tailor-made. However, for illustrations, graphics and photography, there is a large selection of standard artwork and website topics available that can be turned into an inventive design with little or no customizing.

Continue reading to select from 10 of the best portfolio submissions, which represent five of the most sought-after portfolio platform.... This portfolio template by Andreas Levers is part of a select collection of portfolio website topics for Adobe Portfolio that were created by renowned creative minds and make your work aglow.

The minimum lay-out is perfect for photographing, as each work is displayed large and alternately flush left and right, so each picture has room to breath. Because Adobe Portfolio is pooled with the Creative Cloud, current subscription customers may find the Creative Cloud solution appealing. The Flatiron is a square room template with a particularly eye-catching galery screen that combines pictures with different page proportions in a visual appealing raster.

Navigating the site is easy and discreet at the top of the page and ensures that your work is the showpiece. It is a good option for a portfolio template as it is much more feature-rich than many of the other samples on this page. Typically, a frequent issue when displaying your work in a raster image is how to deal with different page proportions and how to build a hierarchical representation.

With the Betelgeuse template for Cargo Collective you can make single miniatures twice as large, change the layouts and highlight specific objects. Within each page of the artwork, pictures and video are resized so that they resize to match the template, but never bigger than their full sizes. A further stylistically arranged homepage in the Galleriestil, the Urban Photography template for Wix, is minimum and elegantly and delivers the largest part of the surface of the monitor to large pictures.

Whilst it is particularly efficient for the presentation of photographs, this subject is sufficiently varied to show any kind of artistic work, especially illustrations, and has an integrated cultural exchange. A further Adobe portfolio offered by a well-known design artist, this stylistic design was created by Amsterdam-based Marta Veludo. It is centered, with navigational possibilities on the leftside - and the whole website is structured on a fast-reacting raster with solid channels.

The Yorker template for Squarespace, specially developed for designer use, is surprisingly small in comparison to thumbnail-driven designs. There is a large, powerful intro over the folder, while large projects are either full width or half width. It' a straightforward portfolio template that radiates trust, and you need the work to do it.

Throne is another ultra-multifaceted Wordpress template and is ideal for both freelancers and a full-fledged design studios. It' especially good for those with a wide and in-depth portfolio across different fields, as the navigator will filter your work by categories. Caassiopeia is a reactive portfolio template for Cargo Collective that populates the width of your web browsing experience with thumbnail column views.

Cassiopeia, like its Cargo stable mate Betelgeuse, scaled your projects image to width and you can also do this vertical to blend into a web browsing area. Much of the portfolio template available for the Wix Platform is quite diverse in end-use but there is usually a proposed strategy that is best suited.

The Emma Brewer topic, which is aimed at artistic managers and graphics artists, contains large, half-page miniature views on the homepage that extend to extensive projector series. Every one has a killer-screen-filling heroic picture at the top, a section with information and a choice of alternate pictures at the bottom - an excellent way to show multi-touch point brands and designs.

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