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The Portfolio Gallery is an elegant image and portfolio display theme. Portfolio gallery free download WordPress Theme Reviews The Portfolio Gallery is an innovative, contemporary and stylish WordPress theme for viewing pictures in different customisable layout with different colour scheme, type sizes, widths and functions. Topic type also offers extensive possibilities for adaptation. Configure your header typeography, elementary and subordinate type, and entry and text area preferences.

You can select the typographic fonts, character pitch, styles, and text transformation and weighting choices.

Portfolio-gallery: main functions

Nowadays, an on-line portfolio has become a must for most creative people. Luckily, it's also not very hard to build one, thanks to the might of Wordpress. However, a somewhat unfortunate part of the tale is that selecting a nice but very adaptable portfolio theme for your Wordpress-based portfolio can be challenging.

This report presents such a nice and adaptable portfolio theme: Portfolio Gallery. Visually yet versatile: Although the Portfolio Gallery is a theme that has been developed to present pictures in a very stylish way, it is the ideal starting point for a variety of sites. It can be successfully used, for example, to build a portfolio of businesses, a branded website, a branded website, a website, etc.

Backend of the theme, which is based on the Web Dortmund webmework, is very simple to use and provides many functions and adaptation options in the theme. Predefined template for simple setup: Design comes with many predefined patterns that can be used to make it simple to deploy. Plug-in support: The design supports all important plug-ins you want to use.

JetPack, WooCommerce, bbPress or any other favorite plug-in; you will have no problems to install and use it as long as you use this design. You can download the free introductory copy of the topic from Web-dorado. This release provides bugfixes only, the front side slide can only contain up to two foils and no assistance is provided.

For more cover slide and website endorsement, their lowest price pack is Personnel One, which is $20 and provides 6 month endorsement for an unrestricted cover slide family. You also have a business pack for the price of $30, which gives you 1 year for 3omains.

Then you can purchase the $40 Development Bundle with one year unrestricted domain coverage. When you want to create an on-line portfolio of any kind, the Portfolio Gallery is an issue that you should seriously consider. Even if you don't want to create an on-line portfolio, but something else that involves viewing many pictures, you should still think seriously about it, as it has been conceived to present pictures in a breathtaking way.

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