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And if you want to work on your personal branding, these unique portfolio layouts and presentations are sure to help! The Colors Creative is a unique and colourful portfolio or creative agency theme. Reactive layouts (designs/templates) for Adobe Portfolio, a website creator designed specifically for creative professionals. The Amazon theme to present your colorful graphic design work in a clearly laid out raster layout. Storefront of the best grid layout and portfolio websites.

Twenty unique portfolio layouts and presentations

As many freelance designer clients depend on their portfolio to attract new clients, it is important that you provide enough information about yourself and attract them. When you want to differentiate yourself in this highly competetive designer environment, it's important to make your portfolio as compelling as possible.

Imagine a breath of creativeness and innovation that will take you a long way in your careers, and both your on-line and off-line portfolio will enhance your exposure. When you do a little research, you will definitely find tens of millions of inspiring CVs and designer profiles that can help and inspire you to create your own portfolio.

Designportfolios come in many forms and heights. And if you want to work on your own individual marketing, these one-of-a-kind portfolio layout and presentation will certainly help! What do you need to add to your portfolio to make it more attractive to prospective customers? There is a variety of capabilities that are spreading throughout the web designing business.

You are a frontend design engineer, a developer, a developer? Although the web is becoming more socially oriented, it is amazing how many still do not show their faces on their portfolio sites. When you are an experienced design professional who has a number of high-profile customers among your best, show them on your portfolio.

Take a look at these inspirational samples of designer portfolio, booklets, CVs and slides and don't miss to tell us which one is your favourite! Also make sure you are reading the advice on creating the best portfolio! It is a nice portfolio, abstracted and printable. Let yourself be enchanted by his artwork, which can also be used as a booklet or corporate image.

The portfolio is divided into four areas: Corporates, Projects, Illustrations and Photography. 2. Miller is a graphics artist who has designed, directed and developed for United Way, TimeWarner, Ray-Ban and Honda brands, as well as for brands identities and marketing strategies. is a biannual journal about travelling and lifestyle that also includes exclusives storylines, movie reviews, play lists and on-line guidebooks.

Inspire yourself with his designs and use some of the detail in his layout for your new portfolio. Sorbet and Nicole Millerwong are responsible for the artistic management and designs of the magazines. An example of how human eyes are visually clued compared to Daniel Barba's own movements.

Have a look at the layout and the way photograph and type were used in this work. Your company is presented in an innovative way with this booklet. Horizontally structured, it is available in A4 and letterhead sizes. It' s classical styling makes it simple to adapt and work with. Designed by Fabio Moderno, this resume artwork has a modern and clear look.

Photoshop or Adobe Indesign software makes them simple to adapt and work with. It' an excellent way to present your work as a photographic pro, web design expert or digitally created work. These are Molly Culbertson's portfolio from 2008 to 2012, an on-line booklet containing many stunning creations.

Our pamphlet is the ideal way to present your work. Developed for property firms, it can also be used successfully as a portfolio model. Horizontally structured, it is available in A4 and letterhead sizes. There are 32 pages that you can copy or trim, and its minimum and contemporary styling makes it simple to adjust.

It''s beautifully crafted and easily customizable. There is a 2 page curriculum vitae and a covering note as well as a reference page. Create this free résumé style sheet with free scripts and symbols from Fernando Baez. For UI design artist Roland Lösslein, this nice one-page portfolio contains stunning crossovers across the entire page.

Inspire yourself with this website theme and integrate some of its features into a print-friendly portfolio! It is a beautiful portfolio/brochure layout that has been influenced by God who created the universe, including quotations from script. Take this to build an astonishing portfolio! It is a basic portfolio booklet with a clear and minimalistic monochrome look that highlights the work that you present in it.

It is an architectural booklet that can be used as an inspirational source for any other kind of booklet or portfolio. How about on-line portfolio? He is a web developer who likes to experiment with new web designing technologies that bring together web designers.

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