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Portfoliogestaltung as inspiration! Download 24+ Design Templates Following our success on CV submissions, we have chosen to help you with portfolio artwork submissions, inspiration and inspiration for your portfolio. Compiling your own idea and building an amazing portfolio makes it all the more difficult. Therefore, we have added some portfolio themes that can be download as a template so that you can use the theme and layout to build your own portfolio from the files.

The portfolio theme is ideal for student designers who want to get a competitive edge in theircareers. Sounds and layout of the portfolio are subtile and inspirational. For more information on portfolio creation, read the hints on creating a great portfolio of graphics designs. This template will help you build a 16-page advanced portfolio theme.

A PDF thumbnail and a help with the template are also provided. A further inspiring portfolio theme. Hyejoo Kim from South Korea compiled this portfolio. Its portfolio is very good at playing with minimumism and illustration, which makes for an interesting combo. When you are looking for a portfolio template that is appropriate for a business sector that looks stylish and minimally invasive, this is the template you should choose.

Photos specified in the thumbnail are not contained in the files and you must use your personal photos to build the portfolio. Looking forward to an unusual portfolio look, take a look at the portfolio Sofia Silva from Portugal has made.

It is a portfolio CV and the designers have creative combined creative features into a portfolio. It is a 48-page minimum booklet template. You can edit the data and need InDesign to edit it. A 23-page PDF booklet template supplied with 6 InDesign documents.

Template comes with Ai pattern and help files. The multi-purpose portfolio template is high value and very professionally designed. It' s a simple layout to use and manipulate, and you won't have a hard job building the portfolio. Copies are available in the following data formats: inddd, idml und PDF.

One-sided portfolio themes are mainly used for the creation of websites and on-line portfolio themes. If you think you want to do something similar, then the given portfolio is ideal to get your idea and your inspirations. The Portfolio Template is designed for professional creatives looking for a contemporary and diverse portfolio layout. This portfolio template works with both Photoshop and Illustrator and is also available for free downloading.

Files are in PSD form, and using layered files you can make any changes you want to the theme. So Yeon Kim from the USA developed this portfolio. One of the most appealing parts of designing a booklet is to fold and cut and then type.

The portfolio is a great inspirational resource for all professional artists who want to make great first impressions. When it comes to designing and creating artwork, the web is full of inspirations and suggestions, but it's not always simple to catch the eye. It is only the best and most imaginative who manage to draw people' interest, and the same applies to portfolio management.

One portfolio is used by creatives to assemble their design-related work. This portfolio is used in interview and client sessions to understand the artist's full talent-set. It' s like a whole life of creativity. When you are looking for CV masters, read our current one-page CV masters updates.

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