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Wordpress Portfolio Projects

Support for two custom content types is provided when the Custom Content Type module is enabled in the Jetpack by WordPress.com plugin: short portfolio code Use shortcuts to include portfolio projects in postings and pages. In order to include portfolio projects in postings and pages, first enable the user-defined Portfolio context on your website and include some projects in your portfolio. Next, insert the short form[Portfolio] into a contribution or page. Short code displays projects in different ways according to how you use the optionally set portfolio layout adjustment attribute.

This example shows up to ten portfolio projects in two rows, in increasing order alphabetically by name. Only projects are displayed to which the Grooming Tips or Best Kitties types are allocated.

Content type

The new ( free!) portfolio tool and topics focus on your creative potential. The creation of a nice portfolio has now become much easier: We are pleased to present you the new Portfolio Content Type. As soon as activated on your website, your dashboard will receive a new " Portfolio " section where you can administer all your portfolio projects in one place, separated from your contributions and pages.

Easily classify and mark up your projects so they don't intersect with your blogs. Even better, you don't loose your projects and don't have to organize your contents every time you change topics. Launching a portfolio is as simple as reviewing an item in your dashboard. But before you hurry to fill all your portfolio projects and split them with the rest of the globe, we have another message that will really make your portfolio glow... two new free portfolio topics!

Made with care by two of our own gifted designer, Escied and Illustratr will take your portfolio to the next step. Created by Takashi Irie, espaied has a textured, screened surface that shows your portfolio neatly and accurately on any machine. It' s sleek styling detail emphasizes your projects instead of overpowering your audience, getting your message across neatly and to the point - and making your creativity a celebrity.

Guillot's Illustratr topic allows your portfolio to daisy-chain monitors in a smooth, minimum and reactive way. Illustratr adds strength and sophistication to your portfolio with its meticulously chosen typeface, subtile colour pops and full-screen images limited by an adjustable frame.

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