Portfolio Template for Wordpress

Wordpress Portfolio Template

A unique portfolio single-click view function. Perfect for any type of designer or agency. WorldPress Portfolio Topics Portfolio is the best way to show your ability to show your customers what you are made of. View beautifully rendered pictures from previous work and refer to complete case histories for each work. The presentation of your fine work will only amaze the visitor if it is packed into a fine subject.

There is nothing that will ruin your efforts to win new customers more quickly than a faulty and nasty issue.

Here are 20 of the best WordPress topics for building an on-line portfolio. Those Topics are well done and equipped with many functions. Psst! Themeforest offers 30% off 24 of their best portfolio topics. Any of the topics below has many layout available, so if you see an aesthetics you like, make sure you visit the demonstration for more information.

Heli' s portfolio of galleries is quite impressive. With Heli you can build all sorts of websites as a multifunctional topic. WordPress is a beautiful, powerful WordPress topic. It is perfect for portfolio use, but can also be used for many other forms of websites such as on-line stores, blogging and agency websites.

Overall, ThisGem is a truly elegant and contemporary topic for managing an on-line portfolio. You can use it for a variety of different imaginative work. Just like the Gem, it has many different layout options, which makes it great for tonnes of websites. They can find default layout with this topic, but there are also some uncommon ones.

Above all, the clear and generous "Metro" arrangement is definitely something to consider for your portfolio. When you have a slogan or position message to convey, this will work great. Ensembles is a modern portfolio issue. Again there are many different designs, but I found this two-column style particularly interesting.

Titles are overlayed when a portfolio element is run over, which is uniquely contemporary. Hirsch is a contemporary and minimalistic portfolio topic. There is a filtering portfolio array and a selection of dozens of choices. A lot of art houses put the pictures against each other from frame to frame, but the portfolio stag designs keep a thin frame, which gives them a very sleek look.

There are six demo pages for the Hirsch topic, so make sure you try each one to see what the topic is capable of. Workshop is an expression-strong and nice portfolio topic. In contrast to some of the multi-purpose topics, the workshop concentrates entirely on collections with different design for different kinds of collections.

Graphics is a hot and trendy portfolio topic. It is designed for architectural and aesthetic purposes, but could be well suited for many kinds of portfolio site. The oversaturated blues gives the styling a great deal of power and is generally very up-to-date. Filters are also a great way to make it easier for your users to search through much of your work.

And there are a lot of other designs, and with graphics you can also open an eCommerce shop. It' a wonderful subject, and I really like the above mentioned design. There are also laysouts that contain a very small headers so that a lot of pictures appear immediately on the page.

You can also use it for a one-page website for anyone who wants to set up a very easy website quickly. The Clean Folio emphasises your pictures with a full width brickwork galery. Its well balanced graphic with text and messages from the blogs makes it very useful for a portfolio site. The portfolio topic also has a default multi-column galery design that can be reused on any page.

It will be no problem for your customers to get in contact with you, whether you are a contractor or a designer. The FilmMaker WordPress topic is specialized in creating complete videoportfolios. Featuring bright and deep wallpapers, miniature videos and sweeping pictures, it is a great addition to any website that wants to present videos or pictures.

Contemporary typeface and meticulous use of whitespace make Essu a very appealing subject. Missing channels between the portfolio elements in the galleries create a neat and minimalistic look on the portfolio pages. Although it' s great for presenting photographs, it' s great for any portfolio site.

It will be no problem for you to present your work with this clear and appealing portfolio topic. A few topics go beyond board with the decorations and entertainment that lead to an amazing adventure. It' good to have a basic lint removing feature that presents what's really important. The QOON has a fistful of layout, but you can see the portfolio designs above.

She uses the Josefin Slab serial script and has a filtering album. Whereas works of art with this subject would look good in terms of digitization, the designs are better suited to match those of real people. Especially the handicraft would go well with this cosy style. Overlap has some really original and interesting designs for its portfolio.

As with many of the topics, the gallery is filtersable, which means that it is immediately updated when users flip through your works collections. The Mentas is a fully-fledged portfolio topic. Featuring over 1,000 sold copies and a full 5-star ranking on Themeforest, this topic is dependable and well thought out. Visiting the demonstration you will immediately find that you can do more than just post a portfolio with this topic.

Integrated with Visual Composer to create user-defined page layout. Obviously, there are a lot of choices when it comes to the portfolio pages themselves. Mentas Kunstportfolio allows you to post as many "gallery" pages as you like. Here you will present your work in nice, multi-column screens.

Allows you to use pictures, video and even sound in your portfolio. There may be more than you need if you want to set up a very basic portfolio site, but for anyone interested in setting up a bigger site, it is an outstanding option. When you want to build a basic portfolio, you can't outperform the MyThemeShop portfolio themes.

It is a minimalistic and simple subject to use. Its clear styling focuses on your portfolio pictures. Picture galleries react and additional elements can be immediately uploaded using the Load More pushbutton. You can also filter the galleries so that users can select any of the categories and get an up-to-date picture listing.

The portfolio also features a nice lay-out for the blogs, as well as hundred of scripts to select from via Google scripts and several colour choices. Ratio has a variety of design, but especially this tiles galleries is very noticable. Whilst the subject was developed for architect and engineer, it is suitable for any high-end portfolio.

MyThemeShop's MyPortfolio, another portfolio topic, is a clear and contemporary topic for art portfolio. MyPortfolio's styling is also quite easy, but it has a black side bar for your logo/page titles and menus. As a result, there is plenty of room for the portfolio pictures. When you click on a portfolio element, either a pop-up can be displayed or the visitor can be led to a whole article about the graph.

The MyPortfolio is extremely adaptable with a number of different layout, slide controls and more. The Core is a truly awesome photo portfolio topic. There is a plain, but still nice, reflecting picture control. More suitable for photos than other portfolio type, as a click on an icon shows a light box rather than a full page of the portfolio element.

The reason I like this subject is that it goes directly into the artis. You haven't found a topic you like? The Divi is the most adaptable topic ever developed. This is my selection for the best portfolio topics for 2017. Whilst I have tried to grasp the best of each of the above subjects, they all have so much more to show.

Several of these topics can be used for any type of website you can think of. While you are still looking for more topics, you will probably want to browse our WordPress Topics page and our best WordPress topics selection for photography.

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