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Portfolio Theme

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Best 36 WordPress Portfolio Topics for Freelancers[Issue 2018]

Wordprocess makes it simple to build any kind of website, even portfolio. No matter whether you are a still photography artist, design artist, Illustrator or other creator, here you will find a variety of topics that have been created with portfolio in view. We' ve compiled the best portfolio topics in this article, some of which are free to help you build a breathtaking portfolio and engage your prospective customers.

Whilst most designs have fundamental customization choices, they are restricted to the design intent. If you want to modify this page or customize it even more, what can I do? With Elementor Pro's Theme builder function, you can customize your whole theme without having to learn how to encode (or hire a developer). Topics on this page mainly contain topics that have been remunerated, but we have the best free portfolio topics we could find.

You will also find a few Genesis kid topics that are perfectly suited for presenting past work. Every theme is fast reacting and offers breathtaking photographs as well as the possibility to present your portfolio in a highly imaginative way. It is a good portfolio website to choose from as it has a number of portfolio layout and page styles to help you present your past project and your agent in an impressive way.

Design features an expansive theme option pane that lets you customize color, font, backgrounds, logos, and more. You will also be able to use more than 200 hook and have the option to customize a child's theme for ultimative customizations. Fevr theme has been optimised to download quickly, it is fully reactive and comes with WooCommerce and business press integrations.

Oshine theme is characterized by a contemporary and classy look, with many ready-made laysouts that make it possible to build a one-of-a-kind website for your portfolio. Offering multiple customisation possibilities, the redesign is optimised for both quick loading and searching, and fully reactive. Solid Dynamic is a rich theme that ships with Solid Builder Page Builder, which lets you manipulate any of the pre-built page designs and build a new one.

There are ready-made chapters in it that significantly reduce set-up and styling times, so all you have to do is substitute your own for the contents. Select the workshop theme if you are looking for a minimalist theme. It is a good option for creativity agents, architect and photographer. Select a brick or pillar arrangement for your portfolio and use ready-made portfolio style to learn more detail about your past work.

Portfolio is fully filtrable so that prospective customers can see easy to see project tailored to their needs. Design is fully adaptable and optimised to quickly download. Graphic Theme provides a range of home page designs and allows you to build a custom graphic theme for your portfolio project. There is a breathtaking slide control for parallaxes that is perfectly suited to present your latest work or lead your website users to pages where they can find out more about you and your service.

Design includes user-defined page styles for pages such as Services and Prices, Team, Info, and more. Graphics integrate with Visual Composer so you can quickly adjust the look and feel, and the Theme Option Panel allows you to modify colours, type, and more. It is also appealing and provides support for the use of rich information graphics that are perfectly suited for the exchange of case study information.

Bateaux theme is characterised by a clear styling with lots of space to highlight your previous work. It uses an industry-leading blueprint page Builder that says it is the quickest and easiest pagebuilder for WordPress. Blueprint gives you full creative freedom over the page layouts and the designs include several different demos and menus to make your site more attractive.

Customize the look with the Live Customizer, where you can customize the page layouts, adjust the width, customize colours, font styles, your own backgrounds, your logos and more. The Bateaux is also optimised for Sony Outlook and features a highly reactive and smooth interface that fits perfectly to any display area.

Potassium comes with several demonstration suites designed specifically for creatives and freelance professionals, providing an stylish grids look for your portfolio with additional room for previous clients' logo and endorsement. Even synchronize your DriftBle portfolio with your website and simply bring in your work.

It uses Visual Composer and has a built-in Revolution slider to produce visual slide shows. Potassium can also be included with the WPML plug-in, which is useful if you want to compile your topic. Utilize the power of the administration to embed your tag in the theme and give it a stylish look with Google Font, Adobe Typekit, and Font Squirrel script.

Uncode contains more than 16 portfolio layout themes to present your work in a stylish way. Another distinctive characteristic or theme is the Contents Block, which allows you to build, store, and re-use ready-made contents on any page of your website. In addition, the design features an enhanced theme option pane and more than 1000 hand-picked symbols as well as symbols for community contacts.

Grand Portfolio's styling is characterized by an elegantly designed, daring picture and beautifully typographed type. First thing you will see is the large overhead picture that can be used to present your office or your teammates, followed by a portfolio that can be filtered in a neat raster. This theme comes with ready-made ready-made designs designed for the creativity industry such as designer, photographer and architect.

When you have many different jobs, you can take advantage of the endless scrolling function and customise your typefaces, colours, logo's, layout and much more with the integrated customiser and pagebuilder. This topic is completely reactive, optimised for SMEs and contains comprehensive literature. Adios is another great option for those who like a minimalist style.

This theme offers 9 homepage and a selection of portfolio designs, including raster, brickwork and a horizontally arranged one. Due to its minimalist design, the theme reloads quickly and is optimised for advancedEO. The Adios also comes with an easy-to-use pull & dropdown page-builder, limitless widgets, different navigational modes and an expansive theme option pane.

While Proton may look straightforward, it offers a variety of ways to view your portfolio. You can first select between raster, brickwork and several columns. In addition, you will find several layout for single project and different galleries. This theme is built into Google Fonts, making it quite straightforward to create a contemporary and eye-catching typeface.

Proton's theme is also appealing and readily translatable. Studio Pro Theme is a children's theme for the Genesis frame and is ideal for agency clients who need a style. There is a large head area on the homepage where you can attract the public's eye with a wallpaper or add a call to actionutton.

Below are three broadget areas to emphasize your area of specialty, followed by a neat raster of your recent work. Best of all, the homepage uses widgets to build the layouts, so it's simple to rearrange items and organise them according to your brands.

Being a Genesis Kind Theme, you can be sure that your website will look great on all your equipment and will be loaded quickly, as well as offering all of the advantages of the Genesis Platform. Perhaps the pro might seem made just for doing it, but it works pretty well for creatives and contractors as well.

Select from multiple page layout options such as two-column, full-page, or centred contents, as well as service page styles and a target page that is ideal for boosting your e-mail sign-ups, attendee registration, and revenue. This design also comes with a Beaver Builder page style sheet, which means you embed this design with one of the most widely-used Page Builder plug-ins and build your own partitions.

The Genesis frameworks make it simple to adapt the theme and optimize it for better performance. Gallery Pro theme is a good option for the photographer looking for an easier way to build their website. This theme is ideal for freelance artists or those who want to address a feminine public with its stylish styling and attractive typeface.

This theme can also be integrated into WooCommerce, which makes the sale of your printed products child's play. In addition to the customisation features, convenient Widget areas and appealing styling, the Gallery Pro theme is definitely a worthwhile try. Another female Genesis children's theme, Petty Creative is suitable for both face-to-face portfolio and executive website use.

It has a distinctive subscription form that allows you to create an e-mail mailing lists of prospective customers. Also presents your previous work with large pictures that are displayed in full colour and monochrome when you move the mouse over them. They can also use this design to resell your photo print outs, print-ready documents, brand-name asset or designs as it fits seamlessly into WooCommerce.

Multiple page styles and laysouts are available, and you can customize colours, logos, cover art, and more using the built-in WordPress Live Customizer. Slush Pro adopts a slightly different stance on a portfolio theme, with a home page that uses a classic blogs look, coupled with large pictures that are great for displaying your work.

Portfolio can be presented in 2-, 3- or 4-column lieouts and you can also find multiple headers and page lieouts. The theme also allows you to view your socially minded contacts and provides a wide spread among your blogs that is perfectly suited to increase your e-mail subscription rates. The Maker Pro is a Genesis children's theme with a big emphasis on type and legibility, but that doesn't mean that you can't use it for your portfolio site.

Indeed, the homepage has several paragraphs that contain large pictures and you can even create links to your portfolio page. Your portfolio itself presents your past products clearly and you can design single pages as detailed as you like. As the name implies, Agency Pro is a good option for creating agency.

Its design offers a breathtaking, user-defined wallpaper and incorporates several ready-made colour scheme options. Your homepage puts your work in the spotlight and there is a widget area in front of the bottom line where you can include a shortcut to your contacts page or a customized call to action for prospective customers.

Like the Genesis sub topics, here are some user-defined page styles and default styles that you can use to move your sideline to a different location or view full-width pages as an option. And you can also include a short biography under each entry and experience the appealing look. If you' re a big fan o f black surfaces, consider the aspectire pro look.

The theme does an excellent job of using contrasts by combining deep head and ground colours with striking, vibrant colours that attract your visitors' interest and focus your call to trade. Overall homepage is developed to increase your trustworthiness and create confidence in prospective customers, and you can show your creative power on the portfolio page with ease.

In addition to several page styles, this Genesis kid theme also contains style price charts and the home page section adapts to the number of user-defined Widgets you are adding. Workingstation Pro offers a lot of white space and a neat grids outline for your portfolio. View or deselect the Sidebar and use the Destination Page Style to create lead and sign-ups.

It' s a fast reactive theme that allows you to optimize colours and other theme adjustments with the Customizer. It is also optimised for Genesis children topics like lead. Candid' theme offers on the homepage a brickwork that is perfectly suited to focus on your previous work.

Since this topic is focused on multimedia, you can use pictures, as well as art and video contents, to present your creative work. This theme comes with several personalization settings that help you customize your website by allowing you to add your own custom logos, highlight colours, edge colours, switch colours and more.

Or use the Widget-area in your side bar to advertise your latest contributions, portfolio parts, commentaries and other contents. With the Designer Theme you can quickly and simply present your latest designs, drawings, sound, photography and more. It is a good option for anyone who wants to get their website up and run quickly.

This designer theme includes several portfolio lifestyles, among them tiles, horizontal format, portraits and squares. It is also fully reactive and adaptable. Aesthetics is a topic perfectly suited to trend stylists and trend portfolioists. A clear and minimalist look, coupled with stunning full-width pictures and a raster-based portfolio page, is the hallmark of the game.

The aesthetics are very simple to adjust. The design uses a pull & dropper page creator, so it's simple to modify layout and rebuild user-defined layout from the ground up. In addition, the design has been optimised for better visibility into your website and you can back up your whole website using the integrated automated back-up feature.

Stylish comes with beautiful designed type, full width pictures and multiple blogs and portfolio layout. This topic does an outstanding job of eliminating diversions and focusing on your work. Stylish also features user-defined socially styled imagery and beautiful picture filtering that you can use on your pictures after they' been uploaded.

Designed by Themify, this design uses its own Page Builder signatures, so you can simply build your own customized layout using a drag-and-drop API. In addition, you can add the user-defined contributor to your teammates and customise the headers, font styles and colours for each page and contribution.

An Angle is a nice, appealing portfolio theme, equipped with a homepage slide and the opportunity to present all the imaginative service you have to provide. Present your portfolio in a grid-based format and present your members of the teams as well as previous customer stories to help establish confidence.

As with many other topics on this page, the theme offers lots of room for your project to set itself apart from the crowd, coupled with sleek type. The Angle contains several widgettized areas, so you can create and modify the look and feel of your homepage with user-defined WPZOOM Widget. Design comes with portfolio style, customized Widgets, and various layouts options.

Customize to load a user-defined side bar wallpaper and optimize other options such as font, logos, and more. It is also fast reacting and optimised for advancedEO. This is a free portfolio theme that can be equated with many prime portfolio topics. Offering a clear layout and the possibility to quickly build your portfolio.

This theme also provides two navigational links, the top level top level and the bottom level via a special feature called RSS Feed, so you can simply create links to your people. There is a basic blogs page on your site so you can provide your own designs and sharing your work. Nikkon's theme is perfectly suited for photo collections, as the homepage uses a grid-based lay-out to show your past work.

It comes with a number of different headers, so you can select the one that best fits your trademark and adjust other styling options to mirror your trademark identity. Several page laysouts are available, making this free site look amazingly feature-rich. When you like the interest styled look, try Gridsby.

You will also find an area where you can create a customized call to trade or split your company's biography. In addition to responsiveness, this free design is also retinal-style, with multiple page layout and template choices, as well as many customisation possibilities. Create a user-defined wallpaper, send a wallpaper, modify colours, font and much more.

Adney's theme is a contemporary style based on shallow trend designs, with dynamic prompts and style animation. You can use the theme to view a portfolio on your homepage that can be filtered, address members of your teams, view previous customer endorsements and much more. The Adney is fully reactive and optimised for all SEOs.

The integrated customizer lets you customize color and add more adjustment choices with the administration tools. In addition, the topic has been encoded with best practice in the back of your head to make sure it is loaded quickly. Milo's theme is a good option for minimum portfolio, as the overall look is as minimum as possible.

There is only one portfolio element on the homepage at a given moment, but there is a portfolio page where your viewers can see more of your work. WooCommerce and Milo make selling your e-commerce product simple. A further minimum theme, Dorsey, places a spotlight on the portfolio design.

Dorsey's theme is fast and retinal and can be integrated with Google fonts so you can modify your typographic preferences with ease. In addition, the design is simple to customise and comes with the page layout for your blogs. Quantum distinguishes three user-defined layout for each page of the work.

Using a traditional lay-out, case studies, or full-screen picture galleries, you can view detailed information about your workflow and your specific needs. Design is fully reactive and extremely customisable, so you can integrate your brands with ease and use customized colours, scripts, logos and more. It''s also translation-friendly, allows you to view your real estate with Google Maps, and contains breathtaking CSS3 motion to put your stories in the spotlight.

Air is a nice theme with several portfolio ideas and lots of whitespace to draw your past project in. Using a slide bar, you can encourage your best work and present the remainder with classy brickwork, or use a full-width lay-out to maximise the number of designs you can view.

It is available in lighter and darker version, and no mater which you select, you can set up user-defined catagories for your project so that your users can browse through your portfolio pages. Customize not only the color and font, but also the distance between portfolio item, backgrounds, and more.

In addition, the Air theme has been optimised for Font Awesome to make it even more SEO-optimised, load quickly and contain nice Font Awesome iconsets. Avoir WordPress is a minimum and versatile WordPress theme designed for graphics and web design professionals, design studios, freelance professionals, photography professionals, and fine arts in general.

This theme puts particular emphasis on type and comes with vibrant colours and great photograph that is perfectly suited to present your past work. The Avoir is fully reactive, optimised for performance and cross-browser compatibility. You can use Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plug-ins to build limitless slider controls and custom layout, and use the Administrator to optimize various theme preferences.

The Hestia Pro is inspired by materials and has bright colours that will attract the eye of your public. It is a topic that is well suited for companies as well as creativity and digitisation agents who need to present their work. It is a good option for anyone who wants a one-page website, as the theme has a lot of room to present your project, service, team members and even your product if you want to yourselves present topics or other electronic data.

Using para-allax in this theme attracts attention to your call to action and you can customize the color and more with WordPress Customizer. If that' s not enough, Hestia Pro will integrate with the main Page Builders plug-ins such as Elementor, Beaver Builders and others, so you can build your own customized layout without having to manipulate a line of coding.

Fortunately, the topics on this checklist have many functions that make this job easy. Take advantage of our collections to find the best theme for your portfolio site. You haven't found a topic you like? Below are a few other thematic summaries that may have what you need: Contains e-mail updates.

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