Portfolio website 2016

2016 portfolio website

These are 10 of the most amazing and inspiring web design portfolios ever. Her portfilio is funny, open and fun to use. The Saito portfolio is a technical pleasure. A list of the 25 elegant, sophisticated and trendy portfolio websites of 2016. Not only do these websites serve as inspiration, they also teach you a lot about web design.

Best new portfolio locations, January 2016

Welcome to the portfolio compilation in January. There' s much to appreciate about every portfolio that' s enumerated here, so why not snatch a cup of tea and rummage through some of the best new websites to present artwork. Here are some of the most thrilling designer working in studio environments around the globe who have all released or upgraded their portfolios in recent months.

When it comes to the environment, what looks like a basic yet breathtaking picture sequence is actually a subtile portfolioavigation. It' not, however, subtle enough to be puzzling. In my view, the vertical centred text, which changes depending on the projects, was a great one. The Colin Grist portfolio should in any event be included in that listing.

His rigid, grid-based design, coupled with plenty of whitespace, allows the designer's work to do the speaking. The Maria De La Guardia website looks good, works well, similar to most other websites on this site as well. It was striking how she mixed blogs into her portfolio with her work.

When you have something you are proud of (and it is design-related), you may want to include it in your portfolio. Ultimately, your portfolio should show what you know. Charles NYC are characterized by fantastical type ography, a mostly repetitive monochrome subject (their work provides the only colour on a particular page), fluid motion and a distinctive styling.

Combining "fancy" type with illustration and photograph, it creates a style that touches both professionals and people. Having seen James Tupper's own portfolio, I have the feeling that I have a small notion of what it would be like to work with him. Take for example the soft, extravagant animation that doesn't too much detract from the contents, the great typeface and the great work.

Actually, you should look at Fable & Co. alone for the type. Richard's Partners is another great website for those who love a full size design. In addition, the Hamburg design (the kind with rolls, not three lines) is somehow inspiring for the portfolio area. The Pat Kay portfolio is a great example of how to design screens with high page heights.

Kumar Atulesh took an otherwise rather standardized lay-out and made it look great with a lot of love for detail. This website uses a wide range of contemporary technologies, such as animated backgrounds, yet maintains a kind of old-school futuristic feeling with the designer's typeface, colour selections and cut-out photograph.

It' s like an old website that was done right and awakens a strange joy in my senses. Officially, I assume it' s true that space typefaces are back in vogue, at least to some extent. And Bakken & Baeck is doing well, using Bakken & Baeck for the entire text in their portfolio of start-ups. Portfolio... of businesses that they' ve set up or co-established.

Unfortunately Carl Kleiner is hiding his entire navigational system behind a single badge (like some other pages on the list). But what I like is the way he approached his portfolio. The fact that many portfolio have not even as much type management makes this portfolio anomaly.

There' the small question of the fact that if you end up on the homepage, you could waste a second or two searching for his portfolio. You don't think you're so clever when you find you've got it right in front of you. However, once you have found out that the somewhat unorthodox browsing of this page is somewhat browsing.... ahem unorthodox, there is a great deal to appreciate about its design.

At first this can be a bit bewildering because you have inserted your name directly into the menu. It makes me quite sure when I say they're Google-led, because they did a few things for the technology behemoth.

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