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A web design portfolio for Thrive Internet Marketing, a web design and digital marketing agency in Texas that presents our business and e-commerce designs. Whether you are creating a graphic design portfolio or a web design portfolio, similar principles apply and will be covered in this guide. Default website base; site manager; event calendar;

recipe manager. View full case study - Louisville web design portfolio: The first impression someone will have of your company is your website.

Attractive design trends from the portfolio of web design companies

A web designer's portfolio design is a constantly developing ongoing refinement proces. It' their gateway for prospects and employer and therefore has to prove in itself the manifold abilities of the web designers and exceed the limits of the latest design trend. The web design area is of particular importance for the overall aesthetics of the web and can give a good glimpse into the directions in which web design today's tendencies are heading.

Today we take a look at some of the latest web design portfolio related issues and show samples that show how these issues can be addressed very efficiently. Up until recently, the emphasis was on visual language on web designers portfolio pages. We now see a move towards more summary portfolio where the portfolio is a collection of hyperlinks to lives, deals or past businesses.

In part, this is probably an answer to the demand of many organizations for real-time portfolio work and project, as distinct from purely visual. Suspended and accidentally placed items can bring character to a portfolio design. This indicates a departure from the very textured, templates-like layout to which we have become so used ( and which are now truly struggling to highlight a portfolio).

It' especially efficient in combining with elements such as previous work or images. Probably a brutalistic web design bandwagon offering more and more colour experiments in web design portfolio sites and delivering some very visible results. Web design professionals often deviate from the more general raster layout and define their own custom layout and distance.

Uses a shared lay-out, integrating several text orientations, black-and-white images, and large areas of space. Did you stumble across breathtaking web design portfolio lately?

Website Design Portfolio | Louisville, Ky

The Hindman Settlement School made a big impression in its area, but its old website did not do so. Creed founded both a still and a franchise, and they both had to showcase themselves in a fiercely contested business. The ghosts (and the spirits) they were bringing, and we were bringing sorcery on-line.

The Flame Run needed a place to bring the colour and adventures of glasscreation to live. You wanted to give the agitation of your trade a little "umph" without estranging your public. An uncomplicated tool was needed for Novia's actual and prospective customers, who were distinguished by a maze of disordered medias in their area.

The DAV has always been an organisation that did great things for vets in our land, but the Louisville Chapters struggled to get to the younger Fellowship. It was they who chose to modify it by working with us to create a website that would be truly vibrant. As Crescent Hill Crafts Home proprietors developed their plans for a Kentucky and Indiana Crescent Hill Crafts Home restaurant with the best Crafts Brew, they knew the site had to be as enticing as the place itself.

A website was needed that not only provided clients with the results of their sought-after breweries, but also consolidated all these sites into one slobbery website. Louisville YMCA was an early user of the YMCA conversion. One of the first creators to use the new brands on the web was Makespace.

This new design has been so popular that several other YMCAs have used it as an example of how to use the new Y trademark standard on the web. Having several shops well located in Louisville, KY, and planning to operate national franchises, Comfy had to improve their on-line footprint to ensure the overall excellence of their products.

The only Louisville web design firm they named that had as much enjoyment as they did. One of the top wholesalers in the area, Masters' Supply needed a re-branding and extensive website to service its customer base throughout Kentucky. Vacuum needed a new brand and website to interact with its prospective clientele and do new and better businesses.

Your website had started to come out of fashion, so they came to us to update it. Like most of our customers, the Harritt Group had to look as good as they were. They needed a website as vibrant as their company. The ID+A is living for design, so they knew they couldn't rely on some old web company for their website.

We' ve done a hundred logodesigns.

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