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The GridKit Portfolio Galerie - multipurpose portfolio, galleries, videogalleries, product catalogs, videogalleries, etc. The GridKit is an ultimative multi-purpose medium raster developed mainly for the production of portfolios, photos or videos galleries. Free functions of GridKit: Premium functions of GridKit: RasterKit Portfolio Galerie was developed for the composition of portfolios, galleries, photographic albums, e-commerce catalogues, videogallery medium meshes in liquid layout. Contains the whole contents in the box without dilating your images.

Support images, iFrame, videos and embed pop-ups. The GridKit Portfolio gallery allows you to present your title, description, links or zoom button during your auction. The GridKit Portfolio gallery makes your portfolio objects or images divisible with one click. That' not all, you can turn your website into a fully functioning e-commerce trading system to present your catalogue of products.

Dozens of functions are available that you will definitely like! Do you have a query about GridKit Portfolio Gallery? Please click here to get in touch with us at wpsofts@gmail.com. The GridKit Portfolio gallery can be uploaded and activated manually: "GridKit Portfolio Galerie - Multipurpose Portfolio, Galerie, Videogalerie, Produktkatalog" is open resource management system.

Adding a Portfolio to your WordPress Page

Would you like to use WordPress to create a portfolio website? Typically, most people use a portfolio WordPress topic to present their work, but what if you want to include a portfolio section on your current site? We' ll show you how to upload a portfolio to your WordPress page without switching topics.

As there are several WordPress portfolio plug-ins available, we will concentrate only on the two best ones that allow you to simply build a portfolio of almost any type. Portfolio creation is not just about including pictures and descriptions in your work. Their portfolio should be optically attractive and navigable.

At this point the Envira Galerie comes into play. The Envira Galerie is a highly reactive WordPress Galerie plug-in. Enables you to build nice picture galeries and blogs that look breathtaking on all types of equipment and screens. The Envira is a WordPress plug-in and you need at least a license schedule in order to get essential add-ons.

First, you need to download and enable the Envira Gallery plug-in. Envira Gallery is the gateway to your Gallery membership and you can obtain this from your Envira Gallery login. Once you have verified your licence code, go to the Envira Gallery " Preferences page and click the Add-ons page. Then click on the Connect pushbutton next to the Album and Standalone add-ons and enable them.

You can now build a galleried view of your portfolio item. They should handle each Galerie as a set or directory of similar Portfolio Elements and name them accordingly. Building your own photo galeries is easy and you can find more detail in our guidelines on how to build fast moving photo galeries in WordPress with Envira Gallerys.

Once you have set up a few albums, you need to set up your portfolio albums. Just go to the Envira Gallery " Albums and click the'Add New' icon. The creation of a new albums is very similar to the creation of a galery. In place of photographs, you will upload previously uploaded photo arteries. Just simply pull and dropping your albums into them.

Once you have added your gallery to the gallery, click the Configuration button. Here you can configurate how your gallery should be displayed. Now your portfolio albums are available for use on every page and every contribution. You can now either add a new WordPress page or modify an already created one to show your portfolio.

Click the Add Albums icon on the Mail Editorscreen. Choose the previously discarded albums from the pop-up window and click the Insert Albums icon. This is all you have successfully done in WordPress. Now you can see your portfolio page in activity. At any time you can modify the albums to set the portfolio viewing preferences, such as altitude or Galerie column.

Another possibility is to use a plug-in named Nimble Portfolio. The first thing you need to do is get the Nimble Portfolio plug-in installed and activated. Once activated, the plug-in adds a new submenu to your WordPress administration toolbar named 'Nimble Portfolio'. Nimble Portfolio " Create Portfolio Items to begin your portfolio construction.

First, specify a security name and a descriptive text for the portfolio entry. Filtering is like categorizing, allowing the user to organize your portfolio elements. Underneath the posts engine you will see portfolio choices. A pop-up window displays this picture or videotape to the visitor when he clicks on a portfolio element.

The screen is shown on the Portfolio Grid. Retry the operation to continue adding portfolio item(s). Once you've added a few portfolio elements, it's your turn to view them on your website. Just build a new page and type Portfolio as your security. That' all, you have successfully added a portfolio section to your WordPress page.

Hopefully this item has help you adding a portfolio to your WordPress page. Maybe you would also like to see our step-by-step guide on how to insert rotary test stories into WordPress. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos if you liked this one.

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