Portfoliobox vs Squarespace

tfoliobox vs. Squarespace

Basically, the Portfolio Box platform is an online portfolio website manager. Review of the portfolio box: A simple portfolio website building tool for creative professionals The Portfoliobox is one of the most secure and easy ways to start a free Portfoliobox site. It is particularly useful for performers and creative professionals, as it is equipped with functions tailored to this public. How good is the Portfoliobox for presenting your work on the Internet? In this report, I will be covering the entire rig, covering the difference between free and per-account.

However, it is enough to say that this is a very good working plattform. When you are an artists, fotographer, designer or similar, Portfoliobox is a good option to put your work professionally on line. Portfoliobox is essentially an on-line Portfoliobox website management tool. They may know similar things like Behance, Squarespace, ArtStation... these are all favorite decisions.

Others like Wix and Squarespace are fine, but not specifically developed for creativity. Portfoliobox allows you to run your own Portfoliobox website on a system developed for designers to present their work. It comes complete now with a customized page creator, customizable portfoliogalleries and even an option store to help you get your work sold on-line.

In order to get going, you can simply register for a free trial in order to start playing. In general, I think that the free release is enough to get going, and that it's simple to make an upgrades in the near term. Here is a brief overview of what you get with a free account: The free of charge access allows you to manage the homepage of your website, your elements of your portfolios and your on-line shop (if desired).

Premier accounts support all this + no limitations on contents. 30-60-minute handicraft time to create a fully functioning web site that looks good and houses all your best work. In order to get the set-up, first create a free registration on the website. CAE purchasers can get a 5% lifetime rebate on a upgraded version of CAE by registering through this webpage.

If you only get the free trial today, you can always update later and still get this rebate. After registration you will receive an e-mail with confirmation of your new registration and a shortcut to the log-in page. Type in your bank information and you should see a major dashboard like this:

I would say that most web portals need at least three pages: The Portfoliobox comes with a dozen or so templates, so you can concentrate on the upload of your work, the organisation of your contents and the adaptation of standard style. In order to launch, click on "Gallery" to set up the home page of the portfolios. The small side bar shows a function bar for the page view setting (custom page address, wallpaper, meta-description) as well as the slide show setting.

It' gonna look a little harsh, but you can always come back to make things work. If you are satisfied, just click OK and go to your Portfolio Box URL. With the Portfoliobox Topic Editor we can modify all dull designs from page colours to types. Let us immerse ourselves in the enhanced functionality and see how much space you really have for your website work.

Select a more dark colour pattern and then modify your wallpaper colour/image or your type. In addition to choosing from a dozen of fonts to host in the Portfolio Box, you can customize their sizes, colors, and character spaces. Let's assume that you want to make radical changes to essential parts of the layouts after all these workings.

In order to show my skills, I click on "Edit page" in the side bar to open my content. Now, with just 2-3 min (if yes!) effort, I can really load up new pictures and switch around my portfolios. Neither do I like the dull page text, so I click on "Logo" in the right side bar and select "Image" to add my own design to my profile.

Then I will darken the BG colour a bit and replace the page style with miniature views above the headframe. This is because I am very unhappy with the whole Portfoliobox editors. Contents can contain video embedding, listings, portfolio gallery or even pictures. Uploading a picture directly to the Portfoliobox is part of your exposure limits.

However, if you are uploading the picture to another hosting such as Imgur, you can directly hyperlink and store your online slots (remember that the free account only supports 30 pictures). I think Imgur forbids hot linking, so find another one! Nevertheless, free account get 30 picture downloads, which should be sufficient for a basic wallet.

Below, you can include user-defined forms boxes with choices that you adjust according to what you want to know from prospective customers. There is no easy way to find a way to modify the width of forms boxes, font, or padding. When you are familiar with or ready to start learning the basics of CSS, you can " Customizing " the style sheets in the Portfolio Box menus yourself.

In order to see this, simply click on the pinion symbol in the upper right hand edge and search for an adjustment. This gives you immediate control over three important processing areas: The problem is that these functions are restricted to Per account only. New registrations that receive the 30-day evaluation version of "pro" template will not gain CSS/JS functionality without a fee-based update.

As you can see from this small summary, the portfolio box also provides a large number of adjustment options for free use. To say nothing of the fact that you can also set up a simple portfolio box blogs and even an e-commerce store templates. E-commerce system works through the portfolio box, so you know it's just as safe.

To say nothing of the fact that the system often receives new upgrades with better functionality. For more information about how to do this, watch this tutorial that explains how to use its system to modify and customise your portfolios. With a free Portfoliobox you get a lot. Everyone can register for free and your membership will last a lifetime.

To say nothing of the free functions are more than enough to help you start a website. By all accounts, Portfoliobox has some great functions in their per-bank. Few designers will want to afford full control of all your productivity functions. However, if you do your job professionally and creatively, the Pro-Upgrade is definitely for you.

Let's take a close look at the pricing of a portfolio box "per" portfolio box. Your greatest advantage of a per user license is that you can get your own name. This way you can use your name. com and run the portfolio box through this domain. Most. com registrars are $10/year on a single register, but with a per person registration you get your own free registration by kind permission of Portfoliobox.

Portfolio box administers the whole servers set-up and the platforms on their side. To see all the advantages of a per user discount, you can see more on the prices page. On this page you will find more information if you look into the portfolio box as a pupil. This means that your per user is even less expensive.

Consider all additional template, limitless pages/blog entries, limitless store product, free tech-support, and your free. com single sign-on name. You can now see why the Portfolio Box is so much for creative people and much stronger than the competitors. So if you don't want the effort of studying WordPress or working with your own web servers, try Portfoliobox.

Offering a great value is great value for money and it will hit many of the high value web host out there just on free web site prices. In my opinion, the greatest issue is whether you want to run your website through the Portfolio Box or with a full CMS such as WordPress.

We' ve included WordPress in our Folder Set-Up guides so you can see how it varies and how much work it involves. A WP site gives you far more room for customizations, more topics, a bigger audience, and the WordPress application is free for ever, so you can easily switch web host.

The Portfolio Box will lock you into your system, but it is also fully administered, so you don't have to worry about uptime, servicing, safety, etc... all this is internally administered by your group. Plus, you get a free domainname with a perccount, so they can eat this charge too. In summary, I can only suggest the Portfolio Box for painters, photographers, designers, authors, entertainers, 3D models or anyone who works creatively on a free-lance basis.

Even if you're the least bit interested in trying out Portfoliobox, just get a free subscription and mess around. You never have to update and can keep this free affiliate for a lifetime or cancel it if you just don't want it. Well, at least the portfolio box is really good for a test run, just to see what you think.

There' s nothing to waste, but a little bit of your precious little bit of your precious little bit of your own precious little bit of your own little bit of your own money, but the advantage is that you can find your new favourite site director who is specially tailored for creative people.

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