Poseidon Wordpress Theme

The Poseidon Wordpress Theme

The Poseidon is an elegantly designed WordPress theme with a great full-screen slide show. You can read the complete Poseidon test here. The Poseidon is a magazine based theme that presents itself with a beautiful and clean topography and a featured post-slider.

The Poseidon documentary

The Poseidon Theme Guide. This manual briefly explains how to set up and set up all theme functions. As this is the same process for each topic, this tutorial does not describe how to set up the topic. For help installing the theme, please read the Theme Installation WordPress.

Note that the PRO version of Poseidon is an add-on plug-in for the Poseidon theme. To do this, you must have installed and activated the Poseidon theme and also have installed the Poseidon Pro plug-in. How to reinstall plug-ins is explained in the WordPress plug-ins installation Tutorial. The Poseidon Theme Customizer is a great tool.

All theme options can be configured in your WordPress administration console at ? Theme Options section of Customize. Subsections in the Theme Options section of the Customizer are as follows: Miscellaneous settingsSelect the side bar and layout for the contributions. Mail SettingsChoose between complete mail and mail excerpts. Get your own mailbox. Disable date, authors, and other post-meta information.

Mail SlideshowActivate and configurate the mail slideshow. In this section, you can select the fonts and backgrounds for various theme items. This design provides multiple WordPress kernel functions that you know: In order to customize your mail sliders, go to ? Customize Theme Options at ? Maillider. If you need further help setting up the sliders, please read our Mail Sender Tutorial.

Using the Magazin widgets, you can customize a custom home page in your customizer. So go to Appearance Customize Widgets Magazine Homepage Widgets at ? ? Read our tutorial for widgets in the magazines for details on the functions of the widget. Poseidon Pro is an add-on plug-in that you can buy on the Poseidon Pro page.

Poseidon Pro can be downloaded from our Poseidon Pro website. For help installing the plug-in, please see our Installation WordPress plug-ins Tutorial. Allows you to adjust the theme's colours and lettering on Appearance at ? Customizing Theme at ? Theme Options at ? Theme Colors / Theme Font. The Poseidon Pro system has four wide foot areas.

Your footing Widget can be added to Appearance at ? Widget. Featured images used in the post-slideshow are 1920x480. Featured images used in postal archive are 840x560 or 360x240, depending on the selected postal outlay. Featured images on the magazines Posts Widget are 600x400 (large), 360x240 (medium) and 120x80 (small).

Thanks for using the Poseidon WordPress theme.

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