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wee-bly Must I know how to code to use Weebly? With Weebly you have an easy to use Drag&Drop build tool to use. Easily customize the items you like, administer your shop and even upgrade your blogs with the Weebly Publisher. Weebly' s plan has no money-back deadline.

Whilst on the business map, you can select between Stripe, Square, Authorize.net and Paypal.

Q. Is it possible to raise the number of items I can include in my sales schedule? In order to be able to increase the number of items you wish to manage/sale on your website, you need to update your schedule. Q. Do I get e-mail addresses with Weebly? No, Weebly does not provide you with an e-mail resolution.

You can, however, buy a standalone e-mail for your company and use it on the same domainname.

Weebly Optima 2 - The Best E-Commerce Template on the Web - Weebly Themes | Premium Weebly Templates

Includes the Custom Header, the Drag and Drops section, and all defaultrag and drop functions. Inspire your clients with Parallax scroll segments. The Optima comes with Weebly's e-commerce functionality, which includes a fully integrated shopping cart, secure checkout and much more. Welcome your guests with an elegant slide control that includes a tactile spape effect and pre-defined picture headings.

User-defined topic settings that allow full homepage adaptation. The Optima comes with 8 page laysouts that give you full page design flexibility, which is fully Weebly 4 compliant and incorporates multiple headers that take full advantage of the latest Weebly functionality, plus customized headers, drag & drop section and all basic dragging & dropping functions.

We' ve also given you a competitive edge with a pre-built homepage headers that contains several user-defined parts, among them customized sliders, parallax backgrounds, interactive social icons as well as test scroller, all of which are driven by extended topic choices. with the new topic choices and for many other uses.

The Optima2 website is only a demonstrator of a website created with the Optima2 topic. Demos, section layouts, pictures, and anything else you see on the demosite are not covered.

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