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Locate free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes and focus on communicating your ideas in your presentations. Free to use them for your own presentation needs (personal or commercial), immediately use them as a Google Slides theme, or download them as a PowerPoint template and keep working on your computer. University Presentation, Pinstripe and Ribbon Design (Wide) PowerPoint - Nature Presentation, Illustrated Landscape Design (Wide) PowerPoint. Looking for the best free PowerPoint templates?

Complimentary Powerpoint and Google Slides presentation themes

Locate free PowerPoint and Google Slides themes and concentrate on expressing your thoughts in your slide shows. Professionally designed to meet all style needs, from fun and imaginative to functional and corporate displays. Free to use them for your own presentational needs (personal or commercial), immediately use them as a Google Slides topic, or as a PowerPoint artwork and keep working on your computer.

Get your decks up and running really quickly with this easy pattern. The background can be adjusted to any colour and the background works in both directions. So you can customise the subject with one click with a colour that fits your subject or your company image, and then use the symbols contained to add an additional note.

Select this style sheet that uses vinyl map background and your presentations will look different. Round forms used in this pattern give a contemporary and vibrant look. In addition, it uses only monochrome colors, so it matches any branding. This multifunctional topic allows you to make a professionally presented show in half the while!

Enhance your next slideshow with this fun game. On the picture you can see a wallpaper of hand-drawn fruit with colour stains.

Take advantage of this fun and colourful topic for summer talks, diet, healthy eating or farming. Easily make an attractive display with this vivid design tool. Featuring an illustrative backdrop using an iconic design, this topic matches a featured note about team work, a new proposed collaboration, or your next online strategic vision.

Since the symbols are semitransparent, they work with any colour progression and colour backdrop! Experience this funny pattern with a big urban sky line as an illustrative backdrop. If you change your transparencies with different wallpapers, your presentation won't get bored anymore: select between dawn, midday, sunset oder midnight.

It has been developed specifically for the purpose of presenting results or statistic. No matter if you work for a start-up, a large corporation or an advertising firm, this topic will help you to present your statistic reporting and information in a stylish way. It has a naturally inspiring leaf pattern with a range of colours in it. The colour that is associated with vegetation, fresh air and creative activity is colour and thanks to the layout of the foliage you can use this topic for a display on environmental protection, renewable energy, farming or even the garden.

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