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Works with the latest WordPress version The Premier Pro can be used as a fully featured WooCommerce store at the touch of a mouse. Versatile: Premier Pro displays your contents nicely and intuitive on different units. Premium Pro is loaded with additional functions you'll want. Added topic options to specify the number of messages in the Last messages section of the home page.

Added preference to display the head of the page picture throughout the site. There was a problem with the standard headframe. We have always tested our topics so that you know that they are always compliant with the latest WordPress versions. Each of our topics is fully localised, so you can easily localise them into any desired languages.

Design your homepage, load up a wallpaper, modify your theme colours or choose a fonts. If you ever need help with your topic, we have dedicated forum discussion group.

The Premier Theme at a glance

In so many chapters to select from, this review will go through each one and give a general summary of what each chapter can do. Featuring so many selectable segments, this review movie will go through each one and give a general summary of what each segment can do:

CompilationCompile a FAQ's or general information you want to communicate with your user. Use this section to indicate when an incident begins or to count to a bid expiry date. EventPresent an impending events with a count down time or an call to an action that leads to the registry page.

In this section, you can hoster your meeting videotape and create a curatorial session before, during, and after the meeting. CharacteristicsAn outline of certain elements in the picture and text. ImageAdd a pictorial to present your trademark or your products. Picture GalleryAdd more pictures to present your trademark or your products. A set of hyperlinks that are displayed in the headline in conjunction with the navigational hyperlink lists.

List of LogosA set of logotypes - this section is often used to present various agency or company you have worked with. Multimedia Video LaunchIn this section you can present a number of video clips that market a brand introduction or a new offering. OffersCreate quote maps that refer to your payment page. Present your products or services with this section.

Use this section to create links to your various types of online content. In this section, you can choose to mount movies embedded on other hosting devices such as Vimeo and YouTube.

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