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A list of the best paid advertising sites for the placement of paid classifieds. is a premium WordPress theme that is amazingly well suited to create functional websites for classifieds in minutes. The best premium and pay classifieds websites for adding featureured ads

Chargeable Ad Pages Schedule - Publish chargeable ads and feature listedings to get your lead the quickest way! What can be done to speed up the production of lead and results with classified locations? A simpler but slightly more expensive way to get there is to advertise on classified websites on-line. Do you want to easily and quickly earn top quality lead and sale for your company through classified websites?

Try to use pay classified websites as they offer the best visibility and the best audience for your products in comparison to free ads. So our point of contact is "free versus paid ads " and we will not be discussing paying ads like Google AdWords and Bing ads here. Payed ads could be even cheaper than the free ones!

The point is, you are spending more of your free hours and effort getting the amount of Traffic that you could get faster with less work. When you consider the value of your investment in your money, premium ads are much better than free ads. Thus, in a range of times and levels of visitor numbers, payed ads are more profitable and numerous and it can turn out to be an efficient ad technique for your on-line merchandising strategy!

Placing ads on classified websites is a popular place on the web. Of course, the vast majority still manages to place ads on free classified ads. However, there are some benefits to having your offers paid for. When you want to be one jump ahead and are ready to buy, choose on some of the premium classified websites "Featured Ads" and "Premium Membership", which give your customers the opportunity to place their ads at the top of all the other pages.

This way, your ads get 20-30x more attention than those published by other advertiser on the same website! Bringing featureured and premium ads to your chargeable ads gives you a great opportunity to increase your revenue without waste of your valuable work. Together with the offer of free ad placement, City News also has a section for those who are willing to afford to pay extra for the maximal presence of their classified ads.

There is no question about it, Olix is one of the most beloved and highest ranking sites in searching engines all over the globe. It is a country-based small ads community. Olix provides its clients with feature ured ads where they can make a face value payment to place their ads at the top of the group.

Since OLX has different ad tracking metrics, you need to consider whether or not they are open to special offers. In India, for example, they placed ads about 7-8 month ago in order to concentrate on a "joint for all" ad offering. As you may know, the Craigslist is the number 1 classified website in the world.

Publish free ad lists to their advertiser. No need to buy to place ads on them, but they also have a premium area reserved for paying advertiser. Payed plan option are between $5 and $150 or more, according to your needs or risk. If you have found a good classified website that provides premium or payed services, please let us know in the commentary and we will include it here.

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