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Premium Genesis Child Themes for WordPress. There is a premium Genesis topics audience? Now, it seems that people in the Genesis Fellowship are asking themselves if there is a Genesis sales area. I am not an adept and my expertise is confined to the few topics I have created/sold (the only one still alive is Utility Pro), but here are my answer to these questions:

Are Genesis suitable for business topics? Genesis is such a small business that I won't make a lot of business? Is it possible to earn cash by reselling Genesis themes? Business topic = a WordPress topic for purchase. This is also known as the premium topic. Subject Framework = one of the following (according to the WordPress Codex definition): The Genesis Framework = A StudioPress distributed software that meets the third above topic frame definitions.

Parental topic= Just like people, a topic is not a parental topic until a children's topic refers to it as such. Children's topic= A topic that adopts the function and styling of another topic (the overarching topic). Grandson subject of = A Mythological Being. Are Genesis suitable for business topics?

In order to respond to this issue, we take a look at the current Genesis issues markets. First StudioPress, the developers of the Genesis framework. More than 50 themes on their own markets and over 213,000 clients have enabled them to establish not only a favourite key brand, but an overall children theme store.

So we could stop here and say quite definitely that Genesis is a good choice* for anything to do with commerce. From the top of my mind, I can imagine at least 15 multi-topic markets specifically tailored to the Genesis Crown. This is a whole bunch of very intelligent folks in the WordPress fellowship who have decided to link their businesses to the creation and sale of premium Genesis kid themes (at least part of them).

Notice that I say that Genesis is a good option for business topics and not for business topics. I can' t say that Genesis is right in a full option driven environment, but I can certainly say that it's good - I think it's a very individual decision that will depend on your preference and the client you're trying to work with.

Genesis is such a small corner stone that I won't make a lot of money? I am a staunch creditor in recruiting for a slot about recruiting for the people. Example: If you are on the cerebral surgery scene, will you go to a general physician? Whenever you consider a potential deal, it is your responsability to do research, understanding the audiences you want to reach, and deciding if there is enough interest to make an initial return on your investments.

When you try "just another topic", chances are that it will get dropped in the mass. Use the Genesis Children's Themes alcove and find out how to take it below. Make sure you take the necessary research steps - understanding where the supply is low and creating a topic to fill this void.

Obviously there was a loophole in the open source markets (and it still is - note, hint) and I decided to do so. There is a widely open minded open minded community for those who are willing to search harder, find solutions and develop solutions. So that' what I think about Genesis as a Niche but what about the Sell part?

Could I make a living with the sale of Genesis Children's Themes? The StudioPress has 213,675 Genesis framework users. Suppose a client purchases an annual mean of 2 themes. Let's say StudioPress accounts for the lion's share of these revenues. Now, let's put together a series of non-StudioPress Genesis children's topics.

Let us assume there are 400 Genesis children's themes "out there" for selling. Let us assume these themes are selling for an avarage of 55 dollars. Let us assume that a topic (assuming it is never updated) has a life of 2 years and then it is gone and gone. This is your sales opportunity for a unique topic. $20,020 looks like glamour, but before you go out and put it on a Ferrari, consider the cost of creating a design.

Around 500 programming lessons were invested in Utility Pro. Unknown to me is the destiny of these 30 themed vendors that Andrea mentioned, but I'd wager that some will refuel, others will do just enough to help the children attend college, and others will finance a sound pension. Where is the distinction between a frantically succesful and a marginally important topic?

From all the "it depends" on the issues we began this review with, I obviously decided to participate in the Premium Genesis Topic Room. The aim with this review is that if you are considering topics to sell, go into them with as much information as possible.

When you think you have a great alcove in a alcove and you can shoot it, get out there and do it. The sale of themes is only one in a million ways you can expand a WordPress store.

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