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Ultimate Middle East Insurance Magazine

The nationwide poll and educational campaign by Cigna Insurances middle east is aimed at raising people' consciousness and closing hypertension perceptions..... For the first year, Near East nations take part in the annually held Divest In Festival, with research showing that insurers are adapting to variety and integration.

As Insuretech is accepted by the insurers, a key issue will be to work with UAE regulatory agencies to create Insuretech offers, Peter Hodgins states. Bernard Retali stresses that new rules - locally and globally - will have a far-reaching effect on the Middle East endowment policymakers.

Recently LIMRA International held a LIMRA International Dubai event on "Changing Regulations on Distributions with the Middle East". ernard Retali, Chairman of LIMRA Europe, Middle East..... At Generali GlobalHealth Paul Winstanley, responsable du développement commercial, beantwortet Fragen zur International Private Medical Insurances in der region. International Private Medical Insurances (IPMI) was the latest keyword for recent years.

At Generali Global Health, beantwortt Fragen................................................. They found an insurer who stole the pension assets of victims of innocence with his business of hedging mutuals, which accumulated assets over three years. In the midst of an unpleasant separation, a restaurateur saw his finances in ruins and came up with a "workable" solution: to core his shop, take out the policy, and give his spouse a framework.....

But in other countries, a man has lawfully altered his sex to get less expensive auto cover. It is the place where industry leaders debate and minimize the core questions concerning maritime practices and the situation in the global maritime industry.

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