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It is a clear and easy to customize WordPress template. Top Premium Photography WordPress Topics The Photography WordPress Themes helps you turn an everyday WordPress website into a photo galleries or portfolios. They will not see a basic blogs topic posted on an educational website, or a branded topic posted on a basic blogs topic. So, it matters what type of WordPress topic you select when starting your website.

Under the same assumption, photo topics are specially designed for the presentation of the pictures. While some use it to show their work to their supporters, others use it as an on-line asset to show it to those interested in it. It has a stunning homepage with a monochrome navigational menue and a logotype picture on the right.

Yes, the logotype and the navigational menue are both contained in the headline. In this topic the three columns are used. They use a contemporary and clear styling, and the most important thing is that it contains several portfolio. The Armada is a full-screen WordPress topic. There is a small miniature view window at the bottom where the user can choose an enlarged picture.

The City WordPress topic has a raster design with a full-screen head picture that displays the page heading and page name. Its design allows you to use boundless colour schemes and backgrounds, and offers many other functions, so don't miss to try it out. The Bow is a basic monochrome photography subject.

Topic uses thumbnail views to present all photos. You' ll find the menus and headers on the subject' s left-hand side, making it easy for your users to concentrate on their work without having to miss out on your photos. It is a minimalist WordPress topic in full screen mode with a scroll function for parallaxes.

Design is bootstrap driven, making it look great on any monitor sizes. There is also the navigational menue with the top icon, which can be adjusted in detail. This design has its own administration panels to help you administer the site. The Vega has a navigational menus that also contains the centre emblem.

Behind the navigational menus follows the presented picture area, which also behaves like a slide control that displays large images and then small miniature views at the bottom. Six blogs are available as well as galleries and videos. Using four demonstrations and more than 20 galleries and portfolios, the topic can be quickly created.

Photosy is a photography subject that can be used as an on-line collection to present your photos to customers or family. This is a very fast and fast topic. When you try to resell your photos or photographic gear on-line, you will like the fact that the WooCommerce topic is there.

The Core WordPress topic uses a uniquely designed home page. Naturally, it also shows the head, scroll menus, and slide controls, so you can browse to any part of the site. There are 3 homepage style choices, four portfolio style choices and eight customized widgets.

Topic allows attendees to browse photos - you can select from several different portfolios and open them in vertical format. Design is optimised for performance, it offers pre and post modules, allows you to customise pages with a high-performance page Builder and much more.

WordPress topic that contains some fat colours and a navigational menue with a headline at the top of the topic. Plenty of customisation choices are available to create a truly one-of-a-kind website; you can design your own art Galleries, display a full-screen slide, and more.

This motif is taken with the help of a photographic expert, so this is a good start. Quickly apply opaque text to any of your pictures, use your own project portfolios, and there's even built-in camcorder assistance for those who want to show their work.

You can use Finch as a photo log or as a magazin where you can view all your pictures at once. There are several different inventory and blogs available. Based on Twitter Bootstrap, the design includes 20+ Page Builders that allow you to customise the website in detail.

WP has a liquid wall with a full-screen home page. There is also a 2-stage galery. There is also an awesome full width 3-D slide, a full width display case slide that you can use on the homepage, you can use tumbler-like mail and more. DK offers full screen web site styling with a full text printed navigational menue with top level socially shared button.

You have 4 different homepage layout to select from, 10 page styles and even 6 page styles that will delight any professional photo enthusiast. Our skin lab product range is the ideal way to present your work to your customers or family. There is a side bar on the leftside and all pictures are shown directly on the homepage.

Its design is extremely adaptable, multi-lingual and offers user-defined typeface and several premium plug-ins. It uses sublime colours and a triple raster galery to present your work. You will see the side bar on the top of the page on the right, which contains the top of the page and the top of the page.

It provides naturally rendered page animations that will delight your audience without affecting the website's performance. Various types of product portfolios, different types of videos and much more are available. This is another WordPress topic in full screen mode that provides a nice galery with navigational menus and page titles. This topic is supported by the extended Pexeto Panel, which provides a variety of possibilities.

You can have infinite pages in the galleries, use user-defined picture size and load. The Panoramic is a great WordPress topic that is great for photography, graphic art, travel, and other creativity. Some other fantastic functions are a fast reacting lay-out, a permanent navigational toolbar, a weblog, different mailings etc. By the way, the topic can be used on any number of web sites.

Lastly, if you need help to set up the topic, you can get free help from the persons who made Panoramic.

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